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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kristen: Lost Cast Prepares for Predicted Hawaii Tsunami

Sat., Feb. 27, 2010 9:31 AM PST by Kristin Dos Santos

UPDATE: Good news! The tsunami warning has been lifted with no apparent damage.

Hours after a massive 8.8 earthquake hit Chile, the residents of Oahu, Hawaii, have been bracing for a predicted tsunami, and the stars of Lost, who live and work on the island, are among them.

We've just heard from star Daniel Dae Kim—whose trip to Los Angeles today for a fan event was derailed because of the tsunami warning—and also Lost boss Damon Lindelof, and here is the good news they shared...

"All our cast and crew is accounted for and safely away from coastal areas," Damon tells me this afternoon. "Jorge Garcia continues to thrash me in Scrabble via iPhone from Ken Leung's house. Our entire team in Hawaii appreciates all the positive energy being sent their way."

Daniel decided not to fly to Los Angeles this morning for tonight's Paley Festival fan event to stay with his family druing the tsunami warning. "My family and I are doing fine," Daniel told me less than an hour ago. "We've moved to high ground and are staying with friends who generously opened their home to us. All that's left to do is wait. Heartfelt thanks to everyone who sends their thoughts and good wishes."

According to the show's ABC rep, the other cast members expected at tonight's Paley event—Michael Emerson, Terry O'Quinn, Nestor Carbonell and Zulheika Robinson—are already in Los Angeles, so Daniel is the only cast member whose plans have changed because of the tsunami warning. The rest of the cast is still in Hawaii and were unable to attend tonight's event because they were working on Lost, according to a rep for the show.

Meanwhile, Modern Family boss Steve Levitan told me last night that the cast was planning to fly to Hawaii to shoot a family vacation episode within the next 2 weeks. No word yet from ABC on whether the expected tsunami might change those plans.

Damon and fellow Lost boss Carlton Cuse have taken to Twitter today:

@DamonLindelof: Praying for Chile and all the islands of Hawaii. Please send our cast and crew all your positive energy.
@CarltonCuse: To ALL on the LOST crew -- responding to the Tsunami warning -- safe refuge is available at the studio.
@CarltonCuse: Waves to reach Hawaii just after 11 AM.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Episode 6x04 -- Sympathy for the Devil

Note: Sorry for the delay once again. This was originally composed after the airing of 6x04, “The Substitute”, but became “trapped” sort of like MIB in a suddenly corrupted version of good ol' Microsoft Word. Thank goodness for the wonderful “Open Office”, the software That Has Saved (It) All.

INTRO: On with the Show

This week’s Locke-centric “The Substitute” was probably the best thing that could have happened to soothe all of the restless natives out in the LOST-iverse who cried “filler” after last week’s slow-but-steady focus on Kate Austen. I mean really, who doesn’t get a kick from Locke’s story? Even if he isn’t your favorite character, you have to admit that after all that has happened to the man, his tale is arguably the most epic of all of LOST’s characters. Now, in this final season, I feel somewhat saddened by the thought that this could very well have been the last episode which centers on this amazing man’s tale.

But enough of my mushy sentimentalizing. This is Locke’s time and there’s always more than plenty to cover in one of his installments. So let’s get to it!



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Friday, February 26, 2010

Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse on Lost

The Lost show runners (Darlton) on the final season.
by Fred Topel
Feb 26, 2010
This is the end of an era. Not only is the series Lost coming to an end, but this is probably the last time Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse will give us vague non-answers about what’s coming up on Lost. Thanks for this last press conference, guys. We’ll miss you.

Q: When exactly did you figure out how this all ended?

Carlton Cuse: You know, there isn't really a completely definitive answer to that. I mean, we came up with the final image of the show a long time ago back when we were first plotting out the mythology in the first season, and then we started adding elements to that as we went along. Really, between the first and the second season is when we cooked the mythology. We kind of knew what the end point was, but as you move towards the end point, you add elements. And obviously, the end is not yet written, and there are certain sort of mythological, architectural elements that are intact for that ending, but a lot of character stuff will get worked out as we go along. I mean, that's part of the discovery process of writing. Obviously, for instance, like Michael Emerson wasn't on the show at that point, and it's a fun process because we sort of have a concept of where we're going to end the show but there is still the process of actually executing it and there still is the process of discovery, particularly on a character level, that will come into play as we finish the show.

Damon Lindelof: So if you guys have any ideas, we are open-minded.

Q: In recent interviews, you've said that of all the seasons, the upcoming season of Lost will be closest to the first season. Can you at least explain sort of in what way the coming season will refer back to the first season more than any others?

Damon Lindelof: One of the things that I think we are trying to do, all of us, the actors and the writers, as well, in the sixth season is to show the audience the before so they have some sense of, oh, this is what he used to be and who they are now so you really get a sense of how far that person's come. And obviously, the process of doing that, not just thinking about it, but doing it on a story level, really makes you feel like we felt in Season 1.

Q: Was it really important all along to keep the actors from knowing what happened to their characters in advance?

Damon Lindelof: That's a great question. Our dialogue with the actors, it's one of those things where, quite honestly, we just don't speak to them at all.

Carlton Cuse: It's better that way.

Damon Lindelof: But with Terry, it's kind of one of those things where the actor reads the script, and they decide what they need in order to play the scene and they know that we are completely available to answer any questions. But I do feel like the fun of the show for us as writers and producers is to send these scripts down to Hawaii and then see what we get back as opposed to trying to micromanage it.

Carlton Cuse: And for the actors, I think, the fact that they don't know where things are going kind of makes them very present in performing those given scripts, and I think that's actually a good thing. I mean, I think they do a remarkable job basically reading the next week's episode and basically kind of bringing it to life, and there's that immediacy that's part of that process.

Q: Have you given any thought to a Lost spin-off, like the further adventures of Sawyer?

Carlton Cuse: They have not pressured us at all. I mean, the network has been fabulous, and we owe a great debt of gratitude to Steve McPherson again just for this whole notion of ending the show. We are definitively ending this story of these characters and the show that we wanted to tell in May, and there's not going to be an implanted sequel. There's not going to be a secret back-door pilot embedded in that. The story of Lost that we've been telling for these six seasons is coming to a close this May.

Q: What have been your most memorable moments in the six years of Lost?

Carlton Cuse: The raft launch in the first season was such a great example of the kind of collaborative way in which this show is made and that's, I think, the thing that really distinguishes and makes it special. It wasn't enough that we just wrote that raft launch. It was also what all the actors brought to bear. It was Jack Bender who actually came up with the idea of the dog swimming out and then turning back. And then, I remember sort of most vividly being on the scoring stage, and the orchestra that plays the music for the show was playing Michael Giacchino's cue for that and they sight-read and they hadn't played it. And after they played it the first time, it was so moving and beautiful that they all just started spontaneously applauding, tapping their bows across their instruments, and everybody was crying and it was just this moment where you realize that the show is so much larger than any one individual, and collaboration on this show is really, truly probably the most special thing that will happen for all of us.

Q: How will the events of the season finale cliffhanger wit the bomb impact the characters?

Carlton Cuse: The season premiere picks up right after the finale, and we really don't want to say too much about it. We've obviously been very circumspect about the sixth season, and primarily because there's this big cliffhanger. Juliet hits this bomb. There's a white flash. What happened? Jack and Faraday were postulating that that was going to reset the clock and the Oceanic 815 would fly along and land in Los Angeles. If she taps that bomb and something else happens, maybe they're still stuck on the island. We don't really want to kind of give away what the show is going to be this season, so that's why we've been very circumspect about what we said and why we haven't shown any new footage.

Q: Even though you set the end date and decided on the story, how do you deal with the inevitability of die hard fans having issues with the finale you wish to give them?

Damon Lindelof: It would be great to cover my bases and guarantee everybody a sh*tty ending of Lost. Now you're actually going to see the ending to Lost, and all we can do is, basically, put our best foot forward. We do feel like the worst ending that we could possibly provide everyone who has invested this amount of time and energy into watching the show is the safe ending. You know, the ending that is basically sort of like, "What's going to be the most appealing to the most number of people?" At some point, you can't take a risk just to take a risk because that's a betrayal in and of itself.

Carlton Cuse: Obviously not every question's going to be answered, so obviously, some people are going to be upset that those particular questions don't get resolved. We felt if we tried to just answer questions, it would be very pedantic. Apart from that, we also really embrace this notion that there's a fundamental sort of sense of mystery that we all have in our lives, and certainly that is a huge part of the lives of these characters, and to sort of demystify that by trying to literally explain everything down to the last little sort of midichlorian of it all would be a mistake in our view. So I think there would be, hopefully, a kind of healthy cocktail of answers, mystery, good character resolutions and some surprises.

Locke and Ben as Hitmen?

After Lost's final season, we might see O'Quinn and Emerson team up again.
by Matt Fowler

February 25, 2010 - Lost's Terry O'Quinn (Locke) and Michael Emerson (Ben) will no doubt go down as one of the best pairings in TV history. And while it's true that Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Cartlon Cuse have been adamant about the fact that there won't be any Lost spinoffs (although our fingers are still crossed for CSI: LAPIDUS!), there's a chance that we might see O'Quinn and Emerson back together on the small screen. What whaaat?

According to TVGuide.Com, Terry O'Quinn has been writing up ideas for a new series and shopping around a show bible (outlines of characters and stories) for it. Envisioning it as a TNT-style show, O'Quinn told TVGuide.Com that the show would re-team him up with Michael Emerson, with the two of them playing suburban hit men juggling family issues.


While we don't know any more specifics, O'Quinn has spoken to Lost creator J.J. Abrams about it and said "I really hope this works out because Michael would be in his prime in this. We'd play kind of awkward partners."

In response to the idea, Emerson stated "It's very sweet of him. I'm all in favor of it. Any reason to work with Terry again."

Candidates Numbers compared to verses from Psalms

One of our great readers and also one of the Talkbackers at Ain't It Cool sent thins interesting theory to me, which I thought that I'd pass along. He compares the candidates numbers with Biblical Psalms of the same number and finds some interesting similarities. Thanks Brent!


Ive never written on a message board or even e-mailed anybody Lost stuff other than my friends. I'm sure you have run into this now that the names and # have been revealed on who they correspond to...BUT. My wife did some digging. Though you might be interested just in case you have NOT been sent this. Take a look at the following psalms and how they match up with the individual we know of:

Psalms in the Bible:

#4 Locke - Psalm 4 ( )

#8 Hurley - Psalm 8 ( )

#15 Sawyer - Psalm 15 ( )

#16 Sayid - Psalm 16 ( )

#23 Jack - Pslam 23 ("The Lord is my Shepherd" )

#42 Kwon - Psalm 42 ( )

Psalm 108 - Psalm of David ... very interesting verses here

#51 Kate - Psalm 51 ("Create in me a Clean Heart" ... )

There was a post on AICN talk backs that mentioned some "spoilers" and that the island was a 4 letter word that didnt include an A or an E

ZION? 4-letter word?

Sorry to bug you..Love your site and thought I might try and contribute something!

Brent Sander

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sangria Thursdays? LOST Cast Secrets!

Lost: Preparing for The End

IGN | MySpace Video

The LOST cast talks about their feelings entering into Season 6, how they felt about the Time Travel storyline from Season 5, returning cast members, the mysteries THEY want to see solved, and how this season feels like Senior Year in High School.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

'Lost' recap: Mirror Image

Jack's Sideways life echoes his Island life as he continues to wrestle with his daddy issues
By Jeff Jensen Feb 24, 2010

In the season premiere of Lost three weeks ago, Jack Shephard looked at himself in the mirror and saw a small cut on his neck that left him baffled. He wondered: How did that get there? We wondered: What does it mean? In last night's episode, ''Lighthouse,'' Jack's man-in-the-mirror season continued with a series of peculiar looking glass encounters. On the Island, Jack's story began with a shot of the flawed and fallen castaway leader scrutinizing his reflection on the surface of Temple Lake like a seer trying to discern his fate in a scrying pool. It ended with Jack smashing the enchanted glass inside the Lighthouse after peering into it and seeing the haunted manse of his unhappy childhood home. He was left to ponder the implications while gazing out on the ocean; here's hoping his deliberations will include the epiphany that his paranoid conclusions about what he saw inside the Island's derelict divination tower were all wrong. (That's my theory, at least. More on that in a little bit.)

Stream of Consciousness: The Lost Blogging Collective #3

This has been really fun doing this and reading everyone else's comments!

Week 3!
This week's questions are:

- Do you think any of the candidates (Hurley, Sawyer, Jin, Sun, Jack, Locke) will become the next 'Jacob'?

- Who/what is Richard?

Now, on with the Answers!