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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Love Letter About LOST by Paul Burrows

Six years ago Lost crashed into our living rooms and into our hearts and like the Smoke Monster it hasn’t let go. The Smoke Monster, the Polar Bears and “Where Are We?” have sucked us to the island like the giant magnet in Desmond’s Hatch. Once on the island we have followed the journey of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke and many other memorable characters and learned many important life lessons which were the real heart of the show. We have debated, discussed and tried to figure out what’s inside the Hatch, Who the Others are and Why they follow a mysterious man named Jacob. Through this great journey LOST has given us great characters, important life lessons, mysteries to solve and most importantly a community of friends to debate and discuss something that we love.

When I first heard about Lost the idea of a group of people crash landing on an island full of mysteries it sounded awesome. It was about a seemingly deserted island where the people have to band together and fend off animals, environment, and each other. Then it’s revealed that there’s a giant Smoke Monster and another group of people there who not only won’t help, but kidnap and kill them one by one. There were so many mysteries about who these people were, what the monster was and most of all, what the island was. Lost was like an onion, the more that you peeled away, the more that you found out the more questions were raised. Over time as we found out who the Others were, we were left to wonder who this Jacob was. As we found out what or who the Smoke Monster was, we were left asking why he wanted off the island. Or when the Hatch was opened we wondered about Dharma. This infuriated some, but it kept millions of people coming back week after week. Mysteries were what brought fans to LOST, but the thing that grounded the show were the characters and their stories.

First episode we got one image of a scruffy looking man sitting on a piece of wreckage reading a piece of paper. This very short moment created such a mystery about this man and it created so many questions about who he was and what he was reading. Then there was the Hero of the story, or should I say Anti-Hero, a doctor who you would think had it all together. A man who had been part of the miracle of saving his wife’s broken spine, but still refused to believe in anything including himself. Or the story of a man who did believe things to a fault, whose trust in a Father lead him out a window to be smashed against the pavement below, but still miraculously survived and was healed by the island. And over the arc of the series, the scruffy Con-Man finally becomes a hero and leader, the doctor learns to believe, the believer’s faith is proven true, the girl on the run from the law learns to stop and help others, and the torturer redeems his soul through the ultimate sacrifice. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the most important characters of the show, Michael Giacchino’s emotionally charged music is just as much of a character as Jack, Jacob or Ben, its enhances every scene that it’s in. Through the use of Flashbacks, Flashforwards and Flashsideways we come to know these people, and come to care for them. Over the course of the series we see their ups and downs as they struggle to make the choices to achieve their destinies. Through it all many important ideas are presented which cause us to stop and think about our own lives and who we are. Powerful ideas like destiny, choice, revenge, redemption, friendship, leadership, community, and many more. Unlike most of what’s on TV now LOST causes the viewer to think about what they are watching and even discuss it all with others.

The mysteries and characters not only caused people to come back each week, but it created such a devotion that millions of people flocked to the internet to create websites and blogs about the show, discuss and debate what was happening and would be happening, look up spoilers and even create their own art and music devoted to LOST. One of the greatest things about this is that communities were formed in places like Ain’t It Cool, Lost for Life, Spoiler TV and many, many other forums. Friendships were formed as people from all sorts of walks of life gathered together to be part of this growing experience. ABC started noticing the effect that this was having and started creating an Alternate reality game, which was a way for fans to stay excited about LOST during the long June to January hiatus and find out more information about the Lost world that the creators couldn’t fit into the actual show. Things like info on Dharma and its founders, the chance to become a member of Dharma. There was even a chance to buy LOST themed art created by up and coming commercial artists. This amazing atmosphere even inspired me to open a store and start creating LOST themed art and products.

Because of the multi layered mysteries, the deep and engaging characters and the community that has grown out of this show, LOST is a truly great experience that has and will affect TV programing for years to come. It tugs at your heartstrings and leaves you thinking about your own life. Lost is a great story with a legacy that is still being felt and will continue to do so for years to come.

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