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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Final Shot of Comic-Con 2010

Man I was sad to leave, but going to Comic-Con always lifts and inspires me. I'm so glad that I was able to attend it and can't wait until next year!

Comic-Con 2010 Saturday: Lost Encyclopedia Panel

-Release date moved back to mid September or October.

-They started out showning a clip from the season 6 DVD bonus disc of Mark Pellegrino on being the island protector and choosing Jack to take his place. Nothing huge, but it was cool being able to see it.
- They also showed page layout of the book and they look really awesome. They are going to be super detailed and all of the entries will be in alphabetical order.
-There will be close ups of props .
-Along with layouts to all of the Dharma Stations.-But this book will not fill holes of unanswered questions. They talked about how they love Lostpedia and other websites, but once they got the job of doing this they decided to not go to those sites anymore. They really tried to not put their own interpretations in the book, but to only write about what was in the actual show and webisodes. -They wanted to do a Family connections map, but it would have been to huge. But there wil be a box on each characters page that will lead to all of the characters that they are connected to.
-They had access to the Temple sets and the translation to all of the eygptian symbols.
I got in line to ask a question and the kid in front of me was the actor was Sterling Beaumon (Little Ben) and there was tons of cameras going off which blinded me! LOL He asked if Annie would be in the book (I'm assuming that he was one of the special guests that the guide had mentioned. They said that there would be some stuff in there on her.-When it was my turn I asked if there would be a diffinative map of the island and just like Darlton would do they called a polar bear to come out and grunt about it as a distraction as if they had that planned all along. I asked them again afterwards and they confirmed that they would not have a map in the book. They had wanted to, but that Darlton said that they wanted to leave it to the imagination.

Afterwards I gave them each a set of my Trading Cards. I really can't wait for this to come out.

Comic-Con 2010 Saturday: Around the halls

The QUeen of Hearts and the White Queen
Cobra's Crimson Guard
The Main front hallway

Comic-Con 2010 Saturday: V Panel

Just like yesterday Morena Baccarin came out with blond hair to the surprise of many, but they assured the crowd that her hair would be back to normal before shooting. The panel started out with a clip reel of the key moments of the first season. Then they started talking about season 2.

-We will find out the true intentions of the V's and what they look like under the human skin.

-We will find out what the Red Storm is in the first shots of the Premiere.

-Elizabeth Mitchell was asked what makes her role as Erika different then her other roles. She answered that she's a Mom and has to keep a job. She was also asked about having to fly back and forth for awhile with both Lost and V, she said that she really loved both casts and that both felt like she was at home.

-We will see Erika's Ex again along with her Mother. There will also be a new 5th Column group which will clash with Erika's group.

-Lisa will be pushed further toward Erika and Tyler will be pushed further towards Anna. It will be revealed why Anna is interested in Tyler. Also how long the V's have been on the earth. what history the V's have affected and what they plan to do to us.

-We will see some of the V home planet when we are introduced to a new character named Diana.

-There will be a lot more backstory revealed on Erika, Jack and Hobbs.

-In season 2 Ryan's baby will play a huge part with Anna trying to figure out how to use it as a weapon. There will also be a more international feel this season.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Waiting in line for the V Panel

The line for the V panel was a lot shorter then the one for the EW Panel and this one was on the busiest dat Saturday. Although the EW one was before the True Blood Panel and I'm guessing that a huge persentage of the crowd was actually Blood fan coming early to get a good seat. Fridays line went all the way back to the end of the building, but todays it only went back a few tents.
This guy was awesome, he worked eletrical at the San Diego Fairgrounds and he had real metal Wolverine claws that were attached by a handle to some biker gloves. I asked him how he got them through security and the told me that most of them didn't even bother to stop him, in fact one even stopped to admire them! But when one did stop him he told them thathe had bought them there! Which was kind of scary that there was a booth that sold that and real ninja swords since that day there had been two nerds fighting over a seat in a panel and one of them stabbed the other right below the other's eye!

Comic-Con 2010 Friday: TV Guide Magazine: The Hot List

Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin and one other actor from V along with other actors from other shows were on the panel. New episodes of V will start shooting on August 12th. Morena Baccarin supprised everyone when she showed up with blonde hair both at the TV Guide and later at the V panels.

-The cast memebers of V spoke about how even serious moments they find time to crack up and laugh inbetween shots.

-Elizabeth was asked about always being chased wiether it be Lost or V and she said that yes she is always being chased, shooting or being saved.

I took this photo on my way out after seeing a night screening of the WB strait to DVD feature Batman: Under the Red Hood. I love how the circle just seems to go on forever.

Comic-Con 2010 Friday: EW Women Power Panel

I spent the morning wandering the hall and buying half off Graphic Novels, Transformers and other things. After that I got into the long and hot (since it was out side) line for Hall 20 the second biggest hall in the San Diego Convention Center.

Elizabeth Mitchell from from Lost and V, Anna Torv from Fringe and 3 other women from Scott Pigram and another movie spoke about being a woman in Hollywood, I was mostly interested in the Lost & Fringe stuff so that's what I'm reporting here.

Elizabeth Mitchell spoke about dangling in a well which received a huge response from the audience. She also spoke about how excited she got when she got her first flashback. Also how weirded out she was about her "The Other Woman" flashback.

One of the Movie actresses were talking about running around shooting guns and Anna Torv compared that to how she had recently been running around in a forest while shooting a future episode.

When asked about how nice it is that now women don't have to wear revealing clothes just like Men can now can show weaknesses, Anna Torv said that she was glad that her role always requires that she dresses up. She commented about how funny it was that on Fringe Olivia usually does all of the boy action stuff while the boys are usually found chatting in the kitchen.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday Comic-Con Lost Panels

Jay & Jack and The Lost Encyclopedia Panels. It says "other special guests, I would bet that means appearances from some actors and maybe even Darlton?

1:00-2:00 The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack— Father and son team Jay and Jack Glatfelter have one of the oldest and biggest podcasts dedicated to ABC'S Lost. Discuss the stirring series finale, and learn about the huge dedicated online community for TV's most mind-twisting drama. Join Jay and Jack for this special interview and Q&A session! Santa Rosa Room, Marriott Hotel and Marina

6:00-7:00 Lost But Not Forgotten— Lost Encyclopedia authors Tara Bennett and Paul Terry, along with other special Lost guests, discuss this seminal show's legacy, their thoughts on the finale, and the creation of the forthcoming Lost Encyclopedia. Attendees will have a chance to win a signed copy of the Lost Encyclopedia. Room 8

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lost's Creators Talk Emmys and Life After "The End"

Today 8:09 PM PDT by Megan Masters

Guess who we just chatted with?!

We tracked down Lost's creative brain trust Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof tonight to pass along our Emmy congrats (the recently deceased series received twelve nods!), and between gentle sobs (literally!) of joy and loss, the one-time "radio silent" twosome opened up about life after the jet-setting phenomenon—just a little...

First, hi. It's so great to be talking to you both again. And congratulations on the eight Emmy nominations! What kind of emotions go into a day like today—knowing it's Lost's final season?
Carlton Cuse: We never for a minute take for granted that we're entitled to an Emmy nomination. Very worthy shows like Law & Order and 24 and Friday Night Lights weren't nominated today. We recognize that pleasing the fans at the end of Lost was very tall order, so we were extremely happy and gratified to the Academy's recognition for the work of everyone on the Lost team. It was especially gratifying to see that we got Emmy nominations for our really talented collaborators, as well.
Damon Lindelof: Emotionally, it's been a much different experience than we're used to because nomination day has always been on a working day for us. So we'd get the nominations in morning, I would come into Carlton's office, we would hug, we would do a little bit of press and then we'd go, OK what is episode three of season four going to be? This is one of those days when you really realize the fact that we're no longer making the show. We've always taken the month of June as a vacation, but the deeper we get into July without writing new episodes of Lost, the more it begins to sink in. It's like, wow, we're really done. It's one thing to write the final episode and to see the final episode, but now that sense of really looking back on it and it's really over—that cold, hard reality. In the stages of grieving, we're now moving into the acceptance stage, and that is a wonderful thing, but there is a certain degree of sadness to it, too.

Lost received a lot of Emmy love today. Do you think the nods were based more on storytelling and acting, rather than honoring its final season?
C.C.: I don't think you can get an Emmy nomination just based on nostalgia or longevity. If that was the case, Law & Order [would have, too.] What an unsurpassed accomplishment for that show to have been on the air for 20 years! That is stupendous. But we were extremely lucky and we remain enormously grateful to ABC for allowing us to end the show on our own terms. The key for Damon and me in doing so was that the story wouldn't go on too long. That we could end Lost before people got tired of it. We didn't have to stretch our storytelling beyond what we had imagined for the series. To actually get nominated after being able to do that has just made today an awesome day all the way around.

Had the two of you always intended on submitting Lost's finale, "The End," for Emmy consideration, or where there other contenders?
C.C.: It wasn't a preplanned thing, but we'd written the finale and shot it and felt really good about it, and it was at that point we made a decision to submit that episode. It did feel like it was representative of our work, and it was the appropriate culmination of the show and might be the best thing for us to submit, so that's what Damon and I decided to do.

D.L.: We certainly had a conversation about it, and we alternate playing devil's advocate. The concern for Lost with the Emmys has always been that you don't want to submit an episode that would make no sense to somebody who's never seen the show. And maybe there were some self-contained episodes this season that would work better, but in the final season there are no self-contained episodes of Lost. Even in episodes like "Ab Aeterno," it works because of three seasons of wondering who Richard Alpert (Nestor Carbonell) is. So the conclusion was, if the finale is not the episode we should be submitting, then season six doesn't really deserve to be nominated for an Emmy.

Have you spoken to any other Lost Emmy nominees today?
C.C.: I've not spoken to the actors directly. I've exchanged some emails with fellow nominees, but it is a little bit different this year because we're not in the office, we're not working, we're not sitting down together having breakfast. It's a little different feeling, but there's plenty of love going back and forth between everybody on the show. It's been a really celebratory day. The hidden secret of Lost's success was the incredible alchemy between everyone who worked on the show. It's been one of those days where we've been happy to have an excuse to be back in communication with each other.
D.L.: It feels like before [the end of Lost], the first thing Carlton and I would do when anybody was nominated for anything, we'd get on the phone and congratulate them. Because we were their bosses and that's what you do. But we're not their bosses anymore, now we're just all friends who worked on a show together. And that started on finale night, when we all came together it felt like we all made the show together and there is not hierarchy because we're not working together. We were able to drop the business-like attachments of the show. We were just able to hug each other and cry it out and be emotional and cool with each other. High school is over, we're graduating, everybody's going off to college, we'll always look back at this time with tremendous affection—And [Sarcastically] I don't miss it one bit.

Why break your radio silence now? Was that always the plan, too?
D.L.: It wasn't a thought at the time. Every year after the finale we've always gone into radio silence just because we're pretty sick of ourselves, so we can't even imagine what everybody else thinks of us. And we've always broken our radio silence at Comic-Con, and this year we're obviously not going to Comic-Con because it's about promoting something to come. The idea of looking back on the show is not something we were particularly interested in, looking back at ourselves. But around a week ago, Carlton and I had both been on vacation and received an email from someone at ABC asking [if we would] be willing to do some press. And that was our first contact with each other where it was like, alright, of course. If the show gets recognized, it feels totally appropriate for us to express out feelings about how awesome that is. There's no reason to not talk about Lost ever again, it's just not in our DNA. Had the show not been nominated for anything, I'm sure Carlton and I would have emerged at some appropriate time over the summer to talk about—
CC: To begin begging for work at Starbucks. [Laughs.]

Before you go, we'd love to know if you have any other Emmy nominated faves this year—besides Lost, of course.
C.C.: I was very happy for Ryan Murphy to see how much love Glee got. It's exciting that the show really feels like it's in the zeitgeist now, and for us having been fortunate to ride that zeitgeist wave for awhile, it's great to see that Ryan is surfing it, too. He's a wonderful guy and the show is worthy of all the attention it's getting.
D.L.: And also Carlton and I, and all the writers in the writer's room's favorite show this year was Modern Family. We would talk about it every Thursday morning. And Steve Levitan and Chris Lloyd are just really class acts, and everyone on that show is so sweet. Also, in the year Lost came about, it was Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy, and people were saying all hail the drama, and the return of comedy is dead. Since Friends and Seinfeld, there really hasn't been anything. And now you look at comedy and there's not just Glee and Modern Family, but also The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men, and comedy has never been bigger. Comedy is completely strong. And that's not even mentioning 30 Rock and The Office, which are two incredible comedies. On the drama side, it was really cool see Matthew [Fox] get recognized as lead actor, but also to see somebody like Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton break into that mix. Friday Night Lights is clearly a show that's gotten enormous critical acclaim, but just never connected with Emmy voters, and it's really cool that it finally got acknowledged.

And that's all, folks. Do you love Darlton, or do you love them? And how much do you miss Lost, because those almost-tears on the phone were very real, and the mere sound of Damon and Carlton's voices pushed up over the edge. In the best way, of course.

Lost Emmy Nominations

Man I really hope that Lost sweeps this just like Return of the King did for the Oscars. Kind of an overall set of awards for the entire series. I expected the Emerson and O'Quinn nominations, but I was pleasantly surprised at Fox for Actor and Mitchell for Guest Actress. The Jack Bender nomination was great also along with Darlton for Writers. I love how the web/DVD special "Mysteries of the Universe" is going up against all of the teeny bopper stuff.

"Breaking Bad" (AMC)
"Dexter" (Showtime)
"The Good Wife" (CBS)
"Lost" (ABC)
"Mad Men" (AMC)
"True Blood" (HBO)

Bryan Cranston - "Breaking Bad
"Michael C. Hall - "Dexter"
Kyle Chandler - "Friday Night Lights"
Hugh Laurie - "House"
Matthew Fox - "Lost"
Jon Hamm - "Mad Men"

Aaron Paul - "Breaking Bad"
Martin Short - "Damages"
Terry O'Quinn - "Lost"
Michael Emerson - "Lost"
John Slattery - "Mad Men"
Andre Braugher - "Men Of A Certain Age"

Mary Kay Place - "Big Love"
Sissy Spacek - "Big Love"
Shirley Jones - "The Cleaner"
Lily Tomlin - "Damages"
Ann-Margre - "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
Elizabeth Mitchell - "Lost"

Michelle MacLaren - "Breaking Bad" ("One Minute")
Steve Shill - "Dexter" ("The Getaway")
Jack Bender - "Lost" ("The End")
Lesli Linka Glatter - "Mad Men" ("Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency")
Agnieszka Holland - "Treme" ("Do You Know What It Means")

"ABC's LOST Presents: Mysteries Of The Universe" - "The Dharma Initiative" (
"iCarly" - (Nickelodeon)
"Jonas" (Disney Channel)
"Wizards Of Waverly Place" (Disney Channel)
"Wizards Of Waverly Place: The Movie" (Disney Channel)

Rolin Jones - "Friday Night Lights" - "The Son" (DirecTV)
Michelle King, Robert King - "The Good Wife" - "Pilot" (CBS)
Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse - "Lost" - "The End" (ABC)
Robin Veith, Matthew Weiner - "Mad Men" - "Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency" (AMC)
Matthew Weiner, Erin Levy - "Mad Men" - "Shut The Door. Have A Seat." (AMC)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Hawaii Five-O Comic-Con Press Release

HOLLYWOOD, CA – July 1, 2010 – For the return of HAWAII FIVE-0, one of television’s most iconic series, CBS has assembled a team of genre giants: Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci (Star Trek) and Peter Lenkov (R.I.P.D.), Director Len Wiseman (Underworld), and stars Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) and Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica). They’ll be on site to celebrate all things H50 at this year’s Comic-Con in San Diego.

H50: ALOHA EARTH (10:15-11:15 AM, Room 6BCF) – Lost castaway found! Battlestar Cylon becomes human! Star Trek writers return from space! A supernatural force has drawn some of sci-fi’s giants back to Earth – and they’re all gathering on a beautiful and mysterious island in the Pacific. It’s HAWAII FIVE-0, a modern day reimagining of one of television’s most iconic classics. The epic series, one of the most anticipated new shows of the season, will explore the origins of the Five-0 team and build on an already rich mythology. Join Executive Producers Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci (Star Trek) and Peter M. Lenkov (24), Director Len Wiseman (Underworld), and stars Daniel Dae Kim (Lost) and Grace Park (Battlestar Galactica) for an exclusive sneak peek at the series and an in-depth discussion on how they plan to marry their genre sensibilities with a classic police procedural.

In addition to the H50 panel – where fans will have an opportunity to win three cast signed collector’s surfboards — there will be autograph signings by the cast and producers at the CBS Booth (# 4129), exclusive giveaways and a chance to win a vacation getaway to the filming location of H50 on the tropical and vibrant island of Oahu.

Source: CBS