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Friday, April 10, 2009

Dead Is Dead Thoughts

By Paul Burrows

An Island Carol
One of the over arching themes of Lost is redemption. Nearly every character has had numerous ups and downs over the course of the series and every once in awhile a character has a run in with the ghost of the future as Ben referred to it as the Monster. Eko ran into this monster twice and it was terrible to him. The first time it scanned him and then gave him another chance for redemption, later it judged him and found him to be unrepentant so it killed him. Locke ran into the monster and when speaking about it later to Eko described to it be “beautiful”. In this episode Ben with the help of Locke sought out the Monster to be judged. That probably helped him in the judgment process, but the monster read his heart and while it knew that Ben had the best intentions in respect to Alex he didn’t towards Locke his replacement. So the monster used the one think that would hit him in the heart. It took the form of Alex and told him to stop trying to kill Locke and start following him. We’ll see if Ben’s new found humility will stick or if in the end Ben will be bashed against a tree by the image of his daughter.

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