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Thursday, April 30, 2009

LOST 5x15 "Follow the Leader" Promo #1

Jimmy in the 100th Episode of LOST

EW: Doc Jensen: 'Lost' Recap: A Twist of Fate

Faraday's return has extreme consequences for everyone, especially him

MAD SCIENTIST Faraday's brilliant but sometimes faulty mind latched on to a new theory for salvation that might not work out so well for him

By Jeff Jensen
Jeff Jensen, an EW senior writer, has been despondent since the cancellation of ''Twin Peaks''We need to talk about Daniel Faraday getting gunned down by his mom. (He's dead, I think — but not for long.) We need to talk about the frazzled physicist's plan to reboot history by nuking the Island with our long-lost leaky H-bomb friend, Jughead. (Might I suggest he start looking for it somewhere in the shadow of the statue?) And yes, we need to talk about the revelation that Charles Widmore is Danny-boy's father. (Brits for parents? So how come Faraday speaks Americanese?) But first, I want to talk about the Wired magazine cameo. We saw it on Faraday's couch, just as Widmore took a seat and offered his noodle-cooked son passage to Brain Healing Island aboard his Black Freighter of Keamy Death. It was the August 2003 issue of Wired — ''The Super-Powers Issue'' — devoted to the plausible science behind far-fetched stuff like invisibility, X-ray vision, and yes, time travel. The cover featured an archetypal superhero blasting white light out of his Cyclops-visored eyes and breaking a link of chain with his Man of Steel bare hands. The headline: ''The Impossible Gets Real!''

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

EW Doc Jensen: 'Lost': King Faraday

'Lost': King Faraday
Doc Jensen on ''The Variable,'' which puts Daniel in full effect, in both foreground and back story. Plus: Revisiting the Orientation Film from season 2, a couple of clarifications and corrections, and a little TOE tapping

IT'S ALL TOO MUCH? Sure, it may seem confusing at times, but pull yourself together -- the Doc's Geeky Preamble will surely inspire

By Jeff Jensen
Welcome to the Planet Fiction that is Lost. My name is Doc Jensen, archaeologist of impossible possibilities, currently on temporary work release from the Santa Rosa Mental Health — err, I mean, Mental CRACKPOT GENIUS Institute. Please note the placard on the door of my office:

LOST 5x14 "The Variable" - New Promo

Hollywood Reporter: 'Lost' 100th Episode

By Todd Longwell

April 28, 2009, 09:00 PM ET
'Lost' Moments
09.22.04: "Lost" premieres on ABC to 18.65 million viewers, telling its story in present day as well as in flashback.

10.13.04: In the "Walkabout" episode, it's revealed that John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) was a paraplegic before crashing on the island.

03.02.05: Hurley (Jorge Garcia) treks into the jungle to find Danielle Rousseau (Mira Furlan) and determine the source of the numbers -- 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 -- that have been haunting him for years.

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season Dharma Initiation Kit

Looks like besides the regular DVD & BLU-RAY versions of season 5 there will also be special Dharma versions. No word yet on what they will contain.

Three weeks ago, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment officially announced the December 8th release of Lost - The Complete 5th Season on both standard DVD and high-definition Blu-ray Disc. Now, however, we've learned that these aren't going to be the only two releases of the 5th Season episodes!

The above two links are to the Amazon pre-order listings for the previously announced sets...listings which have been up since January, when the fifth season debuted. Overnight, however, Amazon has added two more pre-order listings, also scheduled for release on December 8th. The picture above, taken from this season's history-revealing ninth episode ("Namaste"), shows several new recruits being welcomed into the Dharma Initiative (don't worry, here at TVShowsOnDVD we'll try not to spoil the identities of those recruits, in case you're waiting for the home videos to view these episodes for the first time).

The Lost - The Complete 5th Season: Dharma Initiation Kit will be available in both DVD and Blu-ray Disc editions. These limited edition releases are apparently going to be specially packaged versions of the sets, possibly filled with Dharma-related goodies. No details are available on this yet, however...we've only got the info at Amazon so far.

According to Amazon, the DVD "initiation kit" set will have a list price of $119.99 SRP (compared to $59.99 SRP for the regular edition), and the Blu-ray version of the "initiation kit" will cost $134.00 SRP (compared to $79.99 SRP for the regular version of the high-def edition). In practical dollars, though, based on Amazon's discounted prices as of this writing (subject to change at their discretion, without notice), for DVD buyers it's $45 more for the Dharma Initiation Kit and for Blu-ray buyers it's $50 more.

These are obviously aimed at more serious collectors and fans of the show...which you can count us among! We're keeping a sharp eye out for any further details about what you'll get with these high-end releases, so stay tuned and we'll update you as soon as we can find out more!
Source: TVShowOnDVD

Sawyer is large and in charge as 'Lost' hits 100

Back in season one of ABC's Wednesday castaway drama ``Lost,'' James Sawyer, played by Josh Holloway with a stubbly dimple and a wink, was a charming Southern rogue, an avaricious con man with a store of goodies up for barter, a quick wit and an inexplicable fondness for U.K. writer Richard Adams' heroic fantasy ``Watership Down.''

He was also a constant irritant to the show's most apparently noble character, Dr. Jack Shepard (Matthew Fox), the self-appointed leader of present-day plane-crash survivors stranded on a very freaky island. Sawyer both cramped Jack's style and moved in on his girl, castaway Kate (Evangeline Lilly).

ABC's 'Lost' marks 100th episode this week

By Lynn Elber

The Associated Press

Updated: 04/28/2009 01:56:39 PM MDT

Executive producer Damon Lindelof, one of the series' creators, recalled meeting with ABC executives four years ago to pitch the idea of plane crash survivors stranded on an island of mystery and danger.

They were asked where the "Lost" saga would stand at, say, episode No. 74.

"I said, 'We're probably not going to get past episode 13. Let's all be honest about that upfront," Lindelof recalled, adding, "If I traveled back in time to tell myself after that meeting that we were going to make it to 100 and still have a season beyond that, I would have laughed in my face."

MSN Picks 100 Best Moments from LOST!

The 100 Best Moments From 'Lost'
As the series celebrates its 100th episode, we look at 100 of our favorite moments

By Kate Mulcrone and Raoul Mowatt
Special to MSN TV

On April 29, "Lost" celebrates its 100th episode. Sure, there were a few stinkers and clip shows needed to get to that milestone. There was some frustration about secrets kept too long, characters left undeveloped (or overexposed) and plot points forgotten. But all in all, the show's offered one heck of a ride for those patient enough with it. In honor of the 100th episode, we thought we would take a look at 100 of the show's best moments. In no particular order, they are:

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1. The pilot gets eaten by the Smoke Monster (aka Old Smokey, the Monster, Lostzilla).

2. 4 8 15 16 23 42

3. Locke pulls out his creepy knife collection.

4. Jack's dead daddy shows up on the island ... for the first time.

5. Jin gets handcuffed to the plane.