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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Lost: The Remains - chapter fifteen - "untitled"

Napoleon Park
Chapter Fifteen.


Stuart Lloyd was an architect. He designed the cabin where he helped look after Jenny "Bikini Girl" Slater, he designed George and Genna's hut and Chef Raezynski's kitchen and a couple of outhouses like the one at the caves. He helped George lay the foundations and set up the frameworks in the wet rough concrete. He made a few useful suggestions on where the caves might need a little propping up to prevent any more cave-ins.

If Krupa needed help bending wet bamboo or Apollo needed help stretching a leather hide out, well, Stu was a helpful guy. When it came to hauling water or finding firewood or cleaning and gutting fish...

* * * * *

I'll have to get back to Stuart's story later. We're on the move - even the hippies from the cave. Something about a march to the other side of the island and a signal from a freighter anchored off shore.

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