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Friday, July 18, 2008

Watchback: Hearts & Minds

I love Hurley's talk with Jack about his digestive problems and about soiling Jin's honor.

It's interesting watching this again and noticing Locke making the drug paste in his attempt to get him to give Shannon up. And now we know about where Locke learned about making drugs like that from the begining of season 3 and his drug inducemnent. The Michelangelo story was interesting also.

The Sawyer moment in Boone's flashback was cool.

The best part though was Hurley stepping on the Seas Urchin and Yelling at Jin to pee on it.

Theres so many hints at The Hatch in season 1. This episode being Sayid & Jack talking about how the compass that Locke gave him wasn't pointing North. This proves once again that darlton knows what they are doing and do have things planned out way in advance.

Man Im so glad that Shannon is dead she had a few nice moment, but for the most part she was just a witch.

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