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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Reviewing the video below

I'm looking at this is start-stop mode, and one of the things that's interesting is it flashed "What would you sacrifice to stay alive?" Kind of a nice twist on what would you die for.

Other things in the video in no particular order...

"What makes you angry"
"Why does the female black widow spide eat the male after mating?
There's a flash of 4 spinal columns with the hip bones as well basically standing and looking like guitars in a stand.
A pic that looks like lava in a lava lamp rising
A pic that looks like the front end (could be the back) of the freighter after the explosion (Jin was on the front end, right?)

I couldn't make out what that orange looking thing was. Kinda looked like a deformed carrot or part of a chicken foot.

Pretty interesting recruiting video.

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