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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Damon Lindelof Quits LOST

In a bizarre series of events, not unlike many of the plot-lines in the veteran island mystery drama, LOST co-creator, executive producer, showrunner and writer, Damon Lindelof, has abruptly broken all ties with ABC and quit the show, just a few weeks before the hit series' fifth season finale. The unexpected departure has left ABC executives and LOST producers scrambling to quiet concerns over the series future. Lindelof has largely been regarded as the driving force behind LOST, and the main source and inspiration for the shows overall direction. His premature exit has many industry insiders questioning whether or not the sci-fi pop-phenom will even return for it's sixth and final season next year. More after the jump.

Reports from Hawaii indicate Lindelof went into a frustrated rage on the set early this morning after the Conficker Worm severely corrupted his laptop. Doogie Knarp, a miniature model builder working on the LOST set, reported hearing Lindelof scream at a cowering grip, "Don't you get it? It's gone! All of it! There is no backup! We got conf*ckered! I can't take this anymore, it's just like Y2K!" Doogie described what happened next as "unbelievable". "He just snapped. He had this crazy look in his eyes. He took his laptop and threw it on the ground, then jumped in one of the prop-buses and repeatedly drove over the computer - back and forth. After that, he picked it up and threw it into the ocean. All the time, with this odd laugh and those eyes. Then, he just walked away, saying that he quit."


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