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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lost: Messages from the Island: The Best of The Official Lost Magazine

by Titan Books

List Price: $14.95
Amazon Price: $10.17

This title will be released on June 30, 2009.

This companion, from the pages of Lost: The Official Magazine, gives an insight into the world of the smash-hit ABC show and includes cast and crew interviews, character profiles and features on various aspects of life on 'the island'. A must-have book for any fan.

From the producer of box office samash Cloverfield and the TV series Alias, JJ Abrams' Lost is one of the most successful television shows of recent years: Part survivial drama, part mystery thriller and part character study.

After Oceanic Air flight 815 tore apart in mid-air and crashed on a Pacific island, its survivors are caught up in a fight to survive. Can the rag-tag group unravel the island's secrets and find a way to escape, or will they remain lost forever?

Lost: Messages from the Island also features a brand-new foreword by Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse.

Product Details
Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: Titan Books (June 30, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1848562624
ISBN-13: 978-1848562622

EW Doc Jensen: 'Lost': Rethinking my crazy-ass thinking while cleaning toilets

May 29, 2009, 06:39 PM by Jeff Jensen

The week has reached its end, and there should be a new Doc Jensen column here for you to read. Right? After all, I promised you as much a couple days ago when I posted an item in this space apologizing for the absence of my promised Wednesday column. Well, guess what? I'm here again, in this space, to offer you yet another apology. You see, a funny thing happened since I made my Friday pledge, something I like to call ... work.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Smoke Monster From 'Lost' Given Own Primetime Spin-Off Series

May 29, 2009 Issue 45•22

BURBANK, CA—Executives at ABC announced Monday that the network will premier a new Lost spin-off series this fall based around that show's popular smoke monster character.

The smoke monster, a fan favorite.

The new series, a half-hour family-oriented comedy called Where There's Smoke, is touted by ABC as the new anchor of its Thursday-night lineup.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Ask Austello: Series Finale & Elizabeth Mitchell

Question: This is probably a long shot, but got any “Lost” scoop? --Jeff

Ausiello: Yeah, having “Lost” scoop in late May is about as unlikely as me combing through my old transcripts and finding an unused Damon Lindelof quote pertaining to the show’s series finale. OMG, looky here: “We’ve been planning out the final season for four years now. And of all the talks we have had about the show, (reuniting all the castaways) is the subject that has come up the most. The ending was almost where we began, and we had to figure out how to get there. It’s like a wedding where the reception is the part that requires the most planning and is the most fun to plan. We’ve exchanged our vows and I am ready to go party.”

Question: Realistically, how many episodes of “Lost” do you think Elizabeth Mitchell will be in next year? --Derek

Ausiello: My gut is telling me we’ll see her in two episodes max. But my gut has been wrong before. Oh, who am I kidding, no it hasn’t.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

'Lost': The secret identity of the Statue is officially revealed!

May 27, 2009, 05:35 PM by Jeff Jensen

It has been two weeks since the season finale of Lost, and my mad, murky mind is still whirring and pinwheeling with thoughts and theories and assorted tomfoolery. For example, I find myself seriously entertaining the notion that the famous Lost phrase "Don't tell me what I can't do!" -- uttered frequently and in various forms by headstrong heroes John Locke and Jack Shephard -- has all along been a coded reference to Enlightenment philosopher Immanuel Kant. "Don't tell me what I. Kant do!" Get it?!

Then again, such musings may be evidence that the Doc Jensen brain needs to go on a restorative, sanity-healing hiatus, too. But I promised you one more column, and I intend to deliver...very, very soon. By the end of the week. Why the delay? For starters, I want the season's last official column to include the year's last official episode of "Totally Lost" -- and we're still fine-tuning it.

In addition, I am still sifting through the results of my survey question: What are your top three "non-negotiables" -- the mysteries Lost MUST resolve during its final season in order for you to be satisfied? I got thousands of e-mails -- and I must say, rather scoldingly, that many of them didn't quite follow the rules I laid out. For example, many of you got confused, and instead of giving me three mysteries, you gave me, like, 39. Also, some of you wrote each of your three questions in the form of 700 word mini-essays that included, like, 10 other mysteries embedded within it.

But at least I can be grateful that you took the survey seriously. To reward your patience, I'd like to share with you the top 10, in no particular order, based on the surveys I've tabulated so far:

Where did Claire go?
What's the deal with The Island's Egyptian-themed ancient history?
Where are stewardess Cindy and the kids?
What's the deal with The Numbers?
What's Libby's backstory?
What's Richard Alpert's backstory?
What is the secret of The Island's power (time travel, healing properties, etc.)What is The Monster?
Why could Walt do the weird things he could do?
What is Jacob's backstory?

I'll reveal the ranked top 20 for you when my Doc Jensen column posts.

One more thing: Have you heard that Lost has quietly announced the identity of the Four Toed Statue? Nope, it ain't the Egyptian gods Anubis, Sobek or Set. If you wanna know, click here. I'll have some analysis for you in the Doc Jensen to come.


Watchback Trailer

Last year when we had Watchback our friend Edshrinker made this awesome trailer for the first episode. I thought that it would be appropriate to post it again. Watchback starts Sunday Evening! Click on the Watchback button on the right for the full schedule. I'll finish season 5's dates when we get a Season 6 premiere date.

Monday, May 25, 2009

ABC House Commercial 2009

This is the same as one of the previous ABC House Promos, but with a very funny different ending bit with Hurley and a hot woman.

Friday, May 22, 2009

ABC House - Setting Some Ground Rules

ABC House - Setting Some Ground Rules

Meltdown Comics: Damon Lindelof and Jeff Katz

"The Incident" Poll Results

What did you think of "The Incident

So Awsome it sucked me into it just like "the Incident"
42 (75%)

7 (12%)

5 (8%)

As Bad as loosing an arm
2 (3%)

As Horrible as being stabed and thrown into the fire.
0 (0%

Votes so far: 56

My Thoughts on the Incident

by Paul Burrows

Jacob and the man in black
This episode has so much stuff that it would take months to analyze and discuss it all in order to gain a greater grasp of all that went on. The conversation between Jacob and the man in black along with the confrontation at the end was filled with the most intriguing answers & mysteries in the entire series. Jacob & the man in black who I’ll nickname Esau were conversing about various groups of people who had been coming to the island for years and how it always ended in violence. It reminded me of the story of Job. Satan came to God asking for permission to try Job saying that if he took everything away from Job that Job would eventually deny & curse God. God told Satan that Job would remain faithful and allowed Satan to test him.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Should 'Lost''s Kate just die and put us out of our misery?

(Disclaimer: The opinions stated in this article do not necessarily represent the views held by Room 23)

Lost girl Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) throws a come-hither, hey-big-boy-wanna-get-shipwrecked-on-a-desert-island look our way.

Teri Hatcher & Matthew Fox cooking something SPICY!

ABC House - Setting Some Ground Rules

EW: Doc Jensen: 'Lost': Juliet's Odyssey

Doc Jensen's post-finale thoughts focus on the woman who may foretell the essential storyline for season 6. Plus: The start of Doc Jensen's Hiatus Reading List, a ''Lost'' character as Oedipus, an update on that Survey, and a new Totally Lost

R.I.P., JULIET BURKE She may be gone (emphasis on the may) but as this week's Doc Jensen column shows, she won't soon be forgotten

By Jeff Jensen
Mourning Juliet, Nausicaa-Isis. PLUS! Meet the secret father-killing, mother-humping Oedipus of Lost!

In the aftermath of last week's season finale, ''The Incident,'' there has been much gnashing of teeth and shredding of hairshirts over the death of Juliet Burke, who tumbled down a Swan hole and may have incinerated post-September 2004 history. I, too, am sad to see her go, and much more sad to see the departure of Elizabeth Mitchell, whose simultaneously sad and steely performance — assayed with cool and witty understatement — was a great gift to the series. I hear Mitchell — who has been tapped to headline ABC's reboot of the cheez-o-riffic sci-fi series V — may appear next season in cameo spots. I hope so: Juliet's romance with Sawyer was one of season 5's biggest surprises and creative successes, and I have to think that if Mitchell were available, Lost would want to explore this storyline, or give it just one more beat of closure. Here's how I think they would do it:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Time slot for Lost next year?

DarkUFO says that the E! source is the correct one.

5:31 a.m.: Lost has no confirmed time slot for when it comes back next spring for season six. It will be on, for sure, they just don't know yet if it will air Wednesday at 9 or Tuesday at 10, etc.

Source: E!Online

At the ABC Upfront Presentation it was announced that Lost will return in 2010 on Thursdays at 8:00pm. Note this is of course subject to change.

Source: ABC

ABC News: Samantha Who Dead, Mitchell Stars in V Remake

Today 4:53 AM PDT by

ABC boss Steve McPherson held a press conference this morning at the Alphabet's New York headquarters, and we were there to interrogate him about what just got canceled, what (and who) is coming back, and all those new programs they're airing in the fall.

Read along with our liveblog below to get all the news about Elizabeth Mitchell's fate on Lost, the return of Scrubs and who killed Samantha Who, plus all the facty data you could ever want about scheduling, time slots and pilot stars!


5:02 a.m.: Good morning TV fans! We're about to get started on all the ABC headlines. To begin, an ABC rep reveals: "Elizabeth Mitchell will not be a regular on Lost next season...but she will be able to appear [on that show]." You guys can do the math on what that means for Juliet.

Click here to read more:

Monday, May 18, 2009

'Lost' scoop: Juliet mystery (sort of) solved

May 18, 2009, 11:52 PM by Michael Ausiello

And now for some news that should surprise no one: ABC is expected to announce tomorrow that it has picked up a reboot of the camptastic '80s thriller V and that Lost heroine Elizabeth Mitchell is a full-time castmember.

Translation: She will not be returning to Lost as a series regular.

However, before you go declaring Juliet DOA from last week's detonated hydrogen bomb, I should point out that this piece of scoop comes with a big but attached: Mitchell's Lost days are not done. Multiple sources confirm that the actress is expected to appear in an unspecified number of episodes next season, so it's entirely possible Juliet survived Jughead and her absence will be explained in another way. (Check out Doc Jensen's column this Wednesday for a comprehensive Juliet theorypalooza.)

A pregnancy related theory from Popular Mechanics

Lost's Nuclear Burial Leaves Room for Leaks: Back in this season's third episode, "Jughead,", Daniel Faraday instructed Ellie (who we now know is his mother!) and the rest of Others to bury the bomb "carefully." From what we saw last night, the Others interpreted those directions very loosely. The bomb wasn't buried so much as it was stored in the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the island. And it definitely wasn't encased in lead or a cement housing in order to contain any of radiation that the bomb could possibly be leaking.

One can only wonder if this is why, a few decades down the line, women on the island start to encounter problems during pregnancy, eventually leading to the deaths of both mother and baby sometime during the second trimester. Nuclear bomb expert Ivan Oelrich, vice president for the strategic security program at the Federation of American Scientists, previously explained to us that without proper burial, the plutonium from the hydrogen bomb could leak into the ground water. Plutonium exposure is obviously not healthy for pregnant women (or anyone else, for that matter), and has been associated with birth defects and stillbirth. We've also speculated that the four-toed statue, which has characteristics of Taweret, the Egyptian goddess of maternity and childbirth, may have something to do with the fertility issues—but the Jughead hypothesis provides a different answer more deeply rooted in science.

--By Erin Scottberg

Saturday, May 16, 2009

V Definitely Returning To Our Screens On ABC

Be prepared; Earth is about to be invaded by mouse-eating lizard aliens again, and only Lost and Dollhouse alumni can save us. Yes, ABC have greenlit a series for the remake of 1980s classic V.

We've been following the long-coming remake of the 1984 mini-series about Earth being invaded by aliens who pretend to be our friends, but really just want our rodents and other natural resources for awhile, and yesterday, ABC made it official: V will return in the new season.

While Variety reports that the new series will be a "limited 'event' series" for the network, the Hollywood Reporter suggests that it's more likely to get picked up for thirteen episodes initially. Whatever the length, the new series will feature lots of familiar faces: Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost's Juliet) and Alan Tudyk (Dollhouse's Alpha) will be leading the human resistance, while Tudyk's Firefly co-star Morena Baccarin will play the leader of the alien forces. As long as there's no Robert Englund cameo, we're going to be eagerly tuning in when the new series premieres later this year.


John Locke's fate

Viewers of ABC's "Lost" saw the body of a dead John Locke in the show's Season 5 finale Wednesday night. However, a very alive Terry O'Quinn, who plays Locke, was in Spartanburg on Thursday to play in the BMW Charity Pro-Am at Carolina Country Club.

Between holes, O'Quinn was happy to talk to fans about golf, the finale and the fate of his character in the show's final season, beginning in 2010.

Hollywood, universities share benefits of name-dropping

Full article here

...Another critical hit, Lost, wraps up its season with a two-hour show on Wednesday. But unlike House,Lost decided to go ahead with its Michigan connection without any input from the school — a move that at first was a tad unsettling for Doyle, the film office chief.

She found out about it while watching the show.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mysteries Poll

I know that this poll doesn't end until this time next year, but I thought that I would post the as of now poll results and talk about what has been answered in full or part.

Top ten mysteries that must be answered or lost will be ruined for you. (Please only check ten boxes)

Adam and Eve (black and white stones)
202 (52%)
Nothing yet, but strong hints in that direction in the future.

Four toed statue
252 (65%)
We have seen the front and side and found out that Jacob lives under the statue, but I'm betting theres more to come.

Jacob and the roving shack
293 (75%)
Lots of info in the finale, but there still a lot more to find out.

179 (46%)
No real answers yet

The Smoke Monster
304 (78%)
Possible hints at what it is, we know that it lives in the temple basement and that it travels through a tunnel system.

Black Rock and Nigerian Cessna & the Tunsian Polar Bear
136 (35%)
Not a lot of new info on the Black Rock, but I think that we know about as much info that we are going to about the drug plane & the African Polar Bear.

Dharma purge/hostiles
99 (25%)
With the time jumping finished we probably won't get much more on the purge. Unless theres a Richard, Widmore or Eloise flashback.

Richard Alpert age & toe count
236 (60%)
We just know that he has been in his role for a long time now.

"The Incident"
148 (38%)
finished in the finale.

Walt's specialness
201 (51%)
He might be back next season since there won't growth issues. (I hope)

Glass eye
12 (3%)
That story probably won't get told.

Rousseau's Story with details about science team & how Montand lost his arm
66 (17%)
was told this season.

Fertility issues
122 (31%)
the statue was holding a fertility symbol so it will probably be told next season.

Claire's "psychic" Will great danger come from Kate raising Aaron?
117 (30%)

Paik's watch
14 (3%)
finished last season

Freightie missions & stories
22 (5%)
We might get more of Miles story, hopefully a Frank flashback along with what Faraday was doing in Ann Arbor.

Libby's story
90 (23%)
According to Darlton her story is finished. His story is also finished. We got some, but there more to come.

Abbaddon's story
63 (16%)

Widmore's relationship to the island
185 (47%)
Co-Leader of the 1950's - 1990's Others with Eloise, more to be revealed

Ben & Widmore's relationship
242 (62%)
More to be revealed.

What is the island?
274 (70%)
More to be revealed.

Votes so far: 387
Days left to vote: 761

EW: Doc Jensen: 'Lost' recap: Starting Over

Jack and company take an audacious step to change their history in the shocking season finale, and we finally meet Jacob and begin to understand what's at work on the Island

TOGETHER TIL THE END Despite the fact that she vowed to stop him last week, Kate took her place by Jack's side, backing his final play

By Jeff Jensen
'Ladies and gentlemen, please make the acquaintance of Jacob, the fishy-frying, list-writing maybe-God of the Island. About time, don't you think? No longer an Easter egg flickering in the shadows of a derelict cabin (if he was ever that to begin with), the Ultimate Other of Lost became incarnate in last night's exhilarating, heartbreaking, and I can't believe they ended it THERE! infuriating season finale, entitled ''The Incident.'' Curious fellow, this Jacob. He's a sunny optimist — a big believer in evolutionary ''progress.'' Ditto the whole notion of ''free will.'' He's also, like, really really nice, though he does have this weird thing about touching people. You caught that, right? In ''The Incident,'' we got flashbacks showing that Jacob was present at key moments in the off-Island lives of many Lostaways, like when John Locke got tossed out the window by his bad dad or during Jack Shephard's apocryphal ''count to five'' fear-squelching episode. Each of these close encounters included a conspicuous touch — Jacob laying his hands on Jin and Sun at their wedding to offer a blessing, Jacob brushing fingers with Young James Ford as he gave him a pen, Jacob tapping Young Kate on the nose after bailing her out of a shoplifting jam. Everyone he met got touched.