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Thursday, July 31, 2008

An interesting idea on who shot Pierre Chang the video

Time is of the essence: much flailing over the new LOST footage from comic-con!

I'm so sorry I've been absent for the week, the last thing I knew I was writing an entry about time travel, LOST, Kurt Vonnegut and Star Trek: TNG (LOL!)and I think the sheer awesomeness of those things combined completely fried my brain because I had a migraine over the weekend and a subsequent headache ever since! It's been so hot in England for the past week (and we really aren't used to it!), so I suspect that to be the cause of my woes - the summer and I really do not get along! If I disappear again, you know why! I will post that time travel thing at some point, along with an update on my week but I have two very important issues to address!

And now watch as I flail and flap about...the new Dharma video and the few bits of new LOST info that emerged from Comic-Con! :D :D :D

I just sat and watched the entire Q&A session on YouTube because I was reading different reports around the internet and accuracy really does matter, guys, especially when said rumours concern our most beloved Daniel Faraday - come on! So, the panic started when I read on a deviantArt LOST group that the Red Shirts on the Zodiac were all dead and that Dan was 'probably gonna be ok.' Probably? PROBABLY? This is not good news! I want my fears to be quashed not resurrected! How are they dead? OMG. Woe. Etc. So anyway, after much trawling of the internet and my inability to find an actual transcript I decided to watch a shakily filmed video of the panel. The words actually spoken were 'things are looking good for Faraday,' which is so much better! Phew! :D :D :D :D. I've since found an audio version, which is probably much more practical if you'd like to listen to it. There's quite a good text run down of the questions and answers here, but in case you're feeling lazy, these were the few that I found particularly interesting:

The island did not travel when the hatch exploded, but something else happened.

We will see Rousseau's story in season 5, but to use the word flashback would be disingenuous.

Kate will see Sawyer again.

Things are looking good for Faraday

Faraday's notebook will feature heavily in the next season. It contains information about things that have happened and things that are about to happen.

We will see Richard Alpert barefoot in the near future (in response to a question about how many toes he has! LOL)

After that rather lengthy introduction, I finally get to what I really want to talk about. OMG the new Dharma video. THE NEW DHARMA VIDEO! I know the internet has gone into overdrive about the fact that it is seemingly Daniel Faraday speaking off camera to Marvin Candle Pierre Chang, especially after confirmation that Francois Chau is quoted as saying:

All I can tell you is "yes" I know who did the voice, and "yes" it definitely is someone the audience has seen before".

At first I was sure it was Dan's voice, then I wavered and thought it was Miles', after a third viewing I'm convinced it's Dan. I think his accent sounds slightly off, much like Kate's did during the shower scene *stifles Jate gag reflex* in Something Nice Back Home. I think it's just a futile attempt at disguising Jeremy Davies' voice. OMG YOU GUYS! Do you think it's Dan?

Also, just in case you don't know about this video, it was supposedly shot by a lucky comic-con attendee, picked as a Dharma recruit at the beginning of the Q&A session. He was chosen, with a couple of other hopefuls to go back into the Dharma booth and see something that the rest of the world, even Cuse and Lidelof were not allowed to see. Towards the end of the session he burst back in, carrying this 'mystery' footage on his camera and Cuse and Lindelof let him show the other fans ;-)

So, a couple of theories that I realise are already doing the rounds:

The baby crying in the background, is it Miles? I really think it might be! Miles Straume has always struck me as being a spiritualist stage name! It's just too close to Maelstrom! His surname is totally Chang, guys. Totally.

Hang on, if Dan is on The Island 30 years into the past...oh no, wait. I just got all excited about Charlotte being his Constant instead of Desmond. Haha, scrap that. It would make any baby on the island at least 26 in the 2004 present and Charlotte is 25. So we can assume that the transmission was in July 1978, almost exactly a year before Charlotte was born. Boo. Miles is about the right age to be the baby though, yes?

This whole 'Faraday is the cameraman' thing does make sense to me and fits with the existing theories I think are plausible. I'm in the camp that believes that The Island moved in time, rather than space (my rl friends disagree), so I can imagine Faraday, the only survivor of The Zodiac, washing ashore on The Island - only to find that everything is different and it's actually The Island of 30 years ago. Poor Dan! Also, he's the only person who could really help Chang...

It also might explain why flashback!

Dan was crying. For some reason.It just all seems so romantic to me, if Daniel really is the cameraman, on a quest to save/get back to the woman he loves. The new Desmond/Penny? Almost? Nearly? No?

OMG I love LOST so much. I'm so excited to have this new information! I feel so lonely though, I have no one to talk to tonight ;__;. My parents, who do enjoy LOST, aren't even feigning interest. *hugs flist* I do love you guys so much, thank you for being out there somewhere. ♥ xxx

Also, has anyone else joined The Dharma Initiative? The test frightened me a little, very creepy, but I felt so proud when the results said I'd passed! I know everyone passes...but still!

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anna naranja said...

yup...she's pretty much thinking what i've been thinking...

charlotte and miles might be dharma babies...

especially miles with his "ghost-whispering" reminiscent of the dharma initiative psychic studies...

good stuff.