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Friday, October 30, 2009

Elizabeth Mitchell in EW article

Elizabeth Mitchell Got Drunk With Co-Star After ‘Lost’ Departure

by James Sims
Oct 30th, 2009 8:49 AM

Turns out getting off of the island isn’t always ideal for some of the actors on ABC’s ‘Lost‘ — especially if it’s due to their character being killed.

When Elizabeth Mitchell discovered she was being written off the hit show she turned to crying and booze, reports the New York Daily News.

Co-star Evangeline Lilly joined Mitchell and the two “drank until we fell asleep on the couch, which was not good, because none of us are big drinkers,” Mitchell told Entertainment Weekly.

‘Lost’ writers gave Mitchell an explosive send off last season as her character, Juliet, helped detonate a gigantic bomb in order to save her fellow castaways.

The Ausiello Files had a possible scoop back in May on Juliet’s future reporting that Mitchell might show up in some episodes next season. But, Mitchell will still be seen on ABC as she is starring in the new sci-fi series ‘V.’

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lost S5 blu-ray Easter Eggs

Posted by DarkUFO at 10/27/2009 01:41:00 PM

Thanks to Callum for this great list of Easter Eggs that he has found on the Season 5 Lost Blu-Ray disks.

-Highlight 'Lost 100', then press left twice. A video plays of Jorge Garcia in the Dharma Van finally finding the horn button on the last day of shooting.
-Highlight 'Seasonplay' and press right on your remote, the dot that shows you where you are moves in to open space, then press play. It gives a video of Jorge Garcia explaining the term 'ass-dirt' (which is apparently a noun :p).
-Highlight 'Seasonplay' and press left, then up, and the dot will move up to above 'episodes'. The video is about the make-up used on Jin for when he looked all beaten etc. when he first appeared this season.
-Highlight 'Features' and press left, the dot moves to the middle of the word 'Seasonplay'. Press play and the video shows the first time Jorge Garcia and Michelle Rodriguez (I definitely spelt her last name wrong :D) have a scene together and Jorge catching her up on what happened so far on the show since she left, much to her disbelief.
-Highlight 'Episodes' and press left, and the dot will move to just below 'Disk 5'. The video shows Sean Whalen talking about how he doubts Froghurt will ever come back, and how he suspects Matt Fox and Josh Holloway were behind him being killed off because he was too good looking.
-Highlight 'Set Up' and press right. It shows a video (with no sound...) of Jorge Garcia painting a picture of the Egyption desert with the sphinx in it.
-Highlight 'Features', then press right and up. The video is an interview with with D+C coming up with some random medieval show/movie called 'Dharma Times'.
-Highlight 'Episodes, then press right, then left. It's a video of Malcolm David Kelly talking about how he though Walt would actually work out to be a bad guy and that the kidnapping was a bad guy. Him and Ben pulling all the strings.

After going on to the 'Features' section, there's some more options (and more easter eggs!):

-Highlight 'Lost University' and press right, then up. The video shows Evangaline Lilly with one of the horses from S5 with Jeremy Davis, talking about if they've ever ridden before.
-Highlight 'Mysteries of the Universe', then press right, up, left. It shows Cheech making a sandwich. Very random, but funny.
- Highlight 'Lost 100' and press right. The video shows D+C talking about when they first found out how awesomely the pilot did and then realising they'd have to carry on and make more.

On the second page of the 'Features', there's a whole load more:

-Highlight 'Lost Bloopers' and press left, then up. A video plays of all the stunt coordinators being introduced.
-Highlight 'Deleted Scenes' and press left. A video of Dan Faraday getting his qualification in physics.
-Highlight 'Building 23 and Beyond' and press left. A video of D+C talking to Michael Emerson about how he plays Ben and how beneficial it is that the actors don't see the scripts until it actually comes to the filming of the scene.
-Highlight 'An Epic Day With Richard Alpert' and press left, then down. A video plays of the props department making the Boat in a Bottle that Richard has near the end of the season.

A 'Lost' Q&A: Damon Lindelof answers (most of) your questions!

The countdown to Lost's final season is underway.

Are you excited? Depressed? Terrified of what awaits our beloved castaways after that insane Season 5 finale?

Last week you sent me loads of questions for executive producer Damon Lindelof, and he was happy to answer them when we met up at the Austin Film Festival. Read on for Lindelof's thoughts on the last episode, returning characters, "the numbers" and so much more.

If Sawyer doesn't make it to the final episode, there's gonna be a brawl.
CAPTIONABCMe: At what point are you in creating the final episodes?

Lindelof: We're actually writing the eighth episode right now and breaking the story for the ninth episode. We're filming the sixth episode. The blueprint for the entire season is done, but we only write the episodes one at a time, because the actual genesis of the scene-by-scene work is the fun part. So we're almost exactly halfway through.

There's been so much analysis of the this year's promotional poster. Do you have a big part in creating that?

Yeah. Everything in the design of that poster is intentional. We oversaw it -- now we know the audience looks at that stuff so closely, so we don't want there to be anything that we don't approve, especially at this point in the game.

Why is neither Walt nor Vincent in the Season 6 promo picture? -- Holly

Well, I'm not going to explain why anything is what it is, other than that everything is by design. You'll just have to watch the final season and decide for yourself. It's a little bit like, "Why is Paul McCartney holding a cigarette with his right hand when he's a lefty on the Abbey Road cover?"

Is the ending you envisioned when you first created the show still in place? -- adanzis

That's a great question. Yes, the actual ending ending is exactly the same as we'd always planned on it being, except we didn't know if we were going to get there after two seasons, four seasons or after six seasons, so the road to the ending has had to change significantly. But the ending itself? Whether people like it or not, that's the ending we've had.

Will Walt will have any major role in the upcoming season? He was important for a while because of his "gift," but that story has never been realized. -- mrhymes01

I think a lot of people are justifiably frustrated about the Walt of it all. We said he has this special ability, and the Others obviously grabbed him and studied him for awhile, then they got freaked out by him and decided to let him go.

I think that there are certain stories on the show that feel like dangling participles based on external factors. For us, we were incredibly limited by the fact that Malcolm David Kelley was growing at an exponentially faster rate than the show was progressing. So, you know, when we showed him in Season 5 and Locke is trying to recruit members of the Oceanic Six, the only way that it worked was to see him three years older. But hopefully, why Walt was special and the role he played on the show will have a new significance when all is said and done. And I'm not sure we really need the character of Walt to explain the significance.

Executive producer Damon Lindelof is busy creating the final eps of 'Lost.'
CAPTIONABCWill we ever get more on the backstory on Libby ... or at least find out her last name? -- P-D Cougar

Libby is someone we get asked about a lot, and she's another one of those cases where it's more of an issue of our relationship with the actor than it is our desire to tell the story. It's our hope that Cynthia Watros will come back one more time and finish that story, but that's up to her. We asked her last year, she wasn't interested in doing it. Hopefully she'll change her mind.

One actor definitely won't be returning for the final season, right? Can you tell me more about that?

We did ask an actor who's played a significant role on the show to come back and do some work on Season 6, and they said no. But I'm not going to confirm who that is. All I'll say is that person was never a series regular.

Damon, I have a question about my second-favorite character on the show, Frank Lapidus. Ever since he appeared on the Season 6 promotional poster, there has been a lot of speculation on message boards. So, anyway, my question is: Will Frank be promoted to main character status next season, and if so, will he be getting a -centric episode? Because that would be basically the most awesome thing ever. -- Bish-Fiscuit

Yeah. Lapidus is definitely a series regular this season. Jeff Fahey was just a recurring character up through last year. Now, whether or not Lapidus makes it until the end of the season is anyone's guess, but he's definitely one of the A-team this year.

How many people do make it to the end of the season?

You really think I'm going to answer that question? Not all of them, that's for sure.

Are we going to return to the numbers? They obviously played a huge role in the beginning. Then we got away from them and started focusing more on the characters. Will we ever come back to them? -- Tommy F.

I like Tommy's question a lot better than the way I usually hear that question, which is, "What do the numbers mean?" I can say one of the things we're really focused on doing this year is trying to make the entire season as satisfying as possible. We know if we wait until the very last episode of the show to give answers or revelations there's no way it'll be satisfying, so we're trying to give out that stuff as we go along. And all I would say is, this is the final season of Lost. We would be enormously remiss if we were to not evaluate the numbers and their significance.

Will we find out what Ben and Kate talked about on the beach when he had her join him for breakfast wearing that dress? It has been driving me crazy for so long! -- sarbarmar

This is one of those things that, no matter what we say, it doesn't matter how many times we say it. I don't know what it is about that scene where people think this really significant piece of information transferred between the two of them on the beach ... Kate is actually working undercover for Ben or something like that.

Nothing happened. That's the real answer. We never intended it to feel that way, and when we say nothing happened, they think we're lying or we originally had a plan and abandoned the plan. All I can say is, hand to God, nothing happened.

At the end of Lost's final season, will we have an ironclad, nothing-else-to-say conclusion, or will we be left with the possibility of spinoffs and feature films? -- mveedubs

I think it is our intention to end the story of Lost in the final episode of the television series. We have no desire whatsoever to make a movie or leave any threads hanging. That being said, some people will think it's enormously satisfying. Other people will think it's not satisfying enough. It all depends on the way that you watch the show. But the worst thing we could ever do is just answer some things and then say we'll answer other things in the Lost movie in theaters two years from now.

The television show is our version of Lost, and once it ends, that's the end. J.K. Rowling said she was going to write seven Harry Potter books, and she was true to her word. There are six seasons of Lost, and that's it.

It's clear that you and Carlton Cuse have formed a creative friendship on the show and will be forever linked in Lost fans' minds. Are there any plans for the two of you to use your collective genius on projects post-Lost (with or without the polar bear)? -- GoolayGirl

I love collaborating with different people. J.J. (Abrams) and I created the show together, and Carlton and I run the show together. And writing the (Star Trek) movie with Bob (Orci) and Alex (Kurtzman) ... I love finding new creative partnerships but then continuing the partnerships I'm already in. So I don't know if it will be soon or later, but I hope Carlton and I work together again on something entirely different than Lost.

I am actually curious as to the status of Damon's involvement with the Dark Tower series. Is there hope for us Stephen King fans that this project is in the works? -- Lorrie Q.

You'll be hard-pressed to find a huger fan of The Dark Tower than me, but that's probably the reason that I shouldn't be the one to adapt it. After working six years on Lost, the last thing I want to do is spend the next seven years adapting one of my favorite books of all time. I'm such a massive Stephen King fan that I'm terrified of screwing it up.

I'd do anything to see those movies written by someone else. My guess is they will get made because they're so incredible. But not by me.

In today's film and television industries it seems like there are far fewer writers willing to take risks for originality's sake. What advice do you have for aspiring writers who are passionate about a particular story, even if it risks not being given a chance by today's audiences? -- Josh G.

As cliched as it sounds, if you have an original voice and an original idea, then no matter what anybody says, you have to find a way to tell that story. My only advice would be you have to exercise patience. I think the freshman mistake is you feel such passion for something that you need to tell it now, as opposed to saying, "Let me establish myself, and five years from now when I'm a little bit older, a little bit wiser, a little bit more experienced, maybe that's the time to tell that story."

Sometimes you get a present for somebody a month before their birthday and you just want to give it to them immediately. But timing is everything. So I would say it might feel like your idea is a hard sell now, but maybe in a couple years the timing will be right. Whatever you do, don't give up.

Is there any chance that once this season ends there will be a continuation of Lost through a movie, books, or website? Will you be doing anything to keep the fans alive after Lost is over? -- Shannon K.

I think the fans themselves will probably generate a lot of material like fanfic and that kind of stuff. But I feel like our story's over. We don't own Lost -- ABC and Disney do. So if they decide to generate some of that stuff, they might very well do so, but it's not going to be with our participation. As much as I want the fans to have new material, I feel like at the end of the day they'd want to kill us for it, because the whole purpose of announcing an end date is to end.

Are you sad it's ending?

I'm not sad it's ending. I'm really happy it's ending. I'm sad about the fact that we're not going to be writing it anymore -- like, the process of writing it and working on it is such an incredible thing. I don't feel sadness that the show is ending, because I feel like it's exactly the right thing to do. I can't imagine that we ever would've gotten this far if we hadn't announced an end date. It would've just gotten absurd and boring and stalling and ... it would've sucked. I'm so glad that's not the legacy of the show. The legacy of the show is going to be this instead.

Do you think more series should follow the Lost model and announce end dates?

For me as a viewer, I like knowing where I am in the book. Certainly for Battlestar, it was great to know where you were in the story. I think viewers sometimes want to know that, and it also helps them get over frustrating patches of stuff they don't like. But it all depends on the show.

Some shows sustain themselves forever. There's no reason that Grey's Anatomy ever needs to end. I remember when Heroes first came on the scene, people were asking Tim (Kring) that same question. He said, "Heroes can go on forever. There's no reason it ever needs to end, because there will always be characters with these abilities, and there will be interesting stories to tell." Heroes has a different design than Lost does. But I look at a show like FlashForward and I go, yeah, it would probably help that show for them to say it's a three-season or four-season show and then it ends, so that the audience at least gets a sense of where they are in the story.

Lost has inspired me to learn more about literature, philosophy, history, time travel and so many other subjects. What is the coolest thing you have learned about that you didn't know prior to creating the show? -- GoolayGirl

Good question. Well, we started doing research on time travel back in Season 2. ... Way back in Season 2, we found out about this thing, CERN. It's this gigantic particle accelerator that they're going to turn on, this multi-billion dollar project. 60 Minutes actually did a story on it. It's fascinating: They're trying to create anti-matter, quarks and all sorts of crazy things in there, but it keeps breaking. They keep pushing back the date they're going to turn it on. So I've become sort of obsessed with this project and the guy on the team that's behind it. Normally, that science stuff goes right over my head, but I'm fascinated.

I would love to know what song Damon thinks would best match the mood of Season 6. -- dmachado13

Wow. I'd say Visions of Johanna by Bob Dylan.


I have that song on my iPod, and when I hear it I think about the show. There are certain lyrical phrases in that song that are very well-suited to Lost.

Has the Lost team been documenting the process of creating the show since the very beginning? As a fan who loves the way the show is constructed, I hope once the show is over, we may see some sort of documentary-style feature or a book that will tell fans how the show was conceived and the creative process that occurred as the show moved through the years. -- Bryan in Cincinnati

I think there's going to be a Lost encyclopedia where we talk a lot about that stuff, but it's not like we've been bringing camera crews into the writers' room so they can see how we do what we do. A lot of the creation of the show is like a magic trick, and I think it would be like David Copperfield explaining how he made the Statue of Liberty disappear.

Although I acknowledge that people are really interested in the creative process of Lost, mostly it pertains to ... it all goes back to the idea of, "Are we making it up as we go along?" That's the question that people really want to know the answer to, and they want some proof. They want us to document the fact that we weren't making it up as we went along. And, in the spirit of the show, we just have to say, "If you choose to believe us, then that's what faith is all about." If you choose to disbelieve it, then we don't blame you. At the end of the day, all that matters is the story itself. If you feel satisfied by it, it shouldn't matter whether we had it planned from Day 1 or whether we made it up as we went along.

In some places we did have to make it up as we went along, because Adewale (Akinnuoye-Agbaje) wanted to leave the show, or the Nikki and Paolo idea didn't work, or we didn't have an end date so we had to tap dance, or we went over-budget so we had to put them in cages for four episodes in a row. There are certain things where we had to adapt to whatever real-world scenario was happening with the show. But creatively speaking in general, there had to be a plan.

What is your least favorite episode of Lost?

Oh, my god. (Pauses) I think my least favorite episode is this episode that we did the first season called "Homecoming." It's when Claire comes back from having been in the jungle for a couple days after she was abducted by the Others, and Ethan comes after her. The backstory is Charlie is trying to go straight and he's selling copiers. At the end of the episdoe, he shoots Ethan. I wrote that episode, and it's my least favorite episode of the show ever.

I'm surprised by that answer. It's not an episode fans usually name as their least favorite.

The episode fans bring up most often is "Stranger in a Strange Land," which is the epiosde with Bai Ling and Jack and his tattoos. And basically, I feel like it's unfair to bag on that episode. Am I a huge fan of it? No. But at the same time, there were so many different circumstances that led to that episode that needed to be written and so many ideas that didn't work. The fact that it all coalesced ... There was a bad casting decision made. There was a bad premise decision made. There was a bad flashback story. Just everything that could go wrong did, but I don't think it was because the script was terrible. "Homecoming," I think, was flawed on almost every single level that an episode of Lost could be.

So do you think you've become a better writer since Lost began?

I hope so. I feel like I've become a better listener, and if that's led to better writing, I don't know. I'm still incredibly proud of the pilot, having written the pilot, but I'm equally proud of the Season 3 finale. But writing is like being a really good baseball player: Even really good baseball players strike out all the time. So I just have to allow myself to say, "Sometimes I write better than other times." I think I know more now than I knew at the beginning, but I don't know if I'm any better of a writer.

They said this past Comic-Con was the last Lost panel ever. That's not true, is it? You've gotta come back one last time after it's all wrapped up. Because we all know you won't answer ever single question on TV! -- Rafael J.

I think the idea of appearing on the Comic-Con panel to answer the questions the show didn't answer would be almost as bad. If we don't answer it in the show, it's because we didn't want to answer it. Would we go to Comic-Con and do some kind of retrospective at some point where we get everybody back together to talk about the show? Yeah, I think that would be cool five, 10 years from now. But certainly not next year, a month after the finale has aired.

I have lots of questions but Damon won't answer them (and I wouldn't want to spoil anything anyway). Can he at least tell us when the season premiere will be? Joshua H.

Honest to God, they haven't given us a date yet. I don't even know what night it's going to be on. We've been on Wednesday at 9 for awhile, but now ABC's comedies are actually working. And I actually like Modern Family and Cougar Town, so I'm not sure that they'll move them.

I don't know what it means for us, but all I've ever heard is mid-to-late January. We're doing 18 hours -- two-hour premiere, two-hour finale -- so if we end in mid-May, we can't premiere any later than late January.

Henry Ian Cusick Settles Harassment Case

Posted Tuesday 27 October 07:51 AM By: PopEater Staff

'Lost' star Henry Ian Cusick has settled a sexual harassment lawsuit with a former production staffer, TMZ reports. The woman, Chelsea Stone, sued the actor for allegedly grabbing and touching her inappropriately. She also named ABC and the production company in the lawsuit. Her lawyer confirms that Stone has settled with all the defendants and the terms are confidential.

The lawsuit filed Friday in April alleged that Cusick, who plays Desmond Hume on the show, fondled the woman's buttocks and breasts and kissed her on the lips in October 2007. The lawsuit claimed she reported the incident to her supervisor, but was simply told to avoid the actor. She has stated she was fired 12 days later in retaliation for reporting the alleged abuse.

At the time, TMZ reported that Cusick allegedly "placed his face on top of [her] breasts, moving his face from side to side." The filing said the woman had worked for ABC since 1997.

Ask Matt: Where Will Lost End Up?

By Matt Roush October 26, 2009 12:07 AM EST

Send all questions to and follow me at

Question: I have been thoroughly enjoying 3/4 of ABC's Wednesday night comedy block (which, so far, is funnier and more accessible than the 3/4s of NBC's Thursday night comedy block I watch). My question is this: Where is Lost going to go? For the majority of its run, Lost has been on Wednesdays at 9/8c (except for its freshman year when it aired at 8/7c—which still shocks me—and the year of the writers' strike when it aired on Thursdays). I can't imagine ABC pulling its newly established (and relatively successful) comedy in favor of Lost, so in all likelihood, the final season of Lost will be airing in a time slot it has never aired previously. Where do you think it will go?—Erin

Matt Roush: Clearly, scheduling the final season of Lost will be no laughing matter. But I agree that it’s not in ABC’s best interests to jettison its new Wednesday comedy block just as it’s building up some steam, critically and some weeks in the ratings. (It’s a tough night, and ABC will need to be patient to see long-term growth; getting rid of Hank would be a good first step.) ABC has not yet announced just how it will schedule Lost in its final season, but wherever it airs, its fans will find it and follow it to the end. This final season isn’t going to be about ratings necessarily; Lost isn’t likely to grow in its final season, although many who’ve fallen away may tune in toward the end just to see how it wraps up. Which is why I wouldn’t be surprised if ABC puts it in one of the open 10/9c slots where shows currently are performing poorly: Tuesdays or, more likely, Wednesdays. This gets it out of the way of the American Idol juggernaut, and while I’d prefer it to air in a 9/8c time period as it has done the last few seasons, I don’t see an opening there, especially on Wednesdays, where the acclaimed Modern Family serves as the anchor for the comedy block. In the big picture, it’s more important for ABC to continue nurturing its terrific new comedies for the long haul than to worry too much about protecting Lost in its final stretch. Wherever it airs, we’ll be there.

Monday, October 26, 2009

First Lost final season promo to air Oct 29/09

This just in, the first Lost final season promo (0:15) is tentatively scheduled to premiere during the end of FLASHFORWARD (with Lost's Dominic Monaghan joining the cast) this Thursday (Oct. 29 -- first night of November sweeps). Promos for V (starring Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell) will heavily be featured in this hour as well.

Source: SitComs Online

ODI: Cuse Says LOST Will Take a Break for Winter Olympics!?

Posted by The ODI on Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well another Season of LOST is nearing and once again we were promised a season with no interruptions, but it seems like we will be given a break early in the season because of the Winter Olympics.

I know most of you are not too happy to read this but I had a feeling this would happen.

Where did this info come from!? Straight from LOST writer Carlton Cuse who visited Harvard this past week and here is a statement from the Art Blog at Harvard:

Mr. Cuse graciously explained that the show would begin again in January then stop for the Olympics and then start back again in February.

The Olympics start Feb 12th 2010 and end Feb 28th, so expect at least a TWO WEEK break. Problem is they pretty much have no choice because if they do not take a break the ratings for those couple of episodes could take a big hit.

Please do not get too upset yet, because we have no official confirmation from ABC yet and we will definitely check with our sources and let you know anything we hear.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Room 23 Store

Over time I have designed different characters of different themes along with about 21 of the characters on the TV show Lost. I have compiled them into two books. One a general Sketchbook with drawings on various subjects, with the Lost characters included and one dedicated to my Lost character designs. The General book "Hoofprints" has only cleaned up Lost characters along with a few Hurley sketches along with non Lost designs. The Lost "Room 23" themed book has Cleaned up designs, sketches, a Hurley turnaround and my island/Dharma Hatches illustration. So for those who enjoy my work feel free to order something. I am working on making my Lost Trading Cards available and am working on a volume 2 of Room 23 which will be finished around the time that the series ends. I also made a sidebar button to get to the store.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lost Season 5 HMV exclusive bonus disc (UK)

Posted by DarkUFO at 10/24/2009 08:09:00 AM

Thanks to MD1500 for the following.

Just discovered that if you buy Lost Season 5 on either Blu-Ray or DVD from HMV (UK), it will come with an exclusive bonus disc. According to the HMV website, the DVD bonus disc contains:

* Lost on Location- THIS PLACE IS DEATH - The Smoke Monster makes its return as we go behind the scenes look at this episode.
* Lost on Location - 316 - Explore the construction of the Lamp PostStation and Ajira Flight 316, two elaborate and important sets for this episode.
* Ben vs. Desmond Fight - Join Michael Emerson (Ben) and Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), and their stunt doubles as they rehearse and film their big fight scene.
* Locke's Leg - Take a look at how make-up artists created and executed Locke's broken leg.
* Rose and Bernard Retirement - Bernard and Rose are back. Find out where they have been for the past three years since the island moved.
* Ben in Smokey's Lair - Enter Smokey's lair with Michael Emerson and the LOST crew as Ben prepares to confront the Smoke Monster.
* DELETED SCENES. Run time approximately 20 minute.

There is no mention of what the Blu-Ray bonus disc contains.;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=239537;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=258888

Source: SpoilerTV

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Harold Perrineau Sets the Record Straight on Whether He'll Return to Lost

Today 6:00 AM PDT by Kristin Dos Santos

You gotta love a man who likes to clear the air.

Harold Perrineau just rang up to kindly reveal an answer to our blind item—"Guess Who's Not Returning to Lost?"—which outed a former Lost star as a holdout to return for the final season.

It's not him.

Despite everyone and their mother's brother's lover (even the Los Angeles Times!) assuming Harold (Michael) was the Lost holdout, Harold reveals that he has not turned down an offer to return to the show.

So does that mean he's coming back?

"Honestly, no one has asked," Harold tells me. "But if I was asked to come back to Lost, indeed I would say yes. We all started that journey together, and I would love to be able to end it with everybody. It would be a great thing to do, to get to say goodbye to them all at the same time. I would love to go back and hang out a little bit."

Now, assuming that Lost is resetting the clock as rumored and going back in time to the original Flight 815, it would seem that there may be a serious glitch to bringing Perrineau back: Walt. After all, Malcolm David Kelley, who was a wee 13-year-old when the series started, now looks like he could be playing defense for the Lakers or voicing a Barry White biopic.

"That's what I was actually thinking would probably be the trickiest part," Perrineau says. "I mean, I know they've been going back and forth with time travel, but if we were to go all the way back, how do you do that? You'd have to recast [Walt]. Or do some crazy CGI, like Little Man. That would be weird!"

Despite the hullabaloo over the comments he made after Michael was killed off Lost, Harold tells me he honestly has no beef with the show. "Those people are my family. And not like my twisted, dysfunctional family, but people I totally love, you know what I mean? It was a great show for me and I'm really glad to be part of that."

"There are no hard feelings," Harold adds. "Period. That's the real truth."

Harold called in from Vancouver where he's currently shooting the sequel to 30 Days of Night: Darker Days—yay, vampires!—and is also working on an album "just for fun."

Personally, I would love to see Michael/Harold again before Lost's final credits roll—with or without Walt.

Anyone else feel the same? If so, join me in the comments to figure out a way around this whole Walt conundrum. Maybe we can catch Michael away from Walt hooking up with Sun in a bathroom stall at LAX? Or, ooh, Claymation? (This is why they do not ask me to write the show.)Oh, and if you must point out the totally obvious Lost holdout (now that you know it's not Harold), feel free to do that too...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Emilie de Ravin Question

Question: Is Emilie de Ravin going to be back on Lost for the whole season or just a few episodes? And will we get to see what happened to her? —Jared

Ausiello: The answer to both of your questions is a resounding yeppers. Better prepare yourself though. My Lost mole says season 6 will showcase “a version of Claire we’ve never seen before — a Rousseau-esque version.” We’ll be in need of a Rousseau fix since the real version will be MIA. According to a Lost insider, the French Lady’s portrayer, Mira Furlan, turned down the show’s request to return for the final season due to a “prior overseas commitment.” Anyone know how you say “big bag-o-nuts” in français?

ODI: What is Lost? Prize Competition

Posted by DarkUFO on Wednesday, October 21, 2009
In order to promote the Season 5 DVD and Blu-Ray release of Lost, Disney are holding a competition to win a Holiday and DVD's. This is only open to UK & Ireland only.

If you do enter, we'd love for you to let us know your entry in the comments here as well.

The Promotion website (“Website”) contains full details of the prizes available and any restrictions or important information. Any changes which are required to be made to these Promotion Rules will be uploaded to the Website.

The Promotion is open to legal residents of the UK & Ireland only, aged 18 years or over, excluding employees or agents of the Promoter, or anyone else professionally connected to the Promotion and/or their immediate family. The Promoter reserves the right to verify eligibility.

To enter entrants must either register on or sign into their Twitter account and then send their answer in no more than 140 characters as instructed, for example:

“Lost is the most cryptic TV show around, where plane crash victims have to live together on an island and figure out the mystery of it”.

Only one entry per person is allowed. The use of multiple identities, email addresses and Twitter accounts is not permitted. Only entries made via the Website will be accepted. Any use of automated or programmed methods of entry online is also prohibited.

No purchase is necessary to enter the Promotion.

First Prize: holiday vouchers from to the value of £1,500 (“Vouchers”).

Runners Up Prize: Lost Season 5 on DVD for each of the 10 Runners Up.

Complete Details/Rules Here

Friday, October 16, 2009

DarkUFO: Lost poster...Decoded

Posted by DarkUFO at 10/16/2009 10:02:00 PM

A new poster promoting Lost's sixth and final season recently surfaced on the Internet—and in addition to a line up of the cast, both past and present, it contains some hieroglyphics to consider. PM sent the poster to Dr. James Allen, Wilbour Professor of Egyptology and Chair of Egyptology and Ancient Western Asian Studies at Brown University—the man who gave the first indication that the mysterious four-toed statue was not Anubis, as many had assumed, but Taweret, the half-hippo, half-croc Egyptian goddess who protected mothers and infants. Allen had this to say about the poster: "The hieroglyphs spell out two Egyptian words, meaning 'Who is the guide?' or 'Who is the leader?'" We'll leave the interpretation of that up to you.

Mysteries Of The Universe - Dharma Initiative (4/5)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

CBR report of the Damon Lindelof signing

Heres a Comic Book Resourses CBR report of the Damon Lindelof signing at Earth-2 Comics.

Heres a picture of me in my Dharma Jumpsuit.

Lost Plane May Crash on Wisteria Lane

Posted by DarkUFO at 10/15/2009 06:13:00 PM

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a ratings stunt!

Marc Cherry has confirmed that a plane is going to come crashing down on Desperate Housewives' Wisteria Lane this season, for the show's midseason cliffhanger.

And now ABC sources are spilling this cool little nugget of info: The plane might end up being none other than one from Lost's Oceanic Airlines.

So wait a minute, does that mean that if/when Lost resets this season with an alternate reality (if that hydrogen bomb did actually go off), Jack, Kate, Sawyer and the gang could crash on Wisteria Lane instead of the island?
Sorry, no such luck, Susan Mayer. Jack Shepard will not be dipping his ladle in your special sauce...

The plane's Oceanic branding would just be a fun little Easter egg for Lost fans to find. And while the crossover has yet to be finalized, I'm told the higher-ups at ABC are keen on the idea.

Source: E!Online


Damon Lindelof Signing Picture

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Earth-2 Comics-Meet DAMON LINDELOF

Tonight I was able to meet Damon Lindelof at Earth -2 Comics in Sherman Oaks. I got into the Dharma Flame Jumpsuit that I put together. Which I forgot to take pictures but I know that at least one person took a photo of me, so that's probably floating around on the Internet somewhere. My two boys came with me and I purchased a copy of Damon's book Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk. When I did they gave me a ticket for the signing. Instead of a line they had a number system with tickets.

I lucked out and was the first one to get a ticket since we got their a half hour early. Damon arrived at 7pm with his Mother who happened to be visiting at the time and he told the crowd that anyone who could explain to his Mother what Adamantium was or who Alan Moore was so that she could explain it back to Damon would receive a special prize. He also spoke about how grateful he was to us for supporting him on this book and how he always idolized comic book writers since a kid when his Father would take him to comic book stores and its weird that he's on this side of the table. He still feels like he's on the fan side. Also he apologized for the huge break in-between book one and two and how he wished that he would have written them all at once instead of just the first two.

As I mentioned before I was the first one to be able to visit with him, I say visit, because rather then this being a rush you through sign the book type of thing, we were allowed to hang out with him and talk for a few minutes. I told him how much I loved Lost and he asked me if the Flame was my favorite station since I had "The Flame" patch on my Jumpsuit and I told him yes. I then gave him a copy on my new Lost sketchbook and a set of Lost Trading cards. (which I'm working on a Room 23 store to sell these things) He liked my Richard design and said that he recognized my Hurley drawing from Google and asked me for my business card, which I gave him a Room 23 and personal Portfolio one and he also made a point to ask me for my e-mail. (What for I'm not sure) But it was cool that someone that I admire and admire his work liked mine and wanted my contact info. He also told me that he recognized Room 23.

I told him that I knew that he was probably sick of getting this question and that he had said that Libby's story was over. So I asked him what was originally planned for Libby's story before she got killed. He repeated whats been said before about hold Cyntha Watros didn't have interest in returning and that they didn't want to tell her story unless they could do it in the right way. But that hes hearing very faint rumblings that she might be starting to change her mind. Which would fit with a spoiler that I've been hearing lately. But he promised me that if by the end of the series they never got to Libby's story on the show that I could hunt him down and that he would answer my question definitively.

Then I brought up about how J.K. Rowling had mentioned eventually doing a Harry Potter Encyclopedia and asked if Lost would ever do a DK book or Encyclopedia. He told me that just between you, me and the comic book store (and he said this knowing that I run Room 23) that they did have plans for a possible Lost authoritative book with a release a few years after the show ended with show bibles included as part of the book!

He signed my book with this message. "Paul, Here's to the Flame! Thanks for your massive fandom!" Damon Lindelof

After that I introduced my kids and Damon asked them what their favorite superheroes were. My youngest said Spiderman (he was wearing a black Spiderman suit which Damon asked about) and my oldest told him Wolverine and Hulk. (Thats why I pay him the big allowance) Damon told me that I was a cool Dad. It was an awesome night.

Meet DAMON LINDELOF, Co-Creator of "LOST"! WEDNESDAY EVENING: OCTOBER 14th 2009 from 7-9 pm at our SHERMAN OAKS location. Celebrate the release of the ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK HARDCOVER. Damon will be signing books and answering questions. EARTH-2 COMICS 15017 VENTURA BLVD SHERMAN OAKS CA 818.386.9590

Get Lost with Michael Emerson on AOTS

Posted By: Moye Ishimoto - Wednesday, October 14, 2009 5:32 AM

Ben Linus is in the house! least, he will be tonight on Attack of the Show. Kevin Pereira sits down with Michael Emerson to talk about winning his Emmy winning performance on Lost (his second in his career!), polar bears* and how he thinks the show will end in its final 6th season next year.

You won't want to miss this epic appearance so tune into G4 tonight at 7:00pm EST for Attack of the Show.

*Polar bears will probably not be discussed but one can hope, eh?

Monday, October 12, 2009

ODI: Ben Wins Best LOST Villain and is Featured on New Magazine

Posted by The ODI on Monday, October 12, 2009

Since being introduced in Season 2 Michael Emerson has been purely genius in his portrayal of Ben the "leader" of the Others. He has been one of my favorite actors and characters on the show since then and I am so glad he has survived on the show.

Here is the recent LOST Magazine Cover and a little story about him winning for Best LOST Bad Guy.

Thanks to Ricky for the heads up!


Check out Titan Magaazine's LOST Page for more details and a Sneak Peek at the Exclusive Sawyer Cover for Issue 25.

Ben Linus wins best Lost Bad Guy

Readers of and Lost Magazine have voted Ben Linus as the show’s top Bad Guy.

The shadowy character, played by the Emmy award-winning Michael Emerson, was first introduced in season two, when he initially pretended to have been stranded on the island after his hot air balloon crashed.

However, Ben was soon revealed to be the leader of the Others, and his later evil deeds included kidnapping Jack, Sawyer and Kate, attempting to kill Penelope, and killing Locke. But, of course, the distinction between heroes and villains is never clear-cut on Lost, and there are times when Ben seems almost sympathetic, particularly when we see his childhood in season five.

Ethan and Charles Widmore received the second and third amount of votes, while there were also votes for Juliet, Sawyer, Locke, Jack and er, Vincent the dog.

The new villains-themed issue of Titan Publishing’s official Lost Magazine is released on 13 October 2009 (US) and 29 October 2009 (UK).

Thursday, October 8, 2009

No New Footage to Be Released via Promos for Season 6!?

Posted by The ODI on Thursday, October 8, 2009

Whoa!! I did NOT see this one coming. LOST of course is known for their WTF moments and we just received a huge one several months before the season even starts!!

E! Online's Kristin is reporting that LOST Writers/Producers Damon Linelof and Carlton Cuse have convinced ABC to not reveal any new footage for Season 6 in any promos prior to the season!!

Wow, of course for the folks that do not like spoilers this is great news, but for most of the fans that love promos and spoilers this is terrible news! It will of course just make us want it more but wow.

I guess we will have to take all the wonderful spoilers we have and just piece it all together ourselves!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I received this e-mail from Earth-2 Comics in Sherman Oaks.

Meet DAMON LINDELOF, Co-Creator of "LOST"! WEDNESDAY EVENING: OCTOBER 14th 2009 from 7-9 pm at our SHERMAN OAKS location. Celebrate the release of the ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK HARDCOVER. Damon will be signing books and answering questions. EARTH-2 COMICS 15017 VENTURA BLVD SHERMAN OAKS CA 818.386.9590

Tuesday, October 6, 2009