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A gathering place for those who love the ABC TV show Lost. This blog was started by a group of Fans who kept the Season 3 finale talkback at Ain't It going all the way until the première of the 4th season as a way to share images, news, spoilers, artwork, fan fiction and much more. Please come back often and become part of our community.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

ODI: Filming Update - Charles Widmore to Return

Posted by The ODI on Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hey All,
Just got a tip from one of our inside sources that actor Alan Dale will be in Hawaii in a week or two to film some scenes for Season 6.

I know this is nothing too shocking as I am sure most of us expected to see him again.

However, it is still good to hear he will be filming scenes soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lost Season 6 Trailer - January 2010

Not an official ABC trailer, but still awsome.

The Official Lost Audio Podcast: September 22nd, 2009

LOST 101 (LOST University)

E-Mail letter for the begining of Lost University

Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for your interest in LOST University. We are pleased to announce the launch of our online enrollment at After completion of the placement exam, you will be able to print your personalized student identification card and take the first step towards your higher education through our prerequisite class, LOST 101.

When our state-of-the-art campus opens its doors December 8, 2009, on LOST: The Complete Fifth Season
Blu-ray™, you can look forward to being engaged in a first-of-its-kind educational experience. Powered by
BD-Live™, LOST University’s exciting multi-semester program allows students to explore the mysteries, secrets and stories of this epic series from an academic point of view. Through Science, History, Philosophy, Art, Language Studies and other electives, LOST University takes students on a journey, helping them to form a better understanding of LOST and prepare for the sixth and final season. All students who complete the required coursework may apply for graduation; the first 108 graduates will receive a hand-signed diploma from LOST University Presidents Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

We look forward to seeing you when classes begin and LOST Season 5 comes to Blu-ray. Until then, please visit our website to enroll and get the latest announcements and updates on other academic opportunities at LOST University.

Thank you,

Greggory Nations
Dean Of Admissions

Monday, September 21, 2009

Michael Emerson, Cherry Jones win supporting Emmys


LOS ANGELES — Michael Emerson, who plays the cruelly devious Ben on "Lost," and Cherry Jones, the stalwart U.S. president on "24," were honored as best supporting actors in drama series at Sunday's Emmy Awards.

"Wowza," Jones said. Emerson accepted his his award for what he called "the role of my lifetime."

Click here for more of the article about other actors

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sci Fi Crush: Short Damon Lindelof Interview

The hit ABC series, Lost, approaches its sixth and final season in 2010. Lindelof described writing the last episodes to be “an enormous emotional experience” and confirmed that the show’s ending has been in the works since the very beginning.

The writer also promised Lost fans that all of the show’s loose ends will be tied up in a fair and satisfying way. ”We hope that all who put their faith in us to resolve these stories will be rewarded. We’ve really been writing this season for the fans.”

Damon Lindelof also produced this summer’s reboot of Star Trek and has been working with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci on developing the sequel. ”It’s in the preliminary stages,” he said, “We’ve thrown around some cool ideas, but that’s it.”

Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are up for an Emmy for their two-parter Lost episode, “The Incident.”

We wish them all the best.

Source: Sci Fi Crush

Monday, September 14, 2009

Polarbear Event & Poster

This was the Event and the Art Poster. Its probably my least favorite.

5th Polarbear event/Poster

Three clues were given to help people find out when the event would be held.
"Wildcat Readers, see you on - J. Perkins/R. Morrison"

The Final Season and The Auction

This is the pin that I received when I did the Lost University sign up.
This is the card that the Auction booth Reps were giving out. On one side the new poster and on the other The Auction.This is a Press Release that they were giving out.

Sterling Beauman & Francois Chau Signed Autograph Cards

Heres the Trading cards that I got signed. My guess is that the up coming season 1 -5 trading cards will probably have 2 or 3 or these signed cards per box. So probably a 2 or 3 in 30 chance of getting one of these for each pack of cards that you buy for $2.00 each. Thats what a lot of card packs go for now days) Not like when I grew up with 25 cents a pack. But then cards now days are made better. If I get these I'd probably just buy a box and not have to worry about finding them all.

LOST Season 6 Official Teaser Promo from D23 Expo

Sunday, September 13, 2009

D23 Lost Auction Booth

This was the Auction half of the ABC Lost Booth.

They revealed the new Poster for Season 6 with the cast lined up with Locke in the center with his back to us. That part was shown at Comic-Con. What was not shown was the word "The Final Season", if you look closely notice there are Hieroglyphics in those words. Also how in "The Final they are white and in "Season" they are Black. The whole Black and White theme comes back full circle. Just awesome! Maybe if we do get to see the Alternate Reality of 815 landing at LA Ex we will see a bit of the parallel realities going back and forth playing off of the Black and White opposites theme?
On the back of the booth they had all 6 season posters hanging up. I still like the season 3 poster best.

A giant cast poster with rocks to sit on for taking pictures. I overheard two marketing reps saying that they were planning on taking it to Hawaii to have the cast sign it.
The Autograph signing table a few hours before Little Ben and Chang arrived.

D23 Lost Auction

Im not going to take the time to label things since I did that back at the Comic-Con report. I like the glass cases and the whole set up better at D23 then at Comic-Con.

D23 Lost Auction

Lost University Dorm Room

For the Lost University they had an actual Dorm Room set up with tons of Lost, Lost University and Dharma stuff. It was awsome!

Back or the Dorm Display. This is where the line to see Little Ben & Chang was.

Lost University Dorm Room

I noticed that this was on of the skateboard decks that they were giving away during the Boston Damon, Carlton and a Polarbear event. I asked one of the ABC Marketing Reps who were there about Polarbear and he acted like he didn't really know what I was talking about. He said that different Marketing groups at ABC handled each Lost thing, Polarbear, Lost University and the Auction.

Notice that Benjamin Linus is on the Dart Board

Lost University Dorm Room

Unfortunatly The lights made my picture dark.
Season 5 Bluray Packaging
Season 5 Dharma Initiative Packaging
Calendar - Interesting that theres a message that says that he acidentally bought a 2010 calendar
Ad for a club event and Mr Cluck's Cluck Bucks. Also under the trading card at top is the button we recieved for signing up for the LU e-mail list.

Lost University Dorm Room

There were reps there from ABC Marketing how had people get onto the Lost University Website to sign up for e-mail alerts and when they did they received an LU pencil, card (both were given out at Comic-Con) and a pin with the Season 6 (Final Season) poster on it.

I asked the Reps if they were going to be selling these magnets. He said no, but that ABC would be flooding the marketplace with Lost related stuff.
The blue magnet says Quarantine.

Lost University Dorm Room

Click to read the small print

Lost Actor Signing

One of the main reasons why I went to this conference was because Sterling Beauman (Little Benjamin Linus) and Francois Chau (Dr. Pierre Chang) from Lost were going to be there. I was able to get fairly early in line. While I was waiting I people noticed my Lost trading cards that I was going to give to the actors and so I was able to show my art, give out cards and talk to people about Lost. I was able to meet the guy who runs the website ODI. Really nice guy, advised me on some things that were helpful about promoting and selling my Lost stuff. I also ran into some girls that were a part of WDW Radio, they liked my Lost designs enough to invite me to their booth for an interview. I also got interviewed for this big Lost fan documentary some guy was putting together.

At Noon the actors arrived and people started going through the line. But we noticed that some people who had already gone through were being put into another small line next to us. Apparently the "Stage Mom" of Sterling had complained that her son hadn't gotten his make-up and needed to have it and that a bathroom wasn't good enough. So they sent people through for Francois autograph and then the second line was for when Sterling got back. I could say a lot about Stage Moms but I'll leave it at that.

Sterling and Francois were awesome though. We all got special trading cards of them which they signed. I gave each of them a set of my own Lost cards that I had made and they loved them. I'll scan in the cards later. They told me that there will be a set of Trading Cards that are coming out that will cover Seasons 1 -5.

Afterwards I went over to the WDW Radio booth and they had their webcam up and interviewed me live about my art and put my cards and the blog address up to the screen for all who watched to see. I got a lot of good comments off that.