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Friday, April 25, 2008

New podcast up - Summary

"Vapor" was rising off Ben. Him appearing in the desert is a "long setup."

Ben does "summon" the monster but can't necessarily control it.

Widmore scene was actually shot in London because Widmore actor couldn't get to Hawaii.

Equate Ben/Widmore scene to Pacino/Deniro in Heat.

There is a code of conduct between the two but that code may be governed by "larger forces."

Ezra James Sharkington born in 1805. 203 years old.

Remaining episodes will have flashbacks, flashforwards, flashsideways, and none of the above. "all bets are off"

Next week is Jack-centric

Spin-off? No answer.

Jungle Harper was actually Harper despite whispers before her arrival.

Darlton heading to Hawaii to oversee the shooting of the finale. Script in final revisions.

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