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Thursday, July 31, 2008

An interesting idea on who shot Pierre Chang the video

Time is of the essence: much flailing over the new LOST footage from comic-con!

I'm so sorry I've been absent for the week, the last thing I knew I was writing an entry about time travel, LOST, Kurt Vonnegut and Star Trek: TNG (LOL!)and I think the sheer awesomeness of those things combined completely fried my brain because I had a migraine over the weekend and a subsequent headache ever since! It's been so hot in England for the past week (and we really aren't used to it!), so I suspect that to be the cause of my woes - the summer and I really do not get along! If I disappear again, you know why! I will post that time travel thing at some point, along with an update on my week but I have two very important issues to address!

And now watch as I flail and flap about...the new Dharma video and the few bits of new LOST info that emerged from Comic-Con! :D :D :D

I just sat and watched the entire Q&A session on YouTube because I was reading different reports around the internet and accuracy really does matter, guys, especially when said rumours concern our most beloved Daniel Faraday - come on! So, the panic started when I read on a deviantArt LOST group that the Red Shirts on the Zodiac were all dead and that Dan was 'probably gonna be ok.' Probably? PROBABLY? This is not good news! I want my fears to be quashed not resurrected! How are they dead? OMG. Woe. Etc. So anyway, after much trawling of the internet and my inability to find an actual transcript I decided to watch a shakily filmed video of the panel. The words actually spoken were 'things are looking good for Faraday,' which is so much better! Phew! :D :D :D :D. I've since found an audio version, which is probably much more practical if you'd like to listen to it. There's quite a good text run down of the questions and answers here, but in case you're feeling lazy, these were the few that I found particularly interesting:

The island did not travel when the hatch exploded, but something else happened.

We will see Rousseau's story in season 5, but to use the word flashback would be disingenuous.

Kate will see Sawyer again.

Things are looking good for Faraday

Faraday's notebook will feature heavily in the next season. It contains information about things that have happened and things that are about to happen.

We will see Richard Alpert barefoot in the near future (in response to a question about how many toes he has! LOL)

After that rather lengthy introduction, I finally get to what I really want to talk about. OMG the new Dharma video. THE NEW DHARMA VIDEO! I know the internet has gone into overdrive about the fact that it is seemingly Daniel Faraday speaking off camera to Marvin Candle Pierre Chang, especially after confirmation that Francois Chau is quoted as saying:

All I can tell you is "yes" I know who did the voice, and "yes" it definitely is someone the audience has seen before".

At first I was sure it was Dan's voice, then I wavered and thought it was Miles', after a third viewing I'm convinced it's Dan. I think his accent sounds slightly off, much like Kate's did during the shower scene *stifles Jate gag reflex* in Something Nice Back Home. I think it's just a futile attempt at disguising Jeremy Davies' voice. OMG YOU GUYS! Do you think it's Dan?

Also, just in case you don't know about this video, it was supposedly shot by a lucky comic-con attendee, picked as a Dharma recruit at the beginning of the Q&A session. He was chosen, with a couple of other hopefuls to go back into the Dharma booth and see something that the rest of the world, even Cuse and Lidelof were not allowed to see. Towards the end of the session he burst back in, carrying this 'mystery' footage on his camera and Cuse and Lindelof let him show the other fans ;-)

So, a couple of theories that I realise are already doing the rounds:

The baby crying in the background, is it Miles? I really think it might be! Miles Straume has always struck me as being a spiritualist stage name! It's just too close to Maelstrom! His surname is totally Chang, guys. Totally.

Hang on, if Dan is on The Island 30 years into the past...oh no, wait. I just got all excited about Charlotte being his Constant instead of Desmond. Haha, scrap that. It would make any baby on the island at least 26 in the 2004 present and Charlotte is 25. So we can assume that the transmission was in July 1978, almost exactly a year before Charlotte was born. Boo. Miles is about the right age to be the baby though, yes?

This whole 'Faraday is the cameraman' thing does make sense to me and fits with the existing theories I think are plausible. I'm in the camp that believes that The Island moved in time, rather than space (my rl friends disagree), so I can imagine Faraday, the only survivor of The Zodiac, washing ashore on The Island - only to find that everything is different and it's actually The Island of 30 years ago. Poor Dan! Also, he's the only person who could really help Chang...

It also might explain why flashback!

Dan was crying. For some reason.It just all seems so romantic to me, if Daniel really is the cameraman, on a quest to save/get back to the woman he loves. The new Desmond/Penny? Almost? Nearly? No?

OMG I love LOST so much. I'm so excited to have this new information! I feel so lonely though, I have no one to talk to tonight ;__;. My parents, who do enjoy LOST, aren't even feigning interest. *hugs flist* I do love you guys so much, thank you for being out there somewhere. ♥ xxx

Also, has anyone else joined The Dharma Initiative? The test frightened me a little, very creepy, but I felt so proud when the results said I'd passed! I know everyone passes...but still!

Sy Fy Portal Checks in on LOST

Lindelof: You Won't Know When You Are 'Lost'

Source: Sci Fi Wire

The following contains MODERATE SPOILERS for Season 5 of "Lost" on ABC.

ABC's "Lost" most likely won't begin broadcasting again until 2009, but not even that has stopped the show's producers from teasing fans on what they can expect.

One of the main subject areas included the setting of the fifth season, particularly where flashbacks are concerned. The weekly flashback approach to the series became one of the shows defining features, allowing for more personal stories to be told; however in the fourth year, the flashbacks became "flash forwards" and hinted at life after the island. For Season 5 though, all bets are off.

"We are steering away from the word 'flashback' and embracing a whole new word," creator Damon Lindelof told fans at San Diego Comic-Con, according to SciFi Wire. "Once again, when Season 5 starts, you're not going to know when and where you are. We do this fun thing every year where we let the audience figure out where they are."

His partner in crime, Carlton Cuse, backed him up while insisting that "there will still be flashbacks and 'flash-forwards' on the show, but we are going to do something different this season and mix it up. There will be storytelling both on the island and off the island and in different periods of time. It's just going to be organized differently and not constrained by the rules of flashbacks and 'flash-forwards.'"

The duo also confirmed that despite their demise at the end of Season 4, the characters of Jin (Daniel Dae Kim) and John Locke (Terry O'Quinn) will be back ... as will Danielle Rousseau (Mira Furlan), who will finally receive a story of her own.

During the event, Matthew Fox made a surprise appearance and, according to TV Guide, there was even a stunt to promote the Dharma Initiative. A fan named Dan claimed to have an "exclusive video from the Dharma booth." The footage featured Dr. Marvin Candle (who admitted his real name) and also implied that time is of the essence for the initiative and that life on the island is 30 years behind the rest of the world.


Dharma Initiative Booth Flyer

This is the flyer that the Dharma Initiative Representatives were handing out at the Dharma Booth at Comic-Con. I love how the back lets you make an oragami bird. (Swan?)

Naveen Andrews Presents to Maggie Grace

Naveen Andrews Presents to Maggie Grace - The best bloopers are here

Rick Kushman: Down, boys: The dog on 'Lost' is safe

By Rick Kushman -

I've got great news, and I know you're with me on this. The dog lives. No harm will come to the dog.

There's the official word out of Comic-Con – the recently concluded San Diego fan fest for comics, sci-fi and, now, everything any Hollywood studio or network wants to market – about Vincent, the guileless golden retriever on ABC's "Lost."

During a recent panel in front of a couple of thousand fans, producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse said the one thing, frankly, I needed to hear.

They didn't give up much in the way of details on anything else involving "Lost," except to say the show is complicated and things will happen. But according to news reports, Lindelof told the crowd, "It's safe to say Vincent will make it to the end of the show."

OK, I'm in. I'm hanging until the end, and I'm completely fine with whatever happens to the rest of the gang. I'm just saying, if you introduce a dog character on a show with monsters and gunfire and whatever the heck's happening out there, you'd better take care of him.


Future Lindelof and Cuse Appear at Comic Con

One of the funniest moments during the LOST panel at Comic Con 08 was the appearance of Future Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, which I believe was a part of the promos for the Season 4 DVDs.

Here is a screencap and you can see Damon with an eye patch in a Yankees shirt (of course he is a Red Sox fan) and Carlton is in an Obama: Four More Years shirt.

I was trying to get the WiFi to work at this moment and messing around with the PC to live blog so I can't remember what they said, but I know the crowd was laughing pretty hard.

Thanks to Aaiysha for the great pic!!


Henk Van Eeghen editor of Lost on ABC .... Hans Van Eeghen - Dharma Initiative representative.. a connection?

Is there a connection to these Van Eeghens? His name is in the Theres no place like home part 2 in the beginning where Sawyer, Hurley, and Jack go into the Orchid station. His name is in the credits under edited by.

Actor Daniel Dae Kim (”Lost”) is 40 on August 4

The New MoyaCast: What do you have for the panel to discuss?

Next MoyaCast tentively scheduled for Friday. Topics to be discussed will include but not be limited to, the elimination of the FF and FB as storytelling devices and how the new method, which leaves the viewer clueless as to the where and when of the current scene and how that might translate to storytelling.
Leave a question in the comments section if there is something you would like to see the panel discuss.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Interview - Matthew Fox

Interview - Josh Holloway

Interview - Yunjin Kim

Interview - Elizabeth Mitchell

Michael Emerson Interview

Rebecca Mader Interview


Beauty and The Hobbit

Evangeline Lilly and Dominic Monaghan are reportedly set to marry.The actors - who split briefly earlier this year - are said to be planning a quiet ceremony in Hawaii, as a tribute to 'Lost', the hit TV show on which they met.A source said: "Evangeline and Dominic have been spending a lot of time together during the show's hiatus and are very excited about the future.""Evangeline accepted Dom's proposal while they were away together and they both agree Hawaii is the perfect place for the wedding - both as a location and for sentimental reasons."However, the pair is in no rush to tie the knot, and are happy living as an engaged couple for the time being.The source added: "The wedding might be next year or maybe the year after that. It's another 'Lost' mystery!"


Lost Blog: The Four Toed Foot

From time to time I like to highlight other peoples blogs that have a common theme. As I mentioned before in my Comic-Con report I sat next to Anna Naranja during the EW panel. She runs another cool Lost blog called The Four Toed Foot. Shes also a Graphic Designer from the East and she designs websites for people.

Darlton spoke about this new program during the Lost panel, where you can have personalized autographs & video messages made and the fee that you pay goes to fight Cancer. Sounds like a good deal all around. These cards were being handed out as we left the panel.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Casting Call for Comic-Con

[ DAN BRONSON ] Any ethnicity, must be 18 to 22, computer hacker, self-promoter. Smart, self-righteous with a forceful personality. Suspicious about what Global Octagon Recruiting is up to, and intends to hack their recruiting fair to expose the the truth and to bring himself a little on-line glory. This character is like the ultimate fan of "LOST."

[ HANS VAN EEGHEN ] Must have an accent - could be Dutch or Scandinavian, late 30s to early 60s. A smart, rigorous scientist, outspoken, determined with a sharp sense of the greater purpose to his life. He has struggled to bring back a respected scientific research group that had fallen into disrepute, and now is trying hard to staff it with the best possible people.

Source: Unfiction

Translation of Icelandic audio from the test

Those who come to the Dharma Initiative will have to travel a long way across the sea at a considerable speed. Work will include being outdoors and physical labor. You may also experience some [instability of time along the way]. Hopefully you, like many others, feel that your social duty is more important than your personal safety.

Source: Ridley@TheFuselage

Jesse Heiman Confirmation

I found Jesse Heiman's facebook account and sent him a message regarding his possible involvement in the LOST ARG. I believe this to be 100% true that this is his facebook account. He has confirmed in 1 word that it is him involved, here is a screen grab of my message. (i have blocked out my surname for identity purposes, that is the only editing done to the picture)

The actor who played the Dharma whistleblower at CC 2008?

Dan = Jesse Heiman?

Possible ORG clues?

Sorry I haven't been able to reply. I've been busy going to places that Dan Bronson may have been before me.

The little information that I give in each post is very hard for me and I wish I could tell you more about what I know.

I knew about Dan Bronson two days before he made himself visible to the world because of a Halloween party I had met him at.He wore a BumbleBee costume.

Source: SpoilerTV Forums

I can understand why my last comment may have confused a lot of you.

The way my life works is probably not common to most of you.

To clarify, I have met Dan Bronson for the first time twice.

Source: SpoilerTV Forums

While I can't confirm that Dan Bronson is his real name, Dan Bronson is indeed one man and one man alone.

His first attempt at exposing what Global Octagon Recruiting was doing at Comic Con did not go as planned.

That's where I came in.

Source: SpoilerTV Forums

Analyzing the New Comic-Con Video

When Lost executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse appeared at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con, they brought along a mysterious snippet from the Orchid Station orientation video. Fans didn't know what to make of the magically appearing bunny rabbit in the clip, but it all made sense nearly a year later after the season 4 finale aired. This year, the showrunners brought another video featuring Dr. Marvin Candle, and this one may be even more intriguing than the last. Instead of seeing another message from the shady DHARMA Initiative, viewers were treated to a rare glimpse inside Candle's personal life. Could this new clip also be filled with hints about what's to come in Lost's fifth season?

If you haven't seen the video, you can check it out here. Though seeing Dr. Candle in leisurewear comes as a bit of a shock, the first big surprise in the clip is that the doctor's real name is Pierre Cheng. Surprisingly, I couldn't find any real life philosophers by this name. Lindelof and Cuse love to name their characters after real people, but this time it looks like the name may be meaningless.

After learning that Cheng is a professor of astrophysics and has a crying baby at home, he reveals that he's broadcasting the video from 30 years in the past. He's also aware that he's going to die in the DHARMA purge, and glances down at the arm he'll later lose as if he knows what will happen to it. "This information has come to me from a source who has proven himself to be credible," he reveals. A familiar voice behind the camera tells him to hurry up and get to the point.

Cheng soon does get to the point. "This place, it has extraordinary properties," he says. "I'm begging you, no matter what's happened, it's imperative that the DHARMA Initiative be reconstituted. You have to continue to do the research, and you have to do it now. Time is not just of the essence, it is the essence. Perhaps you'll be able to find a way to save us, to change the past." The video comes to an end when the man behind the camera says that nobody's ever going to see the message and that it's all pointless.

I had to watch this clip a few times before attempting to grasp its meaning, and I'm still not sure I fully understand it. It seems obvious that Daniel Faraday is the man behind the camera, which provides an interesting twist for his character. We've all assumed that he's unstuck in time like Desmond, but this video seems to prove that he actually traveled 30 years into the past. If so, how? Has he been on the island before? Is he part of the group attempting to reform the DHARMA Initiative? If he's hanging out with Pierre Cheng, the answer is likely yes.

My theory, and I may be completely off my rocker, is that Faraday was part of the original DHARMA Initiative. Maybe he escaped the purge by jumping into the time machine, then went back to the past to warn Pierre Cheng about what would happen. At Saturday's Comic-Con panel, Cuse and Lindelof did reveal that we'll discover how Daniel knew about the poison gas in the Tempest Station that we saw in "The Other Woman." Could it be because he's already spent time on the island?

The video also seems to hint that DHARMA may be reforming in season 5. I wouldn't be surprised if that was a major plot point in the series next year. These annual Comic-Con videos may be mysterious and confusing, but they're also jam-packed full of clues.

Another thing that's interesting about the clip is that Cheng urges someone to attempt to change the past. The Lost producers have stated time and again that changing the past is impossible, and that the universe course corrects itself in order to keep things balanced. Was Cheng not aware of this, or will someone actually find a way to alter the past next season? We'll have to wait and see.

G4 gets LOST, network execs miss obvious joke

Crashing down any hopes that G4 might turn itself around and work at producing quality video game and tech television, the network spent big money for the rights to air reruns of LOST. The series will begin airing in the fall of 2008, joining other nails in the former tech and video game station's coffin like COPS and Star Trek.

Sci-Fi also picked up the rights to LOST, but at least that makes sense, because we all know the castaways are actually encapsulated in a glass bubble floating through space. G4 plans to redo LOST like they did Star Trek by creating "LOST 2.0," which will offer interactive elements and display factoids during the broadcast. G4 and Sci-Fi allegedly paid $200,000 per episode for the series -- although Sci-Fi footed most of the bill. Although it's sad to see G4 continue down this path toward becoming the poor man's Spike TV, at least we've got GameTrailers making good video game retrospectives.

source :

Kristen talks about Darltons new storytelling method

Wendy in Singapore: Kristin, thank you for all the Comic-Con reporting. Do you have any other Lost stuff? Especially about Kate seeing Sawyer again?

Actually, I just heard from a reliable source what the new nonflash story structure is supposed to be for season five, and here's what I can tell you:

1. What my source told me seems to jibe perfectly with everything we've heard straight from the mouths of Damon and Carlton at TCA and Comic-Con

2. It could be incredibly confusing

3. Think about the Jin and Sun episode from last season.

In particular, this new story structure (which we'll discuss more as it gets closer to the new season) seems to ease my biggest fear about season five: separated characters and character groups. So before the secret gets out and everyone starts bitching about the confusing part, I'd like to say thanks, writers, for listening to us fans about wanting to see our faves continue to share adventures. Cheers.

Source: E!Online

Dharma Scarf

Dharma Recruiting Video

New Dharma e-mail


Recruiting Volunteers NOW.
Join the Dharma Initiative's latest groundbreaking research project.
Visit and complete an 'Eligibility Test'.
Our innovative research has brought together someof the brightest minds on the planet.And we'd like you to join us.APPLY TODAY.

THIS IS AN OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION OF THE DHARMA INITIATIVE:This message and its attachments are confidential and may contain information which is protected by copyright. It is intended solely for the named addressee. If you are not the authorized recipient (or responsible for delivery of the message to the authorized recipient), you must not use, disclose, print, copy or deliver this message or its attachments to anyone. If you receive this email in error, please contact the sender immediately and permanently delete this message and its attachments from your system. Any content of this message and its attachments that does not relate to the official business of the Dharma Initiative or its subsidiaries must be taken not to have been sent or endorsed by any of them. No representation is made that this email or its attachments are without defect or that the contents express views other than those of the sender.

Children of Lost (and Tron!) Show Expectation Shift @ Comic-Con

Published on: July 28, 2008


ANALYSIS: Zack Snyder on the Future of Comic-Book Movies

SAN DIEGO — The geeks have their work cut out for them next year. This was, after all, the first time that Comic-Con’s annual fanboy enthusiasm was overtaken by a bunch of screaming tweens. On at least two separate panels here this weekend, presenters pulled the old summer-camp routine, asking one section of Hall H (the 6,500-seat presentation room where fans line up for hours to get an early taste of anticipated future releases) to out-cheer the other half. But what would Heroes writer Jeph Loeb or Terminator Salvation director McG think if they knew that they’d been outdone by the girls at Thursday afternoon’s Twilight panel, who rattled Hall H with the kind of screams rarely heard outside Miley Cyrus concerts?

Like a slow-motion Michael Bay sequence, it seems Comic-Con is transforming each year, getting bigger and louder in the process. Major changes for 2008 went beyond the ear-piercing tweens to the fact that two television shows graduated from standing-room-only conference rooms to Hall H, which has traditionally been reserved for film presentations. Heroes had no trouble filling the space (some fans even camped out the night before, with others stretching more than a mile around the San Diego Convention Center for access to the panel), with many sticking around for a peek at the next season of Lost, the sci-fi mega show that has become as much a weekly event as simply a series.

But before digging into the fall TV season, it’s worth recapping the weekend’s big surprise, which had all of Comic-Con buzzing: a sneak preview of Tron 2 buried at the end of Disney’s tepid Race to Witch Mountain presentation. After Dwayne (the artist formerly known as “The Rock”) Johnson and friends unveiled their take on the classic Disney franchise, neither remake nor sequel, the lights went down for a special surprise.

The clip opens in a dark, computer-generated universe. Lightning cracks overhead, and the camera swoops around to find a man in a blue Tron suit. He leaps into the air as a lightcycle materializes around him—the vehicle’s design totally consistent with the original film, yet presented in a single, dynamic CG effects shot that would have blown the minds of the team behind the original. A race ensues, with the two lightcycles speeding off in streaks of blue and yellow. Instead of moving at 90-degree angles as they did in the original movie, however, they ride as if controlling real motorcycles, bashing and weaving between neon-lit obstacles.

Suddenly, the yellow cycle outwits the blue rider, cutting him off outside a fissure in a move that sends the rider tumbling through the air. Cut to a closeup of Jeff Bridges, bearded and aged, peering down on the competition from a nearby tower. The film is just now starting production, with the casting process still underway, but the impact that the “TR2N” logo made in that room turned a dud of a panel into one of the most talked-about moments of the weekend here.

After a jam-packed panel for the equally mystery-laden NBC show Heroes brought spoilers galore, the Lost session was more about keeping secrets than sharing them. (To be fair, shooting has not yet started on the show’s next-to-last season, which premieres in February.) Still, as they did in an exclusive interview with before last season’s final surprises, show runners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse did indicate a few things. “Once again, when Season Five starts, you’re not going to know when and where you are,” Lindelof teased. “And then the way we’re going to tell stories is going to be a little different, too.”

Riffing on the show’s flash-forward technique (Season Four featured glimpses of what happened after the “Oceanic Six” made it off the island), a short video featured future versions of Lindelof and Cuse wearing T-shirts that read, respectively, “N.Y. Yanks: World Champions 2010” and “Obama—Four More Years.”

When a fan asked a question about whether Rousseau, a supporting character who was shipwrecked on the island 16 years before the Oceanic flight crash landed there, would ever warrant a flashback, Cuse confided, “We will say this: You will see definitively [learn] this year Rousseau’s story, but to use the word ‘flashback’ might be disingenuous. There will still be flashbacks and flash-forwards on the show, but we’re going to do something different this year.”

Worried about other Lost characters who have disappeared or died? “Dead is a relative term,” Cuse hinted. When someone specifically inquired about Faraday’s fate, Lindelof quipped, “Are you referring to the Zodiac boat with Faraday and the five people who have never spoken a line on the show? I would say that things are looking up for Faraday.” But don’t expect the others to be so lucky.

Meanwhile, there were plenty of details on Saturday about Lost creator J.J. Abrams’ second plane-crash mystery series, Fringe—including hints that it will feature more stand-alone episodes than the intricate Lost, despite big corporations, a murky line between faith and science and all the other accoutrements that keep the geeks lining up their TiVo queues.

Speaking of lines and the changing dynamics of Comic-Con, the Fringe session became most notorious for what it did not spoil: a teaser for the new Star Trek film, which Abrams is directing. Hall H was only semi-packed for the panel, and most of the fans went home unhappy—expecting the most as TV franchises creep into film territory, as old favorites make splashy comebacks.


Monday, July 28, 2008

'Gallery' of stars in comedy

Jul. 28, 2008 12:00 AM
The Hollywood Reporter

Ving Rhames, Ellen Barkin, Rob Corddry, Bob Odenkirk, Jeffrey Tambor and Maggie Q are all in Rogue's Gallery, an action comedy directed by Paris-based filmmaker Fouad Mikati.
The film was written by Brian Watanabe and Abe Levy.

Rogue's Gallery details the battle that ensues among groups of government spies in an underground facility after their boss is assassinated. The movie began shooting in and around downtown Los Angeles last week.

Joe Anderson, Odette Yustman, Adam Scott and Emilie de Ravin also star in the film.

Watchback: Homecoming & Outlaws

I missed watching Homecoming since I was at Comic-Con, but it was actually better watching these 2 episodes back to back. Both have a common theme of killing and the results. The group finally capture Ethan when Charlie goes all wildcard and shoots him, which I doubt that he would have actually give out any information of reivance. Mikail was asked by another Other to shoot her rather then give out information. So the next episode is all about Charlie dealing with his feeling about shooting Ethan with Hurley & Sayid trying to help him. Sawyer deals with his feeling about shooting that inocent man in Austrilia. (which lead him to take 815) Along with his own Father shooting his Mother & himself. Also Jack is still dealing with the reprocutions of turning his Father in, which in his mind lead him to his death. Sawyer declines to tell Jack that he had run into Christian in a bar, but in the finale tells him, which shows how much their friendship had grown in that short of time.

I like the Charlie flashback & how it influences him to protect Claire at all costs after his failure with the flashback girl. It was funny when he threw up in the copier. I like how Outlaws ends with Claire telling Charlie that she wanted to trust him.

More Penny?

HBO Cancels Drama Series "Tell Me You Love Me"

Anne Lu - Celebrity News Service News Writer

Los Angeles, CA (CNS) - HBO has no love for their drama series "Tell Me You Love Me" as they scrap the plans for its second season and cancel the show completely.

The show's creator Cynthia Mort said in a statement, "Given the considerable amount of time that has passed and despite the best efforts of everyone involved, we were unable to find the direction of the show for the second season."

"There are so many other stories to tell and many other ways to tell them. I look forward to doing that with HBO in the future."

The cable channel picked up the series for a second season last October, but the show had yet to resume production.

"Tell Me You Love Me" centered on the lives of three couples and their problems concerning intimacy. They seek the help of a therapist, who has issues with her own relationship.
The casts included Jane Alexander, David Selby, Michelle Borth, Luke Kirby, Tim DeKay, Ally Walker and Sonya Walger.

LOST Comic Con Video

To answer HoboCode's question and to provide a little context - this was a video shown before the Lost panel began and it was of "Carlton and Damon from the future". Damon has the eye patch and Carlton has the Obama 4 more years tee shirt.

Kristin with Matt Fox at Comic Con

Sunday, July 27, 2008

How I got "Lost" at Comic-Con 2008

For my Non Lost Comic-Con 2008 experience go to my Art blog.

Day 1 Friday

I started out Friday trying to get an appointment into the Dharma booth, but both Friday & Saturday were filled up by the time that I got there.
But later I went to Sony Animation's The Spectacular Spiderman panel which was right before the EW Showrunners panel with Darlton and 3 other creators. While I was waiting in between the panels I started talking with other Lost fans next to me and handed out magnet cards to them. One of them was Anna Naranja a Web Designer who also ran a Lost blog a lot like ours called "The Four Toed Foot" we exchanged blog cards and I showed her my Lost drawings. I also came to find out that she does episode write up reviews for "Dark UFO".

The panel was good but mostly stuff that we have heard before I will try not to tread to much on Ed's great recount of my report to him. It started out with Darlton asking Doc Jenson to refer to them as Terminator Carlton & Terminator Damon.

The Q & A part that stood out to me was near the end. Someone brought up Charlie's sacrifice and Desmond's vision of Claire getting on a helicopter and leaving the island. He then spoke about Kate raising Aaron and how the vision and Kate raising Aaron seemed like a paradox. The questioner asked which they had come up with first. Darlton said that it was not a paradox that they both have been planned out and will eventually make sense.

Later as part of another question they said that they like to paint themselves into a corner and then figure out a way to work things out in order to keep the audience guessing and to keep things interesting. I tried to ask a question, but the line was cut off before I got to the front, so I was bummed. I tried to follow Darlton out to the hall to ask my question, but they were escorted into a special room. I waited for them to come out, but them they were escorted to some back maintenance hallways. Probably to keep them away from stalkers like me.

After the panel I met up with my friend and we were tring to figure out if we wanted to go to the motel to check in or look around some more. We decided to go check in. So we walk outside and I was bummed since I didn't get to ask my question, by I notice two very familiar faces pass by me as I'm walking, so I tell my friend to stop for a minute and I catch up to them and Its Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof! I give them each a Room 23 magnet card and I said that I knew that they might not be able to answer it, but if I could ask them a question. I was very nervous.

Carlton said that I could but only one. So I told them that the group at Room 23 had a debate about Ethan's fight with Jack in Season 1 and if Ethan had special powers given to him from ether the island or drugs or if he was a really good fighter. They told me that "The Others (post purge) have a training system where they teach everyone fighting skills" "That is why Ethan was able to beat the crap out of Jack." Carlton said "That now you have an answer from the source." Man I was on a high after that!

I'm just imagining those lessons & that's how Juliet was able to beat Kate and Mikail was able to hold his own with Sayid. I'm guessing that Mikial might have done some of the training since he had been in the Russian armed forces? Maybe the Hostiles taught a little also?

Day 2 Saturday

I went early to get in the Heroes panel in order to get a good seat for the Lost panel, but it was cut off right when I got to the front. But that meant that I was first in the doors, but not many left, but I got an OK seat, I could see Darlton on a monitor. On my way to the line I saw a guy that looked just like Hurley and a kid shouted to him Dad "Look theres that Lost Guy!" his Dad and the Hurley guy just smiled & laughed. Later I was able to get pictures of the Hurley guy and give him a Room 23 Magnet. Darlton was giving out prizes to people who asked questions and he got a Dharma tub or Ranch dressing. The panel was awesome with lots of cool stuff, but as I said before, Ed already reported my words the last two days so I'll leave it at that. I have some flyers that I plan on scanning & posting in the next few days.

After the panel my friend & wandered the Exibit hall and he told me that ABC had been giving out free Lost T-shirts, but when I checked that were out, but luckly one of the workers told me that he had been holding one for someone who had changed his mind about it, so he gave it to me!

Lost on G4 - The Internet Buzz

This little 4 minute piece is pulled from the hourlong special run on G4 following their Comic Con Coverage. It is a promo piece introducing their "LOST in 2.0" show that begins in September.

This clip deals exclusively with the internet influence on the show and visa versa.

For those of you who missed the whole show and cannot download my torrent:

This is the internet piece the Room 23
website was hoping to find some love on. Alas, it was not to be. So here is the segment even with that glaring weakness.

LOST - A G4 Special

For those not able to catch G4's Lost event that followed their Comic Con coverage, I have created a torrent for it over in Gotilk's tracker.

We did not get mentioned, nor a screenshot shown during the broadcast to my disappointment. Many sites were featured and shown - we were just not one of them.

To be fair, the sites that were shown were top notch, DarkUFO, The Fuselage, DocArzt's Tailsection, Lostpedia... hard to argue with that selection. Maybe someday this fine site will rise to that level. Maybe not. We are here out of love for the show and each other. That is all that matters.

UPDATE: Also now up on the tracker- Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Highly recommended piece of the Joss Whedon world. Treat yourself.

Here is the link to the program:

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Paul's Report from Comic Con - Saturday

UPDATE: Friday, Pa had a happenstance meeting with Darlton ( I will leave it to him to tell that wonderful story when he gets back) and was able to ask a question that has haunted him: Does Ethan Rom have Super Strength, infused by the Island? Darlton's answer was...

No. BUT...there is a Dharma fighting/training program that all recruits go through and the Others have adopted much of Dharma's structure as they took over. So Ethan and Ben - they were taught those ass-kicking awesome moves. An Answer that you will only see HERE IN ROOM 23 folks. That is a Paul Burrows scoop exclusive! Ok - on to the report.

Straight away, it should be said that Paul took fantastic notes on the events of the panel. Since we already have two, blow by blow reports of the panel, we agreed you, the reader, might be better served by an article highlighting parts that were impactful to Paul and our relationship to the show. Continue on for Pa Burrow's own unique spin:

At the beginning of the event, a video was shown that centered around the Freighter Folk. The actors remarked on how wonderful and welcoming the established cast was as they began to shoot season 4. Rose and Bernie threw in a few quips about the longevity of Faraday's tie.

The Season 4 DVD will include at least one awesome feature. The Flash Forwards will be edited together in a linear fashion as a special bonus. THAT sounds very cool.

There was a video of "Darlton from the future". Damon has an eyepatch (jealous Fishy?) and Carlton has a mustache. All the future events they tried to warn us about were bleeped out. Apparently, fans did not take the end of the series too well. One fan gouged his eye out and now cries himself to sleep every night out the one good eye :>)

Dharma Initiative is sponsering the Lost panel and supplied Darlton awesome sipper cups with the Dharma logo on it.

The PR guy for the DI told the applicants the test results were abysimal and that "you sicken me!" Wow - tough words.

You have read the Q&A already, but Paul mentioned some questions that stood out:

The Island did NOT move when the Hatch imploded and the sky turned purple
FF/FB will no longer be used! They will be using a new storytelling device.

Lost Horizons isn't really an influence, but you never know what sticks in the unconscious mind.

Vincent WILL make it to the end of the series! (YAY)

Love triangle will remain alive and well. New elements will be added, but the triangle is a crucial element of the story and will continue in some form or another.

Things are looking up for Faraday, but not so much the redshirts in the raft with him.

Matthew Fox came strolling out. He was asked if he got to know the redshirts. He said he did and that because they are all together on the island filming, everyone gets to know everyone pretty well.

***Season 5's stories will have the watcher wondering when and where the events are happening. We will not know. THAT is part of the new storytelling device.

***Danny's Notebook is HUGE! It has the events of the past AND the FUTURE written in it. Wow.

Darlton will write themselves into corners, just to write themselves back out. It keeps them on their toes.

***Richard will be barefoot in season 5. We will see him early and often. And he is OLD. Matty guessed 125 and Carlton said he was wrong. So - no time traveling per se. He has just lived a looooong life.

The Dharma recruit then performed the staged portion of the event by running on stage and demanding a video be played. Marvin Candle, no longer wanting to "play games" says his name is Pierre Chang. He goes on to tell the story of the purge of the DI, the need for it to be reconstituted and that time is not of the essence - "TIME IS THE ESSENCE." Pa mentioned Pierre was rubbing his left arm while he was talking. Little accident, perchance? Lastly, Pierre pleads folks to "Save us".

Hans Van Eeghan then stopped the panel, took away Darlton's sippy cups, and said he was pulling Dharma sponsership from the event.

In closing, Paul says Hellooooo! to everyone at AICN and here at Room 23. He is going to be working on some 1st hand accounts of his experiences at Comic Con and will have those up soon - after he has a chance to rest a little. He hopes everyone is enjoying the effort and work we are putting in. Personally, I am excited to read his take on Comic Con - he has many a story to share!

Thanks for reading. Other Comic Con news will be posted here as it appears around the net.


Dharma Video from Comic Con

Martin Candle, now as Pierre Cheng, presents a dire message to the assembled group.