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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Results of 2 Polls

Who will be the Ultimate Big Bad of the series LOST?

Chuckles Widmore 7 (53%)

Ben Linus 2 (15%)

Matthew Abaddon 1 (7%)

The Dharma Project 0 (0%)

Richard Alpert 2 (15%)

John Locke 2 (15%)

Jacob 1 (7%)

One of the Hanso's 2 (15%)

Vincent 2 (15%)

Votes so far: 13

In the Flashforward in Ji Yeon, where is Jin?

Dead 2 (14%)

On the Island 12 (85%)

He made it off the island separate from the Oceanic 6 0 (0%)

Votes so far: 14

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