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Sunday, July 27, 2008

How I got "Lost" at Comic-Con 2008

For my Non Lost Comic-Con 2008 experience go to my Art blog.

Day 1 Friday

I started out Friday trying to get an appointment into the Dharma booth, but both Friday & Saturday were filled up by the time that I got there.
But later I went to Sony Animation's The Spectacular Spiderman panel which was right before the EW Showrunners panel with Darlton and 3 other creators. While I was waiting in between the panels I started talking with other Lost fans next to me and handed out magnet cards to them. One of them was Anna Naranja a Web Designer who also ran a Lost blog a lot like ours called "The Four Toed Foot" we exchanged blog cards and I showed her my Lost drawings. I also came to find out that she does episode write up reviews for "Dark UFO".

The panel was good but mostly stuff that we have heard before I will try not to tread to much on Ed's great recount of my report to him. It started out with Darlton asking Doc Jenson to refer to them as Terminator Carlton & Terminator Damon.

The Q & A part that stood out to me was near the end. Someone brought up Charlie's sacrifice and Desmond's vision of Claire getting on a helicopter and leaving the island. He then spoke about Kate raising Aaron and how the vision and Kate raising Aaron seemed like a paradox. The questioner asked which they had come up with first. Darlton said that it was not a paradox that they both have been planned out and will eventually make sense.

Later as part of another question they said that they like to paint themselves into a corner and then figure out a way to work things out in order to keep the audience guessing and to keep things interesting. I tried to ask a question, but the line was cut off before I got to the front, so I was bummed. I tried to follow Darlton out to the hall to ask my question, but they were escorted into a special room. I waited for them to come out, but them they were escorted to some back maintenance hallways. Probably to keep them away from stalkers like me.

After the panel I met up with my friend and we were tring to figure out if we wanted to go to the motel to check in or look around some more. We decided to go check in. So we walk outside and I was bummed since I didn't get to ask my question, by I notice two very familiar faces pass by me as I'm walking, so I tell my friend to stop for a minute and I catch up to them and Its Carlton Cuse & Damon Lindelof! I give them each a Room 23 magnet card and I said that I knew that they might not be able to answer it, but if I could ask them a question. I was very nervous.

Carlton said that I could but only one. So I told them that the group at Room 23 had a debate about Ethan's fight with Jack in Season 1 and if Ethan had special powers given to him from ether the island or drugs or if he was a really good fighter. They told me that "The Others (post purge) have a training system where they teach everyone fighting skills" "That is why Ethan was able to beat the crap out of Jack." Carlton said "That now you have an answer from the source." Man I was on a high after that!

I'm just imagining those lessons & that's how Juliet was able to beat Kate and Mikail was able to hold his own with Sayid. I'm guessing that Mikial might have done some of the training since he had been in the Russian armed forces? Maybe the Hostiles taught a little also?

Day 2 Saturday

I went early to get in the Heroes panel in order to get a good seat for the Lost panel, but it was cut off right when I got to the front. But that meant that I was first in the doors, but not many left, but I got an OK seat, I could see Darlton on a monitor. On my way to the line I saw a guy that looked just like Hurley and a kid shouted to him Dad "Look theres that Lost Guy!" his Dad and the Hurley guy just smiled & laughed. Later I was able to get pictures of the Hurley guy and give him a Room 23 Magnet. Darlton was giving out prizes to people who asked questions and he got a Dharma tub or Ranch dressing. The panel was awesome with lots of cool stuff, but as I said before, Ed already reported my words the last two days so I'll leave it at that. I have some flyers that I plan on scanning & posting in the next few days.

After the panel my friend & wandered the Exibit hall and he told me that ABC had been giving out free Lost T-shirts, but when I checked that were out, but luckly one of the workers told me that he had been holding one for someone who had changed his mind about it, so he gave it to me!


Napoleon Park said...

I'm glad to see the dude was actually dressed like Hurley, had his beard trimmed Wolverine style like Hurley and had his prop ranch dressing, and it wasn't just some kid that thinks all fat guys look like Hurley. I used to get Bob Seger all the time back in the late '70s. Or I'd get "hey, you look familiar, don;t I know you from somewhere?" and I'd say "Hi, I'm bob Seger."

Edshrinker said...

Great job Paul. From your well thought out reports via that lousy cell connection to your 1st hand account here - You brought us with you in a very real way and allowed many of us the thrill of Comic Con. Thank you very much my friend.

anna naranja said...

Excellent recap, Paul. I am so excited that you got to meet D&C and ask them a direct question! Some of my friends also met them...they are always a blast.

Of course I am glad that I got to meet YOU. :)

BTW the Hurley dude is Stuart on MySpace ( He's really cool...says the jar of Dharma ranch still has the island sand on the tape!