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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Kaneohe Bay = Season Finale Pier

Jeff stopped at a park area near the water in Kaneohe Bay and across the water he pointed out was the pier where the season 2 finale was shot where Jack, Sawyer, Kate & Hurley were captured and Michael was set free with Walt. It was also the place where Sun, Jin & Sayid lost Desmond's boat and Sun shot the Other Coleen. Unfortunately the Pier was private property so we weren't able to actually go on it. I was a little disappointed since I wanted to pretend that I had a bag over my head and was captured by the Others!

If you look near the right side of the photo below you can see a white thing at the end of the pier, the crew had made it and the owner told them not to bother taking it down. But since it was just made to last long enough for the shot it has since fallen down. Its the Pala Ferry covering behind the picture of Sun.

MOLI'I GARDEN = (Exterior) Sayid's service in South America

This is where they shot the outside scenes of the building that Eko entered and ended up slitting the throats of a bunch of African Drug Warlords. It was also the outside shot of when Sayid was working on a roof in South America and Locke/Jeremy Bentham visits him to try to convince him to return to the island.

Friday, November 26, 2010

MOLI'I GARDEN = Out of Borders

This is the same place that was used for the scene with Eko in Africa and the scene with Sayid in South America. The reason why it is currently painted in such bright colors is because its currently being used for shooting the upcoming ABC show "Out of Borders".

Jeff our Tour Guide was telling us about how this land/house/water area was run for years by a man who would watch over the fish that would get trapped in the water area. He died a number of years ago so the water area hasn't been looked after recently.

MOLI'I GARDEN = (Interiors) Jin's Father's Home & Place where Eko kills drug dealers

MOLI'I GARDEN = Dharma Pier & Jin's Father's Fishing Pier

This pier is currently a T-Shape, but back when they shot the scenes with the Dharma pier and of Jin's Father's Boat they moved them so that they made one ling pier, that's why on the show when Sawyer is getting into the sub you only see the mountain and now tree line since they were so far out on the water.

MOLI'I GARDENS = Season 6 Pier Gun Fight

Here they filmed the gun fight in season six when Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sawyer, Sun & Jin entered the submarine before it brew up. A lot of the background props etc had been removed by now.

Kaaawa Valley/Kualoa Ranch Visitors Center

Kaaawa Valley/Kualoa Ranch, Cooper Batter = Dharma Sub

This was the sub prop that they had floating in the water for all of the Dharma Sub scenes. I was about to get onto it to pose, but the tour guide told me not to since it was falling apart. I tried opening the hatch and it was wood inside.

Kaaawa Valley/Kualoa Ranch = The Tempist

Back during World War 2, after Pearl Harbor the Army toke over part of Kaaawa Valley/Kualoa Ranch and turned it into a secret area to protect the coast from attacks. Many of the bunkers were still there along with this tunnel system which was used to film the exterior scenes of the Dharma Station the Tempest.

Kaaawa Valley/Kualoa Ranch = Goodwin's Death

These were the logs that Goodwin & Ana Lucia sat on when Ana Lucia was trying to interigate him, while they shared a mango.

This was the hill that they rolled down

and where he landed on a stick.

Its also the area where Ben proclaimed his love to Juliet by shooting "Your Mine!"

Kaaawa Valley/Kualoa Ranch= Richard Alperts Home

This is where Richard rode his horse in the first scene of his flashback.
The wind blow the roof off of his house so its currently being remade.
But there were some other houses that were still in tact.