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Monday, July 21, 2008

New Lost Video - The Redemption of Michael Dawson

Based upon the idea and outline of the LOST AICN TB crew member Node/HoboCode, this project brings us the Michael Dawson arc throughout the show LOST. Because of the depth of the character and time limit, this story is likely to span five to six, 10 minute episodes as we move chronologically through his story.

I want to thank Andrew for his creative idea, the work he did working up an outline I could work from, making my job cutting the clips an easy one. The majority of the work and thereby the majority of credit. Look for Part Two soon, as I piece together another 10 minutes of Michael's life according to LOST.

You Tube:

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Paul Burrows said...

Great job once again Ed, I missed the hospital scene where she tells him that Brian wanted custody, But there probably wasn't room with everything else. Im going to have to do for all of your video edits what I did for NP & redtoads stories and make a sidebar set of links. I have another edit for you of Juliet, but I'll wait a week or two after until your done with the Michael edit to give you a break.