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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A small, but perhaps significant theory. (Or maybe you will just laugh out a snot bubble)

I am in a position to have to paste quite a few verified spoilers to make sense of my theory, so it must disappear behind the wonders of >>>InvsoText<<< . Just a word - the theory is in regards to little John, Emily Locke, her SECOND child and who that child was. Read on if you cannot resist reading a hack's theory on how the Locke family may tie in to the Linus Family.

Five-year-old Boy - Caucasian, green eyes, sweet, shy, tentative and smart. Has to take a test and becomes nervous about passing. Teenage Boy - Plays as 16 or 17, Caucasian, green eyes. Angry, a little nerdy, defiant and rebellious. There's a lot more to this kid than meets the eye. Tries to fight back against older, stronger boys but is pushed into a locker. Teenage Girl - Plays as 16, Caucasian, red hair (or willing to dye hair red). Emotional, prone to dramatic gestures, passionately in love and fights with her Mom about it.
Source: Lost Spoilers

I am torn as to whether this is a teenage love interest for John Or Maybe...his sister? Why would this be important? Read on...

Late word from Wahiawa United Methodist Church, reporting several "gorgeous" 1950s or 1960s cars. And one of them was apparently enlisted to film a dramatic scene in which a little girl runs out of a house and gets struck in the street. Source: The Transmission

Noe, if this is not John's teen crush, but his baby sister. I girl he is meant to protect. And she runs out into the street as John and her mother both scream, STOP!...ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!

You see one of the other boy at this school is Benjamin Linus and his love for Annie is well established. They were sent away to a "normal school" when all of Dharma died and they continued their love affair.

You see, Ben has a connection to John he is not aware of. He is the man Ben also blames for not protecting his sister and allowed her to become a speed bump in the road. Rumors are Richard Alpert is there lurking around - looking after Ben, the child king to come. So many characters so long ago shaping history...there is something a four-toed-a-Foot!

OK - For theories, it is on life support. I am far from the Brodarlton level. But I had these images from the day I read this last month so I thought I'd post it for your flaming. Put a little Keamy on it.

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