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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Rest in Peace Alexandra Linus Rousseau

I could not choose between the beautiful "powty" and the beautiful "Happy"
So we have them both.
GoodBye My Dear
May Keamy take one in the nut sack and two in the forehead for what he did to your beautiful smile!

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Edshrinker said...

Not "classically" beautiful, but as the series continued, the more I warmed up to Alex. She has a beauty that just resonated from the inside out. I will miss her.

I changed pics for her memorial. The screenshot I initially clipped was her reaction to Ben saying "she means NOTHING to me" his ploy to get Keemy to spare her. Awful and heartbreaking and I ma glad I did not use it. Great acting.

Keemy is going to get one in the middle of the forehead by either Ben or Sawyer. Seems Sawyer has become the Big Brother to all the 815ers younger to him. I absolutely LOVE how his character has evolved. He risked life and limb to find Claire with bullets and RPGs flying around. He is becoming quite the "unglorified" hero.