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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chivalry Must Not Die!

There is no question that the feminist movement has made great strides on behalf of women in the fields of equal pay, equal job opportunity, military career options and other essential freedoms. But one of the greatest disservices it did to the 52% majority of the populace was to create an atmosphere in which "chivilary" - the practice of treating women as special, papmering them and doing things for them that, presumably, they can easily do themselves - is considered obsolete or condescending.
Take, for example, the practice of holding a woman's chair while she sits. In the above photograph we see actress Evangeline Lilly, who plays Kate Austen on the hit ABC television series "Lost," attempting to sit in a chair by herself without male assistance. As you can see, Ms. Lilly is a third of a ham away from planting her keister on the floor. (And I should point out that it is not only males who can help women - lesbians are perfectly capable of rendering assistance] A keister of Ms. Lilly's stature should not be at risk of collision with the floor every time it's owner attempts to sit down. Clearly someone needs to step up, gallantly hold her chair and graciously slide it under her as she assumes a sitting position.
And it's not just sitting - every day hundreds of attractive women are struck or slightly bruised by walking into doors that have not been opened for them. Dozens of foxy but horrified women are left stranded in cars with closed doors which have not been opened for them. Men [and lesbians] need to take the initiative, step up, face the risk that their efforts may not be appreciated by modern independent women and dare to be old fashioned and hold chairs and open doors. Chivalry must not die!
But none of that coat over the puddle stuff - that's just wack.

Flash Forward by The Others

The Others, a band that writes songs based on LOST storylines. the song on here is actually quite sweet and sad. there's eve a shout out to you pa at the end "we've got to go back"

Anyone Interested in JJ's MONSTER?

The Latest TV Guide scans are in

Here we to make them magically increase in size:
It is confirmed the second pic is from 4x11 - The LockeCentric Ep. The first pic...not sure.

Sexiest Lost Girl?

The Television Program Listings Magazine has published their yearly "Sexiest Stars On TV" list and they have included Korean actress Yunjin Kim, who plays Sun-Hwa Kwon on the series. Lovely woman, charming smile. But really? Is Sun sexier than Kate, Claire, Juliet. Okay, younger than Rose, prettier than Charlotte, I'll give her that. (And Naomi, Libby and Shannon are dead.) Did the magazine need a token Asian woman that doesn't look like Sandra Oh, or is Yunjin really the sexiest girl on the island? Post opinions in comments section.

A small, but perhaps significant theory. (Or maybe you will just laugh out a snot bubble)

I am in a position to have to paste quite a few verified spoilers to make sense of my theory, so it must disappear behind the wonders of >>>InvsoText<<< . Just a word - the theory is in regards to little John, Emily Locke, her SECOND child and who that child was. Read on if you cannot resist reading a hack's theory on how the Locke family may tie in to the Linus Family.

Five-year-old Boy - Caucasian, green eyes, sweet, shy, tentative and smart. Has to take a test and becomes nervous about passing. Teenage Boy - Plays as 16 or 17, Caucasian, green eyes. Angry, a little nerdy, defiant and rebellious. There's a lot more to this kid than meets the eye. Tries to fight back against older, stronger boys but is pushed into a locker. Teenage Girl - Plays as 16, Caucasian, red hair (or willing to dye hair red). Emotional, prone to dramatic gestures, passionately in love and fights with her Mom about it.
Source: Lost Spoilers

I am torn as to whether this is a teenage love interest for John Or Maybe...his sister? Why would this be important? Read on...

Late word from Wahiawa United Methodist Church, reporting several "gorgeous" 1950s or 1960s cars. And one of them was apparently enlisted to film a dramatic scene in which a little girl runs out of a house and gets struck in the street. Source: The Transmission

Noe, if this is not John's teen crush, but his baby sister. I girl he is meant to protect. And she runs out into the street as John and her mother both scream, STOP!...ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!

You see one of the other boy at this school is Benjamin Linus and his love for Annie is well established. They were sent away to a "normal school" when all of Dharma died and they continued their love affair.

You see, Ben has a connection to John he is not aware of. He is the man Ben also blames for not protecting his sister and allowed her to become a speed bump in the road. Rumors are Richard Alpert is there lurking around - looking after Ben, the child king to come. So many characters so long ago shaping history...there is something a four-toed-a-Foot!

OK - For theories, it is on life support. I am far from the Brodarlton level. But I had these images from the day I read this last month so I thought I'd post it for your flaming. Put a little Keamy on it.

Latest From Kristin - Sawyer's Secret Scene and More

My oh my - I have a thing for Ms Kristin Dos Santos.. She is a goofball and she loves LOST. If she'll watch football with me for 12 hours on the weekend we will finally have a Mrs Edshrinker.

Well here is the latest from Kristin.

There is an interesting tidbit about Tunisia and the South Pacific being on opposite sides of the world. Also, her confirming what most of us knew with Sawyer (Josh Holloway)having a secret scene for the finale. This was confirmed first by Dark when Holloway was spotted in LA on the way to Turkey for filming a commercial.

The only other thing new is that Charlotte will have a "big crazy night scene" next week.

Thanks to Sarah for the heads up.

Kim in Santa Barbara, Calif.: As a big Lost fan, I wanted to make sure you saw this If the World Were a Sandwich page. Basically, if the world were a squashed-flat sandwich and you pushed a toothpick through Tunisia, the pointy end would come out in the South Pacific, just east of Australia. Coincidence?

I think not! (I freaking love Lost.)

Johnny: Is Charles Widmore Ben's constant?

Is that why he can't kill him?Let's ask Michael Emerson, shall we? Said Benry himself: "Wow. That's a new notion to me. Clearly, because of what they know about each other, somehow Widmore is privy to Ben's comings and going. There's something symbiotic there. I don't know if it's physical or temporal or just...I don't know. But that's getting down to the nub of what's going on in the show. I don't know! That's a wonderful notion though." I also asked Michael how long Benjamin and Charles have been acquainted, and he told me, "I's the limit on that question. Are they conventionally human?! You might ask. [Or] is there a quality of things being on a loop here? That's the thing that comes up to me every so often." Head. Hurts.

Magali in Columbus, Ohio: What's coming up for Sawyer in these last remaining episodes of Lost?

All I know is I'm hearing there's a supersecret Sawyer scene in the finale. I don't know anything about it, but I do suspect/believe it's the game changer that leads to the prophesized end of the time-jumpy flashes on Lost.

Barry in Austin, Texas: As a fellow Keamy hater, I just wanted you to know that he survives until at least the first part of the Lost finale!

Grrr...well, in that case, I hope Michael Emerson/Ben gets his wish and is allowed to pull the trigger on that rat bastard!

Nelson in Atlanta: Any word on Lost?

I'm hearing Charlotte has a big, crazy night scene in the next episode with someone interesting.

Source: E! Online

EW Lost TV Review


By Ken Tucker

Ken Tucker is critic-at-large for EW

Because of its novel premise and referential knottiness, Lost is rarely reviewed as a normal TV show. You know, like the ones with plots that get resolved in an episode or three, and have a cast of regulars whom you can count on to reappear every week, give or take a few DUI convictions. But what if Lost didn't require — to judge from the eloquent, endless exegeses provided by my colleague Doc Jeff Jensen — a solid grasp on everything from the works of Kurt Vonnegut to a thorough knowledge of The Flash comics? Well, that's how I'm approaching this review, primarily to suggest and reassure that, even as Lost barrels along to its fourth-season finale, it's still possible to watch this thing without a map, a Bible concordance, and a headache.

Over the years, I and others have razzed Matthew Fox for his one-note interpretation of Jack: slack-jawed brainiac who gazes upon Evangeline Lilly's creamy Kate or a nasty knife wound with equal bemusement. But, especially early on, Fox and his costars had to deliver lines with minimal inflection and facial expression, because seven scripts down the line, any of them might have turned out to be a bitter obsessive (see Harold Perrineau's Michael) or a violent survivalist (Terry O'Quinn's Locke). If they'd been playing their characters jolly or ditzy, it wouldn't have added up, motivationally. (Jolly/ditzy works only for Jorge Garcia's Hurley.) That's one way the producers' announced, we-know-the-ending conclusion of Lost in 2010 has improved the show — it allows the writers not only to shape the story toward a conclusion but to give the characters moods and motivations that boost the show's energy.

Here's how much of a Lost non-cultist I am: I thought the fan-despised characters of Nikki and Paulo made sense. I spent parts of Lost's first season saying, "Why don't any of those other tattered survivors in the background ever interact with the stars?" Similarly now, I hope some new characters push aside, however briefly, ones I don't much care about (sorry, soap-opera-y Sun and Jin). I was cheered to hear that Jeff Fahey, who plays the grizzled pilot, Frank, will have a beefed-up role — I've enjoyed the ice-blue-eyed actor since his beguiling 1995 non-hit series The Marshal on ABC.

Lost is currently better than most fantasy/sci-fi because it's as interested in character as it is in its alternate-world construct or its ideas about the time-space continuum. The series moves with fluid intensity between the Island, its urban flashbacks and -forwards, and its freighted freighter scenes. Like other TV loaded with culture references (from The Twilight Zone to Gilmore Girls), it's not profound, but rather a game that expands your intelligence even if you don't ''get'' all the clues. It's the pleasure of puzzlement. A-

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bashoff (Karl), Elbrick, Thorell and Keating Set for Reading of Donnie Darko

By Andrew Gans and Ernio Hernandez
28 Apr 2008

Spring Awakening's Blake Bashoff will play the title role in a by-invitation-only reading of Donnie Darko, a new play based on the 2001 cult film of the same name that featured Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore and Patrick Swayze.

Marcus Stern, the associate director of Massachusetts' American Repertory Theatre, has adapted the film for the stage and will direct the May 5 reading at the Mint Theatre on West 43rd Street.

In addition to Bashoff, the cast will also feature Linda Mugleston as Rose Darko, Blake Hammond as Eddie Darko, Maura Malloy as Elizabeth Darko, Carolyn McCandlish as Samantha Darko, Aya Cash as Gretchen Ross, Melissa Dye as Dr. Lillian Thurman, Xanthe Elbrick as Karen Pomeroy, Isabel Keating as Kitty Farmer, Joel Van Liew as Principal Cole, Clarke Thorell as Jim Cunningham, Eric Schneider as Seth Devlin, Lauren Roth as Cherita Chen, Curt Hansen as Rabbit/Frank and Jaqui Polk as Joanie. Seth Slar-Heyn will read the stage directions.

Donnie Darko, according to press notes, "is a mind-bending work of comedy, drama and science fiction with a rollercoaster plot that leaps from metaphysics to sociological warfare to teenage angst to family values." The plot concerns Donnie Darko, "a charming but troubled teenager, [who] faces a life-threatening experience that leads him to question everything he knows – and so begins one of the strangest, hilarious and most haunting stories ever told. During his journey, Donnie challenges the hypocrisy of his school and community. He baffles his parents and teachers with his odd, yet brilliant insights, and he falls in love for the first time with the girl of his dreams. The stakes could not be higher. Will he save the world or face his own demise?"

Donnie Darko was presented at A.R.T. in October 2007. The cast of local actors included A.R.T. company members Remo Airaldi (as Principal Cole), Thomas Derrah (Jim Cunningham), Will LeBow (Eddie Darko) and Karen MacDonald (Kitty Farmer) as well as Dan McCabe (Donnie), Flora Diaz (Gretchen Ross), Paula Langton (Rose Darko), Carolyn McCandish (Samantha Darko) and Mara Sidmore (Dr. Thurman).

Richard Kelly penned the original "Donnie Darko" screenplay.

Bashoff, who played a recurring role on ABC's "Lost," has also been seen on the television series "Judging Amy," "Numb3rs," "Without a Trace" and "One Tree Hill." His film credits include "Bushwhacked," "Big Bully," HBO's "A Child Betrayed: The Calvin Mire Story" and "The New Swiss Family Robinson." Bashoff is currently making his Broadway debut in Spring Awakening.

Industry professionals can request an invitation by e-mailing

From Lost Princess to Indie Queen

Good luck forecasting Emilie de Ravin's next big-screen role. The ambitious Aussie beauty, who TV fans best know as Lost's Claire Littleton, this week is celebrating the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Ball Don't Lie, yet another edgy endeavor she can add to her resume alongside Brick and The Hills Have Eyes. welcomed the chance to ask de Ravin about her latest "interesting" film role, her romantic comedy aspirations (if she has them) and, of course, the increasingly shaky outlook for Lost's Claire. — Matt Webb Mitovich So, tell me not to worry about Claire.

De Ravin: To worry or not to worry.... What can I say? Oh, you know my lips have to be sealed, unfortunately. Her pregnancy was positioned to be so significant to Lost's mythology, I always assumed she would be around for the long haul.

De Ravin: They're doing a lot of interesting things with my character, so I guess we will have to wait and see. [Chuckles] Do you have any private, top-secret insight into why Baby Aaron is with Kate in the flash-forwards?

De Ravin: No! I'm very intrigued to find out why, though. That’s one of the big questions I have right now. I always have at least one big question — and I never get answers until I get the script! Was it hard saying goodbye to Dominic Monaghan (Charlie)?

De Ravin: It was hard in many ways. We had gotten so close working together. It was very sad, very emotional. You must have thought that at some point they'd get to dive into their oft-stalled romance....

De Ravin: Yeah, but it got cut short, didn’t it? So, turning to your Tribeca Film Festival premiere, Ball Don't Lie: How does a pretty young thing like Emilie De Ravin fit into a teen boy's coming-of-age story set in the world of street basketball?

De Ravin: [Laughs] I'm actually in the flashbacks, playing the boy's (newcomer Grayson Boucher) mother. There are a lot of flashbacks, a lot of back-and-forth. She's a bipolar prostitute, so she's got a lot going on. But is she the bipolar prostitute with a heart of gold ?

De Ravin: With a heart of gold! She's a very sweet girl, but she's on the wrong side of the tracks. This film features quite the ABC all-star team. Harold Perrineau (Lost), Richardo Chavira (Desperate Housewives), James Pickens Jr. (Grey's Anatomy)....

De Ravin: I know! Was that coincidence, or did you all know someone who was putting this project together?

De Ravin: No, it was complete coincidence. It was funny when I heard that Harold was doing it because I never saw him on Lost. We had no work together. Do you have any other films in the works?

De Ravin: I worked on a movie last summer called The Perfect Game, which is a children's baseball movie based on a true story and set in the '30s. How did you like the 1930s' sort of wardrobe?

De Ravin: Oh, it's amazing. My character's wardrobe and speech is based on Katharine Hepburn, so it was a lot of fun researching that. I look at movies like Brick... you playing a bipolar prostitute.... Do you have any aspiration to be the romantic-comedy darling?

De Ravin: Oh, I'd like to do that as well. I'm just trying to explore everything. It's fun to mix it up as much as you can. I don't want to get pigeonholed in any one genre. I like to extend myself as much as I can and challenge myself. A romantic comedy would probably be a day at the beach after the likes of chasing zombies with a pick axe.

De Ravin: [Laughs] Exactly! It's a little bit different.

Source: TV Guide


LOST star MATTHEW FOX has a fiery temper - but only when he is driving.

The actor admits to suffering from severe road rage and always takes out his frustration on other drivers, screaming obscenities at people who fail to adhere to the highway code.

He says, "If someone cuts me up on the road. I will scream at them. Something like, 'Are you out of your f**king mind?' That's a special one of mine."But Fox insists he isn't as bad as his wife of 17 years, Margherita Ronchi.He adds, "My wife Margherita is from Venice, Italy - she yells at everyone!"

25/04/2008 16:25

Josh Holloway and Yunjin Kim are on TV Most Sexiest List

Emilie De Ravin Cast in Public Enemies

Emilie De Ravin

Emilie De Ravin (“Lost”) has been cast in a supporting role in Michael Mann’s “Public Enemies,” starring Johnny Depp. She’ll next be seen in “The Perfect Game” and “Ball Don’t Lie,” a selection in this year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

SpoilerFix (Spoilers) Finale

Episode 4.12: There's No Place Like Home, Part 1 (Season finale, part 1)
Airdate: May 15, 2008

04/28 - The face-off between the survivors and the freighter people begins. Guest starring are L. Scott Caldwell as Rose, Nestor Carbonell as Richard Alpert, Jeremy Davies as Daniel Faraday, Ken Leung as Miles Straume, Rebecca Mader as Charlotte Lewis, Jeff Fahey as Frank Lapidus, Kevin Durand as Keamy, Anthony Azizi as Omar, Andrea Gabriel as Noor "Nadia" Abed Jaseem, Byron Chung as Mr. Paik, June Kyoko Lu as Mrs. Paik, Lillian Hurst as Carmen Reyes, Cheech Marin as David Reyes, Veronica Hamel as Margo Shephard, Michelle Forbes as Karen Decker, Susan Duerden as Carole Littleton and Noah Craft as Hendricks. Source: ABC

Room 23 Dharma Logos

My first post at this blog and my first blogger post with images ever.
Two Photoshop attempts at creating a ROOM 23 logo and patch to indicate that this is a troll free zone. (Yes, I googled [tm] for and "stole" the Dharma templates) It the image symbolism isn't clear, the central horizontal represents a bridge, the traditional hiding place for trolls. The "no" symbol under the bridge then indicates "no trolls". On the patch the door with keyhole and key also indicates that this is a locked or members only room, also to keep trolls out. The roman XXIII room number should be obvious enough. I don't know if "trollis non interruptus" translates to "no trollish interruptions", but then I never studied Latin. = Napoleon =

New Poll: Transplanted Season 4 Stories

Darlton said that because they had to do fewer episodes this season they had to cut certain stories that will be picked up in Season 5. Some of these Darlton has said that these storie would be pushed into next season, some Im just guessing will be.

What transplanted stories are you most looking forward to in Season 5?

Libby's story

Ben, Annie & other Dharma wackyness

Frighter Away Team Flashbacks

Danielle's Story


Cindy's Story: Pre-Island & Island

Other (See Comment)

Original Sawyer Poll Results

Was Locke's Father (the original Sawyer) one of Widmore's men?

10 (32%)

21 (67%)

Votes so far: 31

Monday, April 28, 2008

Lost 4/17 Teleconference Full Audio

From Doc Arzt & Friends blog site

Want to know what all went down in this afternoons Lost teleconference with Darlton, but don't have the 40 minutes to spare? We have you covered. Here is a short and sweet summary of the teleconference. Beware of light spoilers!If you decide after reading the summary that you actually did want to hear Carlton's smooth baritone and Damon's vibrant soprano by comparison voices, check out the full audio here.Note: The points are listed by when they came up in the teleconference.

8-hour story was crammed down to 5 hours and felt rushed. Ended up expanding 80-page finale to 100-pages for extra hour.

On character deaths: "Some fates will be clear and some fates will be not so clear"
Know what the last scene of Lost is, but do have some leeway on the last line,
Every season of the show is a 'book', and the last chapter in the 'book' has to be the best chapter (referring to finales)
Locke and Jack represent the two different philosophical poles of the show. (Science vs Faith)
The title of the finale is "There's No Place like Home", part one on May 15th and part two on May 29th.
Read the Bible for information prevalent to Lost's future.
Learned most of the philosophical content of Lost from Philosophy 101 in college.
Damon and Carlton don't "bend to the fans will", but have the same overall reaction from the fans.
There are 34 episodes left in seasons 5 and 6.
They finished writing the season finale on Monday and are fine tuning it now.
The enhanced episodes are considered "cliff notes" for the show.
The final three hours of the show show how Jack and Kate become part of the 'O6 and how Sawyer doesn't. All balancing on the love triangle's axis.
They are planning an online prologue for season five, similar to 'Find 815.'
Orchid video pays off in a big way for the finale.
The story's that were dropped because of the writer's strike will be picked up in later season's
All the music in the show is very focused and intentional.
Everything that was set up in the first half of the season will pay off in the second half.
Season 5 should be launching in the last week of January.
They decided to expand on the Penny/Desmond love story, because of the incredible chemistry between the two.
You will be seeing more of Alan Dale (Charles Widmore) sooner rather than later, and more of him than you have seen.
On the "game changer" that would make the word flash irrelevant: "If we were to switch perspectives at any time and suddenly we were off the island focusing on the Oceanic 6 trying to get back, that would be the present, and what was happening back on the island [the 'woosh'] would be the either parallel present, possibly the past, or possibly the future."
The four toed statue was not too weird to be on the show, they are getting to who built it and why it has four toes in the shows future.
You will see smokey in the first episode back and get a "healthy dosage" of Jacob before the end of the season.
They are 'not commenting' on the mysterious London filming.
There will not be any Lost "spin offs." They want to bring the story to a close with the final episode.
Damon and Carlton spend more time with each other than they do with their wives, or even each other's wives.
The name 'Frozen Donkey Wheel' is not supposed to make any sense, but is an inside joke with the writers.
They will not comment on the fate of Rousseau, but they can confirm that she was indeed shot with bullets.
No regrets for making an end date for 'Lost', unless Darlton become replaced zombies or cyborgs.
Teleconferences come to an abrupt end.

Happy Birthday Jorge Garcia!

I was over at his blog and a lot of people are wishing his happy birthday today? They are saying that he's 35 today. So if you want to join in the well wishing go over and make a comment in any of the posts.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lost Character Designs slideshow

Are you interested in some some DharmaWear?

I have repeatedly posted this Dharma image for a reason. My sweet sister in a jewler. We have been working together to create a roughly 1-inch in diameter medallion/charm of this EXACT figure. Depending on success and requests, you all could eventually request your own "Dharma" station to be placed in the middle. However the 1st batch so to speak will be this generic one. I am paying for the development. ABC does NOT have the image or Dharma concept trade marked YET...but the marketing staff says they will be very soon and have deals in the works. I mentioned Diet Dharma Dew and she gave a HUGW laugh ans said she'll get right on that and give me a email ifshe can make it fly.

I digress. The mold is nearly done and the metals we will use is silver. I have no price as of yet. We will probably attach a nice silver chain to go with it, I am choosing a leather rope as a necklace, but we also could sell it for less as just a charm. And I will be doing this ONLY to friends of AICN TB and Room 23 so as to avoid any Imperial entanglements.

So my question... who in this group would be interested as long as the price is reasonable? Give me your name and email in the comments section below so I can get back to you and fill you in with news and development pics as they come.

Could ABC want a nice cut if this does really well. Of course. That is why this is being done for friends only and I am not trying to make more than a little bit of cheddar for the work involved.

Please - share with me your thoughts!

Eddy Hansen -

To Settle the AICN TB Arguement...

I have declassified a recent photograph of the youngest Hanso before a business meeting. May I introduce you to

Bonzo Hanso

Lost MP 01

Lost Missing Pieces - The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt


Lost Missing Pieces - 04. The Deal

The Lost Missing Pieces - 05. Operation Sleeper

LOST - Orchid Orientation

MAdTv Spoof from Fishy.

Black Smoke was pretty well done! They even worked the grumble in there a bit.

"I'm Invisible!" Very Funny.

mad tv lost spoof

Because...Laughing is Good for the Soul

The Pepsi Max Commercials were driving me nuts, so I had to go to the source.
An Absolute Classic

I know I know. NOTHING to do with LOST.
Consider it a commercial break for a quick laugh.

The Shape of Things to Come thoughts

It occurred to me this morning that while I have said many things about this episode, I never really posted my thoughts on the complete episode. So I could clean and pack before leaving for Philly today, or I could watch a great episode of LOST again.

So here are my thoughts on the rest of TSOTTC.

Did we miss this? After Ben told Locke he should safe by staying close he then said the people that were coming would not risk hurting him. If it’s a true war wouldn’t you want to kill your opponent? But not in this war. In this war Ben cannot kill Widdy and Widdy’s people cannot risk hurting Ben. Seems strange for a war.

I don’t think Claire was in the house. Of course, I could be wrong about this, but Sawyer asked that first guy who got shot if he saw if Claire left her house that morning. After he turned over the picnic table he was shouting for her. It could be that she was outside when the house exploded. Then again, Hugo said she was there after Locke told him to get the baby away from the window, so who knows.

Ding dong. With all the fire power and the explosion and the panic and mayhem...and as Sawyer is grabbing Ben saying it’s not such a bad idea to throw Ben to the wolves, Miles walks up and rings the doorbell. That’s hilarious.

For those that don’t think Ben is still in control of the island in the future, Sayid asked him how he got off the island after he tackled him in Iraq. Considering Sayid is one of the O6 and probably knows who was on the island when they left, and considering what Widdy says at the end of this episode, I’d say Ben being in control of the island is a pretty safe bet.

Ben manipulated Sayid...conned him into being his assassin. And he did it by lying, because Widdy did not kill Nadia...Ben had her killed. He knew of Sayid’s heart and what would make him think with it, and he intentionally turned Sayid’s own heart into a cold place. And he’s lied to him and told him Widmore did it so Sayid could focus his anger in the direction that will most benefit Ben.

You gotta love this character.

The smokie scene was about as good/bad as possible. Ben watching the carnage with a “mess with me, huh” attitude, Hurley asking if he called it, Miles and astonishment at what he was seeing. But when Locke asked him “What did you do?”, it seemed like he knew this was not supposed to happen...that what Ben had done was wrong...against the rules.

I know it’s easy to say anything after you know for sure what it is, but I totally called appendicitis during the Morse code scene.

The last scene with Ben and Widdy may be one of the best scenes in TV history. Ben accuses Charles of killing his daughter, Widdy says not to look at him with those horrible eyes and that Ben in fact killed that poor girl, Ben says it’s not true and he’s going to kill Penny so Charles regrets changing the rules. “I know who you are, boy...what you are. I know everything you have you took from me.”

We know who Ben is too. He’s a liar. A con. A person who will do and say anything to get to his desired outcome. So Widdy may be right about Ben. But Widdy may also be just as bad. In war, or even in games (and I do think this is a game of some sorts between these 2), it’s not as simple as some folks would have you believe. There’s not always good and evil. Sometimes all sides are bad. And when Ben said he was going to kill Penny, Charles didn’t flinch. In fact, he referred to it as a hunt...a game.

Now, to expand/give more thought on my “the gods” theory. Widmore says that island is his, “always has been.” What appears to be the ancient ruins of a giant 4-toed statue is on the island, so “always” would seem to be a very long time. That would seem to indicate Widdy’s been around quite a long while. We think others on the island have been around for a bit too. So are they immortals, as the gods were called?

The statue theory posted a few weeks back was that it was the Colossus of Rhodes, a tribute to the God Helios. Helios was oft times confused with Apollo. A few hundred years after the statue fell, a rich man is said to have bought the ruins.

So whether you agree with this or not, you have to consider that Widmore may have been around then and bought the ruins hundreds of years after they fell. Why would he want them. Well, when someone pays a tribute to you in such a fashion as building such a huge statue of you...

Yes. I think Widmore may be an aged Apollo. And he’s being bested by a lying mortal conman.

I may be wrong, but it’s out there in print for you to use against me later.

Now I have to go pack, vacuum, mop, get Melody to the kennel. Cr@p!! What was I thinking?


Saturday, April 26, 2008

(Spoiler) Lost at Home (Spoiler)

SPOILER ALERT! It was a big day for “LOST.” A week after a big shoot in Kaimuki, the crew moved to an even bigger stage on the other end of the island. A huge crowd of extras reported to the old Barbers Point Naval Air Station in Kalaeloa, taking over a massive hangar at the Ewa airfield. Inside Hangar 111, home to the University of Hawaii Pacific Aerospace Training Center, a historic scene was unfolding.

It was the return of the Oceanic Six. The moment when Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, Kate, and Aaron arrive back in the real world, a moment that the flash forwards seem to have been building backwards toward since the end of Season 3. Their rescue is as huge a media circus as you’d imagine, with a throng of reporters and photographers on hand as they step off the plane.
A military transport plane. That brought them back to the United States. Via Honolulu.
Actually, the dramatic disembarkation was to be filmed later. But today’s filming focused on an elaborate Oceanic Airlines-coordinated press conference. Or, as my two sources put it, “a big press con.” The world’s media was there for answers, as well as several familiar faces: Veronica Hamel (Margo Shephard), Cheech Marin (David Reyes) and Lillian Hurst (Carmen Reyes). But as “LOST” fans know, the answers they got merely raised more questions.

Ms. Austen, how old is Aaron? Ms. Kwon, what happened to your husband? Mr. Reyes, what of your fortune, and this hefty airline settlement? The answers they give, I dare not tell. But suffice it to say, the press is as skeptical of the official story as “LOST” toughest fans. (And Hurley’s hackles are raised by a query that’s been raised by viewers and comedians alike since Season 1.) Sayid toes the line, but isn’t happy about it.

And yes, the Oceanic Six make surprising mention of some long, lost friends. Three of them, at least, whose deaths occurred in each of the first three seasons.

Found on Hawaii Blog

(Spoiler?) Episode 4x13 There's No Place Like Home - Party at Hurley's Mansion

LOST Party

April 26th, 2008

Scaling down somewhat from the huge shoot at Kalaeloa on Wednesday, the “LOST” crew headed out to upscale East Honolulu today to film at a mansion in Kahala. Specifically, they returned to Hurley’s mansion as last seen in “Tricia Tanaka is Dead,” a $5.5 million property that’s actually on the market.

There wasn’t much to see from the street, but when a group of extras made a run for craft services they were impossible to miss. Party hats, loud shirts, a couple of cheesy plastic lei… it certainly looked as if Hurley has something to celebrate.

A young woman in a party dress was especially starstruck, in love with Jorge Garcia, charmed by the babies Aaron, and impressed by Naveen Andrews (Sayid)… who was there with Andrea Gabriel (Nadia).

What was the occasion? Who else was there to celebrate? I guess we’ll just have to wait for the season finale to find out.
Found on Hawaii Blog

Emerson Talks Lost - Death, Dear Ones and the Monster

In case you weren't paying attention last night, Michael Emerson, our beloved Benry, turned in an astonishing performance that was earning Emmy buzz before it even aired, and as far as I'm concerned, no one has ever done better work humanizing a supervillain.

I just rang up Michael to get his take on Lost's big game, Ben's current state of mind after the brutal death of [sobbing drowns out spoiler], and, oh yeah, his brilliant explanation of the monster's mechanics. Click in for the goods.Tania Raymonde, Lost


What's going on internally for Ben in that minute after Alex has been shot dead?Well, Ben is in a state of shock. Ben doesn't usually...Ben plays a game where a variety of outcomes are to be expected, but nothing outside the table of contents. In this case, something happened. Ben took what he thought was a safe risk, and it turned out to be a terrible risk. Someone else didn't play fair, so it's about as big a shock as Ben as ever had in his life.

Jumping to the end of episode then, Charles Widmore says, I didn't kill your daughter, you did. How much does Ben feel culpable in her death?

Ben is a guy who doesn't take things lightly, and I think he has a long memory. When Charles Widmore says that it's Ben's fault—that's a kind of sophistry on his part. He's suggesting that everything Ben has ever done has led up to this moment, the idea that who we are makes us guilty across the board. But Ben's not having that explanation.

I think Ben knows that his daughter died for a very particular reason, and that Charles Widmore is the guilty one. Whatever is going on between Ben and Charles Widmore, the ante just got raised about tenfold.

In the next episode there's a scene where it looks like Sawyer might get the chance to kill Keamy, who killed Alex. Is that the kind of thing that Ben would want to do personally, or is Ben more of a big-picture thinker, just gunning for Charles?

I think Ben is in a state of bloody-mindedness right now. I think he would like to personally pull the trigger on everyone connected. And we'll see whether he has that opportunity.Mira Furlan, Lost

Interesting. Do you expect to see Danielle and Alex again, hopefully, in one capacity or another? And what has it been like working with Tania Raymonde and Mira Furlan?

love both these actresses, and it feels like when a dear coworker moves on to somewhere, you feel sad and lonesome...and you realize how much you've personally got invested in these fictional relationships. You know how nobody is ever fully dead on Lost, so...I don't expect that we've seen the last of them. But maybe we've seen the last of them in their fleshly state.

So Danielle doesn't pop up in the next episode with just a minor flesh wound and come after Ben or anything?I don't—I don't think that's gonna happen...

Speaking of Danielle, I was hoping she would eventually get to kill Ben.[Laughs.] What a strange wish on your part.


Well, I say this with the utmost respect and love for the character, but Ben's an unkillable cockroach, and yet you would have to imagine someone eventually gets him. Juliet, perhaps?

Well, Juliet is certainly a dangerous character. I think more dangerous than we know at this point, and certainly there are issues between Juliet and Ben that have yet to be resolved. But you know, Ben's...his whole existence may end up being redeemed by the gravity and necessity of his mission.

Speaking of Juliet, that whole "You're mine!" opened so many more questions of what does he want from her. And then...I'm pretty sure Elizabeth Mitchell is like a foot taller than you, does that ever come into play when you guys are shooting scenes together?

[Laughs.] Yes, I have to say, that was not one of Ben's prettier moments, there at the place where Goodwin met his demise.

You know, when Ben gets outside his comfort zone, like many men who are geniuses or men of sophistication, there is some part of him, to compensate, that has been undeveloped. I think Ben is maybe socially or emotionally somewhat underdeveloped.

So sometimes, when he's stressed, he behaves like a teenager. Sort of. To me. So he says things bitterly...I think he possibly regrets them later, but he does behave impulsively sometimes. For this character who is supposed to be so calculated and such a chess player, he really does behave impulsively upon occasion.

Does he want to marry Juliet so she can have a million of his babies?

I don't think he even has a clear picture what he wants. That he wants is all he knows. She is a prize in his mind. Who knows what his sex life is, or ever would be? But somehow he's decided that she is to be his.


Do you almost feel like after that conversation with Charles we suddenly learned that Ben is the hero of the show, even though we didn't know he existed for the first season or two?

It feels like some kind of shift along those lines is happening, doesn't it? Because each season, it's like the lens of the show steps back a notch and shows the playing field of the show to be a larger one that we had thought at first.

I think this battle between Charles Widmore and Benjamin Linus, whatever it is, whatever the stakes are, whatever the game is, I think that's now big. That's a big, important thing.

And I think, I don't know if it's just from familiarity or instinct, but I think we like Ben Linus better than we like Charles Widmore. I think Charles Widmore is a more wicked man.

Partly just because Charles is really mean to Desmond, whereas Ben has always been very courtly and gentlemanly. He'll beat you to death, but he'll say thank you when he's done or something.

Yes. [Laughs.] That's right. Manners count, don't they? Come on!

OK I have some fan questions, if you don't mind. Harry asks: "Is Ben the monster's boss? Is Ben able to just take the monster out of his cage?" What's your sense of that whole thing?

Ben is privy to the secret mechanics of everything on the Island, so yes, he can sic the smoke monster—smoke's not the right word, but he can sic that thing on someone. But we don't yet know the recipe or the formula for how that's done, and we don't know what it costs. There seem to be a lot of forces on the Island, but nothing is for free. A toll is paid every time the machinery works. Everything is bargained.

Tom asks, "Did you have any sense that between the time Ben disappeared into the tunnel, and came back sooty later, that he was essentially in a time bubble where he worked out that Sayid would help him take down Charles Widmore, or do you think that was genuinely in the future?"

I had it in my head that those things were genuinely in the future. But the passage of time is being perceived differently by different people. I thought that period of time when he went down the tunnel to enable the smoke monster and emerged sooty, I thought that was just enough time for him to take care of that, physically, by himself.

I think it all has something to do with metallic dust. I think the smoke monster is connected to that ring of powder that surrounds Jacob's cabin. They've established that there are supermagnetic forces are at work on the Island, so what better medium for those forces to work through than through fine filings of metal?

Would you like join the Lost fandom? Because you would be really good at it.

We who work on the show—we're all Losties, too! We're all theorizing and trying to put the pieces together. It must tickle the writers to see us trying to work these things out!

OK, last question. Mark from Dundee, Scotland: "Where do you think Ben stands on a scale of one to 10 where one is Hurley, totally good; five is Locke, good but willing to do bad things to achieve his ends; and 10 is Charles Widmore, evil?"

I think Ben is not bound by your scale.

Source: EW

Paburrows thoughts on "The Shape of Things To Come"

I love Kate’s "You have a prescription for that?" Good foreshadowing of things to come.

When I was watching Keemy tell Alex to turn the fence off I was wondering what would have happened if Alex would have told Keemy No! would he have shot her?

I love how Ben was playing piano in the same house that Kate found Jack playing piano last season and how he had a shotgun hidden in the bench.

I felt that there were too many difference between Ben & Jack waking up for Jack to be time traveling. It’s interesting that Ben had a gash on his arm. It reminds me Of Wickmund in one of the Hatch videos he had lost his arm. Maybe he had an accident when trying to time travel. Kinds of like in Harry Potter when they lose body parts if they apperate incorrectly.

Looks like the red shirts in Locke’s camp are gone. I wonder when Jack's will get killed off. I loved it when Sawyer was dodging the bullets.

I love how Hurley puts Aaron in a laundry basket.

Also how Hurly is now part of the important Ben & Locke team Go Team Beckeley! Also how he breaks the window so that Sawyer & Claire can come in.

It’s interesting how Sayid just happens to look up at Ben just at the right time. Ben probably told Sayid about the boat since he knew that Sayid had used the boat when it was captured. I believe that this was the first time that we hear Keemy first name; I added it to the sidebar character info. I love how he tells him exactly who he is. That was sad the last words that Alex heard were Ben's mean words.

I love Ben's devious little smile when he knew that he had Sayid in his pocket, its like Alex said Ben gets you to do things by making you think that its your idea.

I love the Smokey attack; I posted some Smokey observations on the blog yesterday

I love how Bernard catches Faraday in his lie, Bernard is so awesome! I love how Sawyer has become the protector of the sane people. I have liked Sawyer since the end of season 1, but he just gets better & better.

I love Bens little beating stick. It’s great that they confirmed Ben & Widmores rivalry. When Widmore called Ben "Boy" and that Ben had taken everything that Ben had he toke from me (Widmore) was I’m guessing a reference to the fact that Ben grew up on the island, Widmore owned the island and was using Dharma to explore its special properties and Ben gassed all of Dharma and toke the island over and somehow made it so that the island could not be found.

New! ...from DharmaCo.

NEW!!! From DharmaCo's WetDreams life-size action dolls,
BrightEyes Edition TM

Dr Jack Shepherd
Drunk, Self-righteous, and ready to fix...YOU!

Why sail away? Hole up in your own hatch With Dr. Jack!

New Logo (j/k Paul): Courtesy of Napoleon Park

Welcome to ROOM 23
for people who like discussing LOST... but want the right to delete trolls.

Thoughts on episode 4.09

Right folks what a fantastic episode, a sign of things to come I hope...

Ben is great, his wee beating stick will hopefully make many more appearances...and how did he get to the desert, we will find out eventually...

Kacob will have answers for John, bring on episode 11...

Loved Sawyer standing up for Hurley, Locke and Sawyer at gunpoint...excellent, I was waiting for 10 paces and bang...

Sayid is fantastic, more Sayid please.. big is fucking Smokie....if Smokie wanted to haul ass and kill if it wanted, Ben could have sent it to kill everyone on the beach, maybe Ben is telling the truth, he aint that bad

Charles and Ben's story deepens, Widmore has been on the island I presume, he's seen the black rock, he may have been on it....with Alpert..thats why he bought the picture and all in eoisode 8...

The hotel meeting just makes me believe that Ben is the man in the coffin....but I do agree with whoever said above that both men being the others constant, that would be deep and brilliant..

Panny being threatebed with death, will Sayid do it, he knows about Penny from being on the boat with Des..maybe this is one killing too far....I really feel for Des..I hope he gets to be with her and live happily ever after..

Alex's death, didnt see that coming...the rules, who made the rules, Jacob..maybe Charles's father??? I would love a Widmore flashback now...maybe links in with a Rousseau or Alpert flash...

the story deepens and is truely fantastic..what a great way to come back after the break...

and as I said so far this season, it really doesnt feel like a typical Lost episode, there is a pace and urgency that is really hieghtening teh tension, if they can keep this up for another 2 and a bit seasons I might take a heart attack before it ends...

didnt even mention the Doctors death, lying Farrady, Bernards morse code mastery, Julliets cans, Claires explosion, Bens secret chamber with freaky symbol wall or the sick Jack..

what a fantastic episode.......

Friday, April 25, 2008

FOUND!!!! Pictures Released from Top-Secret Wedding of Room 23ers

Our Scoopage begins as we spot Fishy inside Hussey's . We assume it was for the dress, but she may also have been securing Node's fidelity. Or just getting drunk. Fishy likes herself some of that good ole' high alcohol content Canadian brew!

Next, the Happy Couple is seen arriving to the church in the only form of transportation available in Canada during the heart of Winter. April.

FINALLY! The happy moment caught on film. Vincent, serving as best man, yet in actuality being a female dog by the name of Madison, did not know who to kiss, so he/she just laid the tongue on both of them. Team Vincent Indeed!

Well, the deed is done, Ladies and Gentleman. Comments forthcoming from the blushing groom and insanely horny bride...or is that the other way around? We'll let them get started on the Honeymoon before we pry for more news and interviews. When you are ready Mr and Mrs Nodefish, we'd appreciate some words for all your fans!

Mirror Story in Vincent's Kennel
The Original Pooper-Scooper!!!

PODCAST IS HERE!! Episode 4x10 Something Nice Back Home

Fear Not Room 23ers! Go Nowhere else for
your Lost, um...STUFF! We Present - Kris.

Battlestar Galactica Anyone??

I realize we have the poor souls who cannot get Sci Fi or do not get the programming that delivers BSG in a timely manner. (Hellllooo RedfishBluefish). In considering the guilt trips being laid upon me by Napoleon and others for taking food out of the screenwriter's children's mouths, making them go hungry, underdeveloped, and probably developmentally disabled all because I share my computer's recording of their wonderful television show, I'm killing babies by sharing these torrents. Well hell - guess I'm damned now anyway, might as well go ass nuts!

Your Battlestar Galactica - Escape Velocity.S04E04.edshrinker.avi Torrent is nearly completed...wait for it...

Jimmy Kimmel Grills the Lost Bosses

Jimmy Kimmel Grills the Lost Bosses
Posted by DarkUFO

This is part two of funnyman Jimmy Kimmel's interview with Lost producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. TV Guide was able to sit in on the Q&A as the talk show host grilled the show's masterminds with his burning questions about how the season — and series — will end.

Jimmy Kimmel: Will Walt continue to grow until he's 9, 10, 11 feet tall?

Carlton Cuse: That's one of our favorite lines of the whole show: " Who told you that, Taller Ghost Walt?" You know, we went and had lunch at Arnie Morton's with Malcolm David Kelley, the actor who plays Walt.

Damon Lindelof: This was before the finale last year.

Cuse: And he was still the same size. We were like, "Thank God!" So we wrote him into the finale and then somehow, in that intervening six weeks, he hit puberty hardcore. He shows up [to shoot the episode] and it's like, "Wow, can he slam dunk?"

Kimmel: See, you should've gone for an Emmanuel Lewis or a Gary Coleman. [Laughs] In my opinion, the episode where Nikki and Paolo were buried alive was the most different of all the episodes. It almost seemed like a Twilight Zone with a little Romeo & Juliet thrown in or something.

Cuse: I think what you're responding to is that it was the one episode that sort of acknowledged that this is just a TV show. We were responding very directly to the fans' criticism of those characters. I think some people really appreciated it as a satiric exercise and some were kind of offended that we would —

Lindelof: Break the fourth wall.

Cuse: We take the show very seriously, but we do so with a spirit of fun. And I think we have to acknowledge that sometimes we make mistakes. Nikki and Paolo were a mistake. I mean, we're trying to push the envelope — some things work, others crash.

Kimmel: I doubt there's ever been a show more responsive to its audience.

Lindelof: It has to be. Because Lost is highly-serialized, we can jump the shark in such a way that people would stop watching forever. And some people have. If you were to poll them all, the common answer would be it got too complicated. People are constantly threatening to leave the show. It's not the most stable relationship. [Laughs] At a certain point, you go, "Come on! You're four years in. We're almost home. Just stick it out with us!"

Kimmel: By the final season [in 2010], it may get down to like 175 really hard-core viewers.Lindelof: [Laughs] As long as you're one of them.

Kimmel: I will be. I've never wavered. Some episodes blow me away more than other ones, but I try to look at the big picture. I defend it when people say, "Oh, this episode's not as good." Maybe it's because I have to do a show every night and I know it can't knock your head off every single time.

Lindelof: Do you feel like there's a creative decision we could make that would make you stop watching?

Kimmel: I mean, if the Globetrotters sailed up on to the island or if Tony Danza became a castaway….Lindelof and Cuse: Uh-oh. [Laugh]

Kimmel: Is everyone on the island from the planet Earth?

Cuse: [Long pause] Yes. That may be one of the best Lost questions we've ever been asked.

Lindelof: When you get asked questions like that, you have to be very careful how you answer.

Kimmel: Will we see the process of the Oceanic Six coming home and becoming international celebrities?

Cuse: We will probably not see them hanging out with Paris Hilton.

Lindelof: But you will see that period of excitement when they first come back before the end of the year. We really thought about, what would happen if there was a plane crash and everyone was believed dead and then six survivors turned up?

Kimmel: Someone would probably write a book. They'd do Good Morning America. And they'd get a big settlement from the airline.

Cuse: The settlement does actually come into play. That's a big plot point in the finale.

Lindelof: Would you book the Oceanic Six on Jimmy Kimmel Live!?

Kimmel: Absolutely. No question about it.

Cuse: The overriding goal of the characters in Season 5 is to get on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Lindelof: That's what Jack is talking about in the flash-forward. He's not talking about the island.

Cuse: [Laughs] "We've gotta go back…on Kimmel!" And Kate's like, "No!"

TV Guide: Do you feel pressure to live up to last year's finale? How do you beat the flash forwards?

Cuse: I don't know if you beat it. But the audience has been waiting to find out what happens after that scene between Jack and Kate [at the end of Season 3], and we're gonna deliver on that in the finale. We're doing some pretty cool s--t. It's just gonna be on a different bandwidth than last year. It's not about the M. Night Shyamalan trick.

Lindelof: Jimmy, that's actually a question I wanted to ask you. Do you find now that you've done the Ben [Affleck] and Matt [Damon] videos, everyone's saying, "How are you gonna top yourself?"

Kimmel: Yeah, but because that's a departure from my usual show, I have the luxury of not doing anything. So we're just gonna leave it alone. Certainly, if there were some spectacular idea, we'd do it. But there isn't anything better than what we did the last time.

Lindelof: That's the way we feel about last year's finale — that it's a special moment in time. That moment when Kate gets out of the car is a once-in-a-lifetime show experience.

TV Guide: The Internet has played a role in the buzz surrounding both of your shows.

Cuse: I don't think Lost could've existed in the pre-Internet era. Now you have the ability to both catch up with the show and also discuss and explain it. The camaraderie of the fans that come together over the Internet to discuss Lost is a huge factor in its success.

Lindelof: Lost has always been a cult show in its DNA. It started out as being the band that everybody was listening to and is sort of migrating down to the people who are just fans of punk rock.

Kimmel: When the series wraps, is there any chance of a Lost movie?

Cuse: Our goal is to finish the show and have it feel satisfying. We have no plans at this point to do a movie.

Lindelof: We don't wanna do "and then" storytelling. Like, "Yes, that's the entire thing. And then the one thing we didn't tell you was this."Cuse: When the show ends, it's over.

Lindelof: But I think it goes without being said that [until then], the show is gonna get weird. Weirder.

Cuse: [Laughs] I'm glad you added that amplification. Recently, we were doing [an interview for] a clip show and after about two hours of explaining plot, I was like, "This show is insane! We are certifiably insane people."

Kimmel: Then I'm insane, too, because I'm all in.

Source: TV Guide

The Misfit: MY Reviews!! Episodde 9 - The Sharp things COMING!!

MY Reviews!! Episode 9 - The Sharp things COMING!!
Here IS my REVIEW of The Sharp things COMING!!

DOC Roy LOOKS liked he tried to SAVE regina but DIES as he cant SWIM!!

WHy was BEN wearing a BIG coat in the DESERT!! CRAZY!!

It LOOKS like SAYID knew BEN before THE crash!!

It IS all VERY confusing AS I thought NADIA was ALIVE already!!

I dont UNDERSTAND why SAYID was shooting THE man with NO bullets!!

BEN is getting FORGETFULL!! He does NOT know the DATE!!

CLAIRE was stupid and LEFT the gas on AND her house EXPLODED!!

BEN has a BATcave!!

WHY did ALEX phone Ben with the CODE!!

It lOOKS like the ISLAND is stopping SAWYER from dieing AS he DODGED lots of BULLETS like NEON in the Matrixes!!

WHY did BEN not hide in HIS batcave BEFORE rather THAN hiding behind CHAIRS!!

I felt SORRY for ben WHEN Creamy Knocked Alex unconsious!!

The SMOKE monster is VERY angry!!

Bernard AKA Alvorn Hanso KNOWS morse code!!

Jack is Suffering FROM constipation!!

I enjoyed BEN and mr wideload TALKINGMR Wideload is AN alcolholik!!

BEN must have A lot of AIR miles as HE is always GOING to different countries!!

Lost: The Complete Fourth Season - The Expanded ExperienceAvailable December 9, 2008

Lost: The Complete Fourth Season - The Expanded ExperienceAvailable December 9, 2008

BURBANK, Calif., April 25, 2008 - From the halls of Seattle Grace Hospital to a mysterious South Sea island, life altering changes are everywhere in the latest seasons of two of television's top-rated dramas, available to own when Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Fourth Season - Expanded and Lost: The Complete Fourth Season - The Expanded Experience come to DVD and Blu-ray Disc from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. Along with every intriguing episode from each show's dramatic fourth season, these multi-disc sets come packed with memorable bonus features that will take fans even deeper into these "must watch" shows. Each ABC series comes to DVD and Blu-ray Disc just in time for fans to catch up on their favorite episodes before the new season begins.

Lost: The Complete Fourth Season - The Expanded Experience

Some of the Island's darkest secrets are revealed in the mind-blowing Lost: The Complete Fourth Season - The Expanded Experience, a five-disc compilation of all 14 one-hour episodes coming to DVD and Blu-ray Disc on December 9, 2008. With mesmerizing bonus features unavailable anywhere else, Lost: The Complete Fourth Season - The Expanded Experience teems with the kind of astounding discoveries and staggering events that have made Lost television's most compelling adventure.

More than three months after their fateful crash, the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 learn the only thing more dangerous than the Island might be the people who have come to save them from it. Every twist and turn, and all the secrets and clues of the boldest show on network television come together in one place, taking fans deeper than ever into the mysteries at its heart. Shocking revelations and subtle clues about The Oceanic 6, The Others, the Black Rock, the Dharma Initiative and much more make Season Four a must own DVD and Blu-ray for any fan.

Lost: The Complete 4th Season stars Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson, Jorge Garcia, Dominic Monaghan, Daniel Dae Kim, Henry Ian Cusick, Emilie de Ravin, Elizabeth Mitchell, Naveen Andrews, Yunjin Kim and Harold Perrineau as a group of castaways thrown together by fate. Produced by ABC Studios.

In its first three seasons, the series earned seven Emmy Awards and 20 more nominations, plus a Golden Globe and five more nominations.


* Lost Bloopers

* Audio Commentaries

* Deleted Scenes

* Lost on Location - Go on location with the cast and crew of Lost for a behind-the-scenes look at the making of some of Season Four's hottest episodes.

* Freighter Folk (working title) - Where did the folks on the freighter come from? Get to know them and find out what the show runners looked for in new cast members.

* Transforming Hawaii (working title) - From the deserted beach to urban Los Angeles, Hawaii serves as a global backdrop for the excitement and intrigue of Lost. Join the small army of technicians that transforms Hawaii to the Island as they go about their duties.

* Gun Tracking(working title) - Lost features a formidable array of firearms Get real life gun profiles and find out what it's like working with so much firepower.

* The Music of Lost (working title) - The Honolulu Symphony performs Michael Giacchino's award-winning score live for the first time ever. Witness the power of the show's many musical themes as well as its innovative use of instruments-and learn how music affects the production, from writing to directing.

*(Bonus info subject to change)

Lost: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD is priced $59.99 (SRP) for U.S.; $79.99 (SRP) Canada, from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

STREET DATE: December 9, 2008DVD Suggested retail price: $59.99 SRP U.S., $79.99 SRP CanadaBlu-ray(R)

Disc Suggest retail price: $96.99 SRP U.S., $109.99 SRP CanadaFeature run time: TBDRated: TV-14

Technical specifications may only apply to feature

DVD Specifications Aspect ratio: 1.78:1

Widescreen (Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions)

Sound: 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound

Languages: English, French

Blu-ray(R) Disc SpecificationsAspect ratio: 1.78:1 Widescreen (Enhanced for 16x9 Televisions)Sound: 5.1 Uncompressed (48kHz/16-bit)

Languages: English, French

Posted By: The ODI

The Original Sawyer Poll

I was thinking about all of the people that worked for Widmore that Ben has killed off ether by himself or through others. I got to thinking, Ben had Locke's Father (the original Sawyer) kidnapped and killed by Locke/Sawyer. Now I know that this might be far fetched, but what if Daddy Sawyer was of of Widmore's men? maybe Widmore even knew that Locke was special and kept testing him?

So my far fetched poll question is:

Was Locke's Father (the original Sawyer) one of Widmore's men?

Will there be Happily Ever After Dharma Style?

Node And MuliColoredSheFish WERE planning a Winter Wedding

But then Node's ONE TRUE LOVE reared it's ugly head!

Shiny Objects Distract Me

We watched...well, some of us watched seasons 1-3 between the S3 finale and the S4 premier. At some point during that time I made the observation that it seemed at times we were focusing on the trees and not the forest....looking at the time aspects or the monster or whatever and not seeing the big picture of what LOST is. Sometimes when there are such magnificent trees as time travel and a 4-toed statue and Juliet's cans and what not I have trouble seeing the forest all there to see.

Shiny objects.

But I'm trying. I'm really trying to focus on the big picture. If you're going to do that, you have to look back. So...............

We all know about the Apollo Candy bar. Apollo = Greek God of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing; music, poetry, and the arts; and more.

If you were reading our Room 23 blog or on the hiatus talkback on AICN a few weeks ago you may remember that I had a theory regarding the 4-toed statue being the Colossus of Rhodes....a statue in the honor of Helios...You can read that theory here.

Helios was imagined as a handsome god crowned with the shining aureole of the sun, who drove the chariot of the sun across the sky each day to earth-circling Oceanus and through the world-ocean returned to the East at night (wikipedia).

Sunlight which doesn't quite scatter right, Oceanus/Oceanic. hmmmmmmmm.......

So let's look at some big picture history of the gods.

The Greek Gods were known as The, not the band, rugby team, or TV show Immortals. Remember the comment Ben made to Richard Alpert about remembering birthdays? That would indicate "The Hostiles" (as they were known when Ben first met them) could be immortal.

In Greek mythology they said often that the gods were watching you or the gods be with you, etc. There were even examples, although for the life of me I cannot remember a specific example, where people would hear the gods speak. On the island we hear "people" speak in the form of the whispers.

Gods had children. Some became gods. Some did not.

If I remember correctly, at times mere mortals like Hercules were given tests to see if they were worthy to become gods. Some passed, most did not.

So now let's see if I can tie it all in.

During last night's episode when Ben said "he changed the rules" my eyes got wide and my brain nearly exploded. That led me to believe that it's a game (as it did Mr. Shrinker). And it would seem to be Widmore as the he Ben least that's a fair assumption, even though others could be made.

Ben then unleashes smokie. And in the fury that was unleashed there were loud sounds and flashes of light and the dark cloud that smokie is. To me, looking at this as a whole, Widmore changed the rules by killing a family member and Ben did something against the rules in releasing smokie.

All pretty logical.

Logical. It's logical to release smoke to kill your adversary's? Who has the power to do something like that? God?

No. The Gods.

In much mythology, even in an episode of the original Star Trek, the gods played games with people. They had contests between themselves involving people. And in those contests they had rules. If you did not follow the rules you could be banished...or worse.

Zeus was the God of Thunder. If you were in BC times and saw smokie and saw that a god released him with all the sound and fury and light show and devastation, what naturally occurring event that you could describe to people would you use? The God of Storms? I think not.

Jacob wasn't there and then was. And the cabin moves. And you are summoned to him, you do not go to visit him.

So in my opinion, Widmore, Jacob and The Hostiles are all gods. They never died, and they are still playing games with us.

But there are still those shiny objects, like Ben is not a god.

Ben is human. He wound up on the island by accident. And the gods/immortals we know as the hostiles took pity on him and thought him special because he lost his mother and then in a vision saw her on their island

But it's Widmore's island according to Widmore...and Ben "stole" it. Ben, a mere mortal, stole a place as special as this from a God. "I know who you are and what you are, boy." Who you are is a mere mortal, and what you are is a thief.

But why can Widmore not find the island? Was he banished?

And did Ben really steal it, or is he being tested to see if he is worthy of it?

And did Widmore break the rules by killing Ben's daughter if she wasn't really his daughter? And if Ben releasing smokie was his own version of breaking the rules, is Ben now not worthy?

Shiny objects. They keep distracting me from the big picture.


New podcast up - Summary

"Vapor" was rising off Ben. Him appearing in the desert is a "long setup."

Ben does "summon" the monster but can't necessarily control it.

Widmore scene was actually shot in London because Widmore actor couldn't get to Hawaii.

Equate Ben/Widmore scene to Pacino/Deniro in Heat.

There is a code of conduct between the two but that code may be governed by "larger forces."

Ezra James Sharkington born in 1805. 203 years old.

Remaining episodes will have flashbacks, flashforwards, flashsideways, and none of the above. "all bets are off"

Next week is Jack-centric

Spin-off? No answer.

Jungle Harper was actually Harper despite whispers before her arrival.

Darlton heading to Hawaii to oversee the shooting of the finale. Script in final revisions.


During the game of Risk Sawyer mentions that Austrailia is the key..could this have any significance?? Thoughts anyone??

Re-Introducing the Fresh Faces of Season Four (EW Style)

Since there is simply no sense in regurgitating the same information over and over again...and especially since the EW website has just done a fantastic job of laying out the "Need to Know" group of Losties that have joined the ride for at least the rest of Season Four...

(We are assuming you have watched through Season Four Episode Nine "The Shape of Things to Come").
Here we go, follow the link and enjoy some mostly spoiler-free info on new the additions to the Cast.

And when you get to the last profile, continue in to the other galleries at your own risk. We do not recommend nor advise against exploring stuff off the subject matter of our link. Remember to practice "Safe Surf" and be careful what you stick your mouse in to, you could catch something that doesn't come out with bleach.

Doc Jenson: Raiders of the 'Lost' Story Arc

In a flash-forward, Ben goes all Indiana Jones while setting up Sayid's employment as his hired killer and swearing vengeance for the death of Alex

By Jeff Jensen

Jeff Jensen, an EW senior writer, has been despondent since the cancellation of ''Twin Peaks''
Exactly two years from now, when ''Lost'' is in the home stretch of its final season, I have no doubt that the editors here will suggest the nifty idea of setting the stage for the show's climactic arc with (what else?) a list. In fact, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sneak into my secret room (sorry: can't let you in) and confirm this inevitable assignment by popping into the future using my own wormhole-powered Quantum Leapster. Just let me set the controls and follow the directions on my ancient hieroglyphic tablet here and...BZZZZZZ-BLINK. Bingo! There I am, sitting at my desk on April 25, 2010, typing up the list, just as I expected (except for the part where I'm actually employed by Wood Cabinetry Weekly; what the hell happened to me?), and there it is, sitting very high on this ranking of all-time pivotal Lost moments, the scene that we all witnessed in last night's episode: Ben's shell-shocked reaction to the assassination of his adopted daughter, Alex: ''He changed the rules.'' As for No. 1 on the list, that would be season 5's revelation that Jack is actually...BZZZZZZZ-BLINK. Damn! My frakking Quantum Leapster ran out of juice! Stupid alien technology! Maybe next week....

Of course, the irony of my fantastical scenario lies in the profound significance of Alex's death. The future has become unknowable and unreliable — at least as far as the once great and powerful Oz of the Others, is concerned. ''He changed the rules,'' muttered Ben, his battered and bloodied face dawning with horrifying awareness. ''He'' is Charles Widmore, the man on the other side of the cosmic chessboard to which fate-whipped Ben is shackled. And in ''The Shape of Things to Come'' — the ninth episode of Lost's fourth season — the whiskey-soused, nightmare-plagued billionaire Brit made a desperate, most unexpected move against Ben in his mad bid to gain (or is that regain?) that which was once his in the past, or (buckle up for this one, kids) that which was supposed to be his in the future.


(That was your brain sliding out your head and onto the floor, wasn't it? Don't worry. It gets slightly less ridiculous from here.) (Maybe.)

Benjamin...Benjamin of Araaaaaaabia!

''The Shape of Things to Come'' was one of those deliciously dense episodes in which the nourishment of revelation is mixed with huge chunks of sugary intrigue. Case in point: Ben's flash-forward, a kind of Indiana Jones tale — that is, if said tale focused exclusively on that evil idol-swiping rogue Rene Belloq. It began in the Sahara, where King Other suddenly (but perhaps not unexpectedly) found himself lying in the broiling North African sand, suffering from a bloody wound on his arm (also unexplained) and wearing a borrowed Dharma Initiative-issued winter parka. Was that a gust of frigid air we saw escape his mouth? I thought so. If Ben can bend space and time like our friend Hiro Nakamura — and this episode was studded with clues suggesting he has the means to do so — perhaps moments before doing the old squishy-blinky he was hanging with Penelope's geologists in the Arctic Circle. Or building a snowman with Henry Gale in Minnesota! Time to brush off my Heroes/Lost theory....

Seriously, I think we are looking at some kind of time-warping teleportation hoo-ha here. The name on Ben's Dharma jacket merits investigation: ''Halliwax.'' If you've seen the Internet-distributed orientation video for the Orchid, a Dharma station not yet seen in the show (but it will be — soon), you know it was narrated by the latest incarnation of Marvin Candle/Mark Wickmund, one Edgar Halliwax. You are probably also aware that the popular speculation is that the Orchid was conducting teleportation and/or time-travel experiments, perhaps using polar bears as guinea pigs. Did Ben launch himself into the Sahara from Dharma's own Quantum Leapster? And when? Is that where Ben disappeared to when he ducked behind his glyph door? Or is his time traveling yet to come?

Like Ben, I'm getting ahead of myself. After dispatching two gun-toting Bedouins on horseback, Ben wearily trekked to Tozeur, Tunisia. (Famous denizens: Aboul-Qacem Echebbi, a poet whose famed poem ''To the Tyrants of the World'' sounds like it was written for Charles Widmore.) Like Peter O'Toole walking out of the desert in Lawrence of Arabia, Ben walked into a hotel dusty and parched and checked in under his On the Road-inspired alias, Dean Moriarty. How often has Ben been here? He claimed that he was a ''preferred guest,'' and the clerk's nervous eyes confirmed that he was either an important client or a really notorious one. Oh, no! Not the guy who whizzes on the walls again! She was also a tad baffled when Ben fished for the correct date. It was October 24, 2005. I'll let you guys research the date for illuminating connections, although I can't resist noting that (1) October 24 is Take Back Your Time Day, appropriate to this season's time-travel themes, and (2) October 24, 1593, is the day in which a Spanish soldier named Gil Perez ''suddenly appeared'' in Mexico City, claiming that he had just teleported from the Philippines. Believe it...or noooooot. (My Jack Palance needs some work, huh?)

Of course, we must note here that Lost has once before brought us to Tunisia. Flash back to ''Confirmed Dead,'' when freighter folkster Charlotte Lewis discovered the Hydra-station tag at an archaeological dig — the one that turned up a polar-bear skeleton. In my ''Confirmed Dead'' TV Watch, I wondered if Dharma was using polar bears as guinea pigs in its time/space-warping experiments. But given the implication that Ben is something of a frequent visitor to Tozeur, I wonder if he's the conniving agent responsible for the skeleton. After all, there is the increasingly popular theory — well promulgated in this space over the years — that dark forces have been manipulating the lives of the castaways so that they would wind up on the Island for the purpose of preserving (or destroying) the current timeline. Certainly the freighter folk could have been similarly manipulated; did Ben plant that dead polar bear in the desert to facilitate a future in which Charlotte came to the Island? Time will tell.

After Tozeur, globe-trotting Ben bummed it to Iraq, which also happens to provide a crucial setting for the book from which this episode took its title: H.G. Wells' 1933 novel The Shape of Things to Come, a work of speculative sci-fi in which a technologically oriented cabal based in Basra attempts to foist its notion of world-state utopia upon the planet. (Wells also penned a screen adaptation, 1936's Things to Come, in case you believe that investigating a moldy movie for Lost resonance is easier than reading a moldy book.) What brought Ben to Iraq? Giving flash-forward Sayid his avenging-angel makeover. We discovered that early in his off-Island Oceanic 6 life, Sayid reunited with lost love Nadia and married her. Alas, shortly before the events of this episode, she was killed, and according to Ben, the murderer was an assassin in the employ of Charles Widmore. Ben's pursuit of this Widmore pawn was merely an elaborate setup designed to manipulate Sayid into wanting to become his dark-knight avenger — confirmation of and payoff to Sayid's cryptic assertion in the climactic twist ending to ''The Economist.'' But the revelation here is that both master and servant — the Darth Sidious and Darth Maul of Lost — are motivated by deep personal loss. With just a few scenes to execute this business in a busy-busy episode, Michael Emerson and Naveen Andrews did some really nice work selling us on everything we needed to know and feel about their angry, bloody alliance. (Coincidence or conspiracy? Bob Kane — creator of pop culture's most famous heartbreak-spawned dark knight, Batman — was born in 1915 on...October 24.)

There Will Be Blood. And Smokey, Too!

Ben's V for Vendetta motivations were established in his part of the episode's Island-present story, in which Widmore's freighter mercenaries stormed New Otherton determined to abduct their boss' nemesis. I liked the comedic touches: the high-stakes game of Risk (Sawyer's foolish if successful play for Siberia foreshadowed Ben's mad and unsuccessful gambit to save Alex); the ringing phone signaling the deactivation of the sonic fence (''I think it's for Ben''); the ringing doorbell bringing Miles Straume into the action. (I was also amused to learn Ben was hiding a shotgun in his piano bench; so much for being under house arrest.) The action was intense; lots of redshirts got wasted, while Claire's house was obliterated by a rocket, though Aaron's mama herself survived. Kinda hard to believe, but I rolled with it. (FYI: A scene in which Claire experienced a hallucination/prophetic vision was shot for this episode but cut for lack of running time, but I'm told we can expect Claire intrigue to ramp up next week.)

The death of Alex was hardcore. Clearly, the girl's executioner, Keamy, didn't want to pull the trigger, despite his vaunted Ugandan badassery. My take on what happened is this: Papa Linus — hoping Keamy wouldn't have the stones to kill Alex if it gained him nothing — tried to convince him that his adopted daughter, kidnapped from ''an insane woman'' out of pity, really did mean nothing to him. It was a moment reminiscent of the coldhearted father-son square-off in the final act of There Will Be Blood. (I will spoil no further if you haven't seen it.) Keamy put a bullet in the back of Alex's head, anyway. Ben was devastated, naturally, but there was more to his soul-rocked shock than the mere sight of Alex's murder. My interpretation of ''He changed the rules'' wasn't so much Widmore and I agreed to wage our battle according to a certain set of limitations and regulations, but rather, simply This was not supposed to happen. As I've long insisted, I believe Ben's genius is derived from having knowledge of future events, via time travel, Desmond-esque precognitive flashes, or the other hot conjecture of the moment, time-loop theory, the idea that Ben has lived this life many times before. So a monkey wrench like this pretty much wrecks Ben's entire game.

Then came the episode's other soon-to-launch-a-thousand-theories scene, not to mention what might be one of the most important ''Easter eggs'' Lost has ever planted. After yanking himself out of his stupor, Ben retreated to his secret room, the Island's wizard scurrying behind his curtain to consult his gizmos and magic for answers. Shutting out Locke and company, Ben opened a wooden door carved with all sorts of hieroglyphics — similar to the ones on the countdown timer in the Hatch — and disappeared down a secret passage. As it happens, when I visited the set of Lost a few weeks ago during the filming of this episode, I stumbled on the glyph door. Take a look:

(Image uploader is having problems on Blogger, I will put it up when I can)

Have fun decoding that. I'll take my stab at a theory in my Doc Jensen column next week. But where did Ben go? For now, I'm going to side with what is certain to be the popular conjecture: that he crawled into the Island underworld and asked Smokey the hellhound to eat that bad man who killed his daughter. His ash-covered clothes would seem to confirm that. So would the fearlessness and glee on his face as Smokey indeed thrashed the freighter mercs to death in the most spectacular display of Smokeyness the show has ever given us; it reminded me of the God storm unleashed upon the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. While all of this seems almost too obvious to be true, for the moment I can't come up with any alternative theories, but if we were to find out that Ben's hidden corridor leads to the Dharma Quantum Leapster (created, no doubt, using instructions decoded from that glyph door), and that in the five minutes he was absent from Locke and company he did weeks if not months of off-Island traveling (and grieving, regrouping, and re-strategizing) before coming back focused, strong, and empowered with the necessary knowledge to defeat his enemies, well, it wouldn't surprise me at all.
Meanwhile, on the other side of the Island...

Jack wobbled around the beach, sick; the freighter doctor washed up in the surf, throat slit; Faraday telegraphed the freighter and told the castaways that all was cool, that the choppers were coming to rescue them in the morning; Bernard, who can decipher Morse code, busted Faraday for lying, revealing that what the freaky physicist was actually told was that the freighter doctor was still on the boat, alive and well; and Jack, finally resigning himself to the fact that Locke was right and he was wrong about the freighter folk, asked the question that promises to finally galvanize his season 4 story line: ''Were you ever going to take us off of this island?'' Faraday broke his heart: ''No.''

I'm sticking to basics here, as I happen to know more than I can tell; reporting our recent feature story made me privy to upcoming developments in the Jack Camp arc, and I find it hard to analyze and theorize without betraying what I know. More on this next week.

(Fun Fact! The first U.S. transcontinental telegraph line was finished on — yep — October 24, 1861.)

London Calling

In the episode's final moments, Ben paid a visit to Charles Widmore at his London home in the middle of the night. Ben blasted his enemy for killing his daughter. Widmore — who has taken to self-medicating with MacScotch as a result of nightmares — blasted right back, saying it was Ben's own damn fault that Alex was dead. ''We both know very well that I didn't murder her at all, Benjamin....You have the audacity to pretend you're the victim....I know who you are, boy! What you are. I know everything you have you took from me....That island's mine, Benjamin. It always was. It will be again.'' Ben then dared him to find it — right after pledging to get even with his game-changing opponent by killing his daughter, too: none other than Desmond's sweetie, Penelope.

Widmore's cryptic comments will no doubt be as debated as the glyph door. My interpretation returns us to the beginning. Ben and Widmore seem to be engaged in a war — a war for the Island, a war over time itself. For a long time, Ben was winning that war by either facilitating or managing a new timeline of events, one that denies Widmore his predestined life — a life that may have been ruinous for the entire world. But victory for Ben hinges on knowing or at least anticipating the future — and with Alex's unforeseeable death, it appears Ben has become omnisciently challenged. Once, he was able to see the shape of things to come. Now, the future is as hazy as Smokey himself.

And with that — PLOOOP! I turn it over to you. What did you see? What are your theories? Why do you think it's so important to Ben that Locke stay alive? What do you think is ailing Jack? Go!