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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


LOST star MATTHEW FOX has a fiery temper - but only when he is driving.

The actor admits to suffering from severe road rage and always takes out his frustration on other drivers, screaming obscenities at people who fail to adhere to the highway code.

He says, "If someone cuts me up on the road. I will scream at them. Something like, 'Are you out of your f**king mind?' That's a special one of mine."But Fox insists he isn't as bad as his wife of 17 years, Margherita Ronchi.He adds, "My wife Margherita is from Venice, Italy - she yells at everyone!"

25/04/2008 16:25

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ChrisVenom said...

LOL! I can picture him doing that and saying," You have to GO BAAAACCCCKKK, you cant merge into traffic like that!"