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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Because...Laughing is Good for the Soul

The Pepsi Max Commercials were driving me nuts, so I had to go to the source.
An Absolute Classic

I know I know. NOTHING to do with LOST.
Consider it a commercial break for a quick laugh.


Napoleon Park said...

I [heart] Pepsi Max. I don't think Jolt Cola ever did a diet pop, and since they don't have "all the sugar" anymore it's about time one of the majors ran with the "twice the caffeine" concept. A glass of Max can keep me writing for hours. A two-liter, for days.
Pepsi Max > Coke Zero, though I like the subliminal "getting thinner" image of the Coke Zero logo. Some of those flavored Pepsis they marketed last year, like the Caramel and the "Black Cherry French Vanilla" flavor were pretty good, too. Though the idea of "strawberry's and cream" cola didn't work for me.
Diet Dr, Pepper has always had the best - most like the non-diet original - flavors. Did anybody try their limited edition Chocolate Cherry flavor? A nice stand alone dessert pop.

ChrisVenom said...

Ha! I remember that skit! What the hell happened to Cheri O'Teri and Jim Breur?

Napoleon I had the Chocolate Cherry flavor, that was pretty tasty. I'd buy a whole case of that, were it still sold now.