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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Game Darlton: Node's Questions

I know Darlton wouldn't answer, or at least wouldn't give me a straight answer, to anything about the details of Lost's plot so I'm going to go a different route.

5. Have you thought about working together on another project after Lost? What ideas would you like to see happen if you have any? Do any involve zombies? Would you consider hiring me as a writer for any of them?

4. What specific aspects of the the show did each of you come up with? Who thought of DHARMA?

3. What challenges did you face in order to be where you are today as producers of a successful network television program? Overall, has ABC hindered or helped the show in your opinion?

2. Would you mind signing my "Desmond is my constant" t-shirt?

1. Do you have Emilie de Ravin's phone number?

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Napoleon Park said...

5. Yes, we can't tell you, no and can you get your resume to our agent?

4. We just filled in the holes in JJ Abrams outline. Hindu priests.

3. Breaking in, finding work, coming up with something that grabbed the public's attention. Being a national broadcast television network, ABC was essential in our having a hit show on a national broadcast television network; we couldn't have done it without them. That said, the various hiatuses and delays, postponements and random reruns during season two nearly killed us and we're glad they agreed to let us have uninterrupted seasons after that. Oh, and their promo department gets a little spoiler-y at times, but still, no network, no hit show.

2. Do you have a Sharpie [tm]?

1. Yes we do. (smirking) She works for us.