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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Game is AFOOT!!! Napoleon Park has 5 questions for a Darlton that is ready to spill some goodies!!!

Napoleon Park work hard to put together 5 questions we all want answered. Who is out there than can wear the tighty whities of Darlton, pull them up, tuned to their highest torque and give us the answers all of us LOST FANS truely deserve. Spill it psdeo-Darlton. End the suffering. Bring us the picture we needso that we may lookk back as the episodes continue and go, "Yeah, that's the part. That is where it all ties together. Napoleon Park, I know you brought the goods. I haven't read it yet - I'm counting on you. For the DaRLTON TO you are! AND PLEASE ANSWER IN THE comments section BELOW so there is plenty of room.

5.)- Are Steve and Tracy still together and have they bonded emotionally or are they just in it for the shared body heat?

4.)- If the show had been canceled with the initial 13 episodes you would have at least introduced the shows original main characters. Has there always been an exit plan so that if the show were canceled at the end of season two or season three you could tie enough of the plot up to provide a satisfactory ending, or have you always felt you'd need five to seven years to tell this tale?

3.)- The creator of Gilmore Girls always said she knew the shows final line of dialog. Of course they were removed from the show and didn't get to use it. You've stated in several interviews that you know the series final scene and have from the start. Knock on bamboo that nothing tragic should ever happen to you, but just in case, do you have that final scene written down somewhere where your writing staff could find it, just in case? Don't you owe the shows looyal fans at least that much?

2.)- Some early viewers criticized the show because they said the characters never asked the big questions. That's what I've enjoyed so much about season four so far: characters directly asking and clearly answering the obvious questions. But John Locke asked Ben Linus a biggie and Ole' Sneaky ducked it. So I'll ask you: "What is the Smoke Monster?"

1.)- "You're making this stuff up as you go along, aren't you?" No, just kidding, that's not the question. Given any thought to what you're going to do for an encore? No, forget that, skip that. Here's what I really want to know. Was there ever any thought to making "Lost" a reality-rooted action-adventure series, or has it always been meant to turn into some crazy science-fiction time-traveling occult fantasy mish-mash mishegos? Yes, that's my real question.

Darlton - you may answer inbetween the questions if you like, or number your answers 1-5 and go right to THE COMMENTS SECTION. The choice is yours, oh holy ones.

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Edshrinker said...

5.)- Having endured the whole Nikki and Paolo experience, I am reluctant to give anymore backstory to those two. Let's just say Sawyer is a pig and what he thinks he saw, he didn't see and there is nothing untoward happening between them (wink)
4.)- Wow. Great question. We always had faith in the Mensa level intelligence of the muckity mucks at ABC. We knew that every decision they made would be prudent and perfect and fall right in line with what we were trying to do. Look - we needed seasons 5 and 6 and only 16 eps is each and BOOM, there they are. Seriously though, we could never have developed Dharma and the backstory with 2 seasons. We would have had to make it a creepy jungle mystery with strange monsters. Wait....

3.)- I think you'd be so un-awed by the our final line of dialogue, you'd be kind of like, "whatever". I could have written that. In face, why don't you write it? We'll just leave -insert here- and have a contest for the final line. As for the final scene, I think enough are involved in the sequence of storytelling that the final scene, or parts of of, swirl in the heads of several of the writing staff here. Point is, if anyone else steps in, they'd probably change it anyway.

2.)- As we have said - you learn a little more each time you see it. And you will learn a BIG part of it's nature by the end of season 4. OH TO HELL WITH IT - Smokie is a manifestation of the mind - the Orchid has a system which reads the mind of inhabitants of the island, then takes the images to conjure up our greatest fear, or people and objects in our past which hold serious mental weight in our minds. And it has gone a bit wonky.

1.)- Yes. And then some. To all the questions.