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Monday, July 21, 2008

EW's Best TV Finales - EVER

I am not certain if this is a ranking or just a list. But EW's compilation of best Finales concluded with Lost's Season 3 jaw-dropper. I like to think they saved the best for last.

This could have been very well posted back when EW ran this story, I couldn't find it. I didn't recall it, and I wouldn't have even known about the story except it was mentioned with a Farscape story I stumbled on (Season 2 finale is #5 on this list). Slow news time, so I'll put this up and hope some of you may have initially missed it as well.

TV's Best Season Finales Ever

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Napoleon Park said...

Nice long article - or maybe it's just paging through film strip style that's time consuming. They cover some classics but missed three of my favorites:

Joan of Arcadia season one finale: the girl who talks with God discovers she's had Lyme Disease for over a year and has been subject to hallucinations and delusions. She sobs and blubbers "None of it was real?" and loses her faith but in a final scene we see God standing over her hospital bed, reaching out to her.

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda season one finale: As the ship is overrun by the Magog the Rommy android is nailed to a wall. Badly wounded Captain Hunt and Beka are passed out in the command deck as the ship loses air, the ship is pummeled by bombs and is spiraling down towards the Magog homeworld and every character is left near death. If only they'd cancelled the show there instead of letting Sorbo's ego devour it.

The Venture Brothers season one finale: In an Easy Rider parody the Venture Brothers are killed, complete with Dylanesque closing theme song. Better, Season two ep one features their dad and his brother - who are also Venture Brothers. It's not until s2ep2 that Hank and Dean are cloned and, in a hilariously dark montage, we see their 13 previous deaths.

If you count series finales there's a lot they missed, but just going with season enders, worth honorable mention:

Sledgehammer blows up LA... and then the show ISN'T canceled.