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Friday, April 25, 2008

Some SPECIFIC Observations

So - it seems to be all a game between Widdy and Ben.

And when you know the future - it is against the rules to move in the past to change the future. Ben and Widdy have daughters that were to grow up into healthy happy old women. Widdy has "F'ed" with that timeline.

The subtle thing was this: Remember the "incident"
where Halliwax lost his arm?. Ben went "through the Machine" or whatever to teleport into the Sahara (love the effects with the coldness/steam breath...very cold when you are teleported - hence the jacket) and did you see the wound ON HIS ARM!! It is a wound, that if it was worse, would have taken his ARM OFF - JUST LIKE HALLIWAX!!! They obviously made improvements, Ben kept the arm, but there is obviously a glitch causing the same frackin injury when you use the machine. Very cool.

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