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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Room 23 Dharma Logos

My first post at this blog and my first blogger post with images ever.
Two Photoshop attempts at creating a ROOM 23 logo and patch to indicate that this is a troll free zone. (Yes, I googled [tm] for and "stole" the Dharma templates) It the image symbolism isn't clear, the central horizontal represents a bridge, the traditional hiding place for trolls. The "no" symbol under the bridge then indicates "no trolls". On the patch the door with keyhole and key also indicates that this is a locked or members only room, also to keep trolls out. The roman XXIII room number should be obvious enough. I don't know if "trollis non interruptus" translates to "no trollish interruptions", but then I never studied Latin. = Napoleon =


Napoleon Park said...

Hey, it worked. Correct position, same size as I made them, no typos. Not too shabby for a first time poster, huh? - Oh, check out my self-portrait icon - a modified version of the KFC logo. Am I finger lickin' good or what?

Paul Burrows said...

Great job NP! I like the top one best since its clean & less cluttered. The second one is good also though. Great icon also.

Edshrinker said...

EXCELLENT work Napoleon. I am partial to #2 withy the color and Latin-ish expression that is easily interpreted by any troll. Very nicely done my friend. Most impressed. I would love a larger busier one (well then ...maybe my lazy butt should get to work) that has some pythhhon worked in L "Whhhaaaaat is your name? Whhhhaaaaaaat is your quest ?
Whaaaaat is the air speed velocity of an unlaided swollow?"

Well, you have to know these things when you are KIng you know.

RIP: Graham Chapman

rbrog77 said...

That's really good NP. ;->

Anonymous said...

NP - I like the top one. Good work, my fellow Michigander!