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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lost: The Remains - chapter sixteen (of 17) - "And The Rest"

Napoleon Park
Chapter Sixteen.
“And the Rest”

Evening: we made pretty good time today. I may be able to write a page or two by the dying campfire but I can't stay up too late - we'll be taking off bright and early in the morning. Not that "first light" is always that bright around here.

I didn't get to everyone yet.

I don't really know everyone. All I can say about Lance is that he's the redheaded guy with the round John Lennon glasses. He seems like a nice enough guy - not anti-social but maybe a little bit self centered or self-absorbed.

The less said about Neil - the frozen yogurt salesman they nicknamed "Frogurt" - the better. He seems to be a real prick who hasn't gone out of his way to make any friends - apparently not realizing the value of interdependence, making alliances and the buddy system have in a situation like ours.

Take the sexy blue striped shirt girl. No one I've talked to knew her name. Not everyone even remembers her. One day she headed into the jungle to take a dump and never came back and was never found. And because she didn't have any close friends, no one noticed she was missing for a few days and when they did no one organized any search parties or went running off all over the place trying to find her. She was just gone. Oh well. I just hope she didn’t run into Marcus Whipple – for both of their sakes.

I talked to Les Arzt a couple of times - he was pretty sarcastic and irritable most of the time. I never really got to know Nikki and Paulo. Shannon and Boone seemed pretty unapproachable. Bernard, when he showed up, seemed like a real great guy but by that time I already had a regular dentist, you know? I never chatted with that Ana Lucia woman from the tail section. Pretty girl, but bossy. Hurley's friend Libby seemed nice. For a long time I never heard Mr. Eko talk with anyone, though I later learned he wasn't mute, he had just taken a vow of silence. I spoke with him once, mostly about myself, and I didn’t learn much about him.

Even though I've tried to touch on all of the unsung citizens on this lost island, there were still a few who remained distant blurs and background figures even to me. A couple of black guys who pretty much kept to them selves - you don't have to be white to be racist or anti-social, after all. And some Japanese or Hawaiian or Filipino folks who didn't seem to speak English any better than the Koreans did. And a few workaholics who seemed to make a full time job out of fetching wood.

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