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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

EW Doc Jensen: 'Lost': The Die Is Casteneda

Doc Jensen previews tonight's ''Whatever Happened, Happened'' (he was on the set), and then takes us on a ''definitive journey'' down the road paved when Young Ben served Sayid a paperback copy of ''A Separate Reality'' with his chicken salad

By Jeff Jensen

Is Young Ben dead? If he dies, how might Lost history be altered? If there are alterations, would they be substantial or not as significant as our hyperactive imaginations may think? Tonight's episode, ''Whatever Happened, Happened,'' offers the promise of answers. But does the title give them away? ''Whatever Happened, Happened'' is the phrase that Daniel Faraday used back in ''LaFleur'' to summarize his belief that the castaways aren't creating a new version of the past, but rather merely creating the past that has always existed. And yet, one episode later in ''Namaste,'' Sawyer says that Faraday ''has some interesting theories on what we can and can't do here.'' I didn't take that to mean that Faraday has reversed his position, but rather that his position has become more nuanced. Might there be permissible exceptions to the ''whatever happened, happened'' principle?

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