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Monday, July 26, 2010

Waiting in line for the V Panel

The line for the V panel was a lot shorter then the one for the EW Panel and this one was on the busiest dat Saturday. Although the EW one was before the True Blood Panel and I'm guessing that a huge persentage of the crowd was actually Blood fan coming early to get a good seat. Fridays line went all the way back to the end of the building, but todays it only went back a few tents.
This guy was awesome, he worked eletrical at the San Diego Fairgrounds and he had real metal Wolverine claws that were attached by a handle to some biker gloves. I asked him how he got them through security and the told me that most of them didn't even bother to stop him, in fact one even stopped to admire them! But when one did stop him he told them thathe had bought them there! Which was kind of scary that there was a booth that sold that and real ninja swords since that day there had been two nerds fighting over a seat in a panel and one of them stabbed the other right below the other's eye!

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