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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hey, Hugo? Do you have any Dharma Puffs Left?

Jorge Garcia talked to AOL TV's Kimberly Potts about fan and cast reactions to plot twists, being an action figure and the scoop on Smokie and its cameo this season. Could it be Smokie just needs a few bucks for a pack of smokes to keep his image up? All this hostility...

1. Will we see another Hurley-centric episode this season?
I haven't seen one yet. Actually, I think there might be a ... uh, I probably shouldn't say that. No, there hasn't been one yet.

2. Fans seem more excited than they've been since the Season 1 ...
Definitely. When I was reading the script for the season finale last year, where you saw that Jack and Kate weren't on the island anymore, it got me excited for where we were going, the way finding out Locke was in a wheelchair did. This has definitely made us hungry for what's going to happen next, and it's very reminiscent of Season 1 for us, as well.

3. Do you know what will happen in the season finale?
No. I know what happens in episodes 9 and 10, and I just got the script for episode 11 and read it, and that's all I know. We actually knew more than usual this year, because the season started late with the strike. But usually, we would be about two episodes ahead of the fans.

4. What would you like to see Hurley do the rest of this season?
I think he's steadily, throughout the seasons, taken a little bit more of a stand, kind of had a little more confidence as far as what his own role in this whole adventure is. Like when he saved the day at the end of last season, or when he acts as a leader. He's coming more into the ownership of taking those kinds of roles and I like that aspect of him.

5. What's the storyline you're most anxious to find out more about?
The thing in the woods that knocks the trees down and is made of smoke -- that's a piece of the puzzle I'm fascinated by, and want to know what that is. It's tough, because you feel sometimes like you're getting more information, and it just brings up more questions. But something happens, that's coming up, that involves that thing, and it's just it's pretty crazy.

6. Was it weird when you first saw your action figure?
The action figure was awesome. I loved playing with the 'Star Wars' action figures when they came out, so to get to be a toy, it feels like you get to make your mark in pop culture. I actually did a signing for the figures at the big Toys "R" Us in New York, and afterwards, me and one of the producers, Bryan Burk, bought a ton of them and shipped them all home.

7. What made you decide to keep a blog?
I thought it would be fun to do because it would keep people hungry during the times that we're not on the air. There was a little scare, I think, at first, that I was going to talk about shooting [the show] and stuff. So I thought it'll just be a fun little way to share some pictures, and people can get to know a little more about me if they want to.

8. What's on your TiVo list?
I was taping all of the 'Battlestar Galactica' marathon [recently] on Sci Fi, so I could fill in all the gaps before the new season starts. I TiVo 'The Daily Show.' And 'Ace of Cakes.' It's funny, because I said in some magazine interview recently that I watched 'Ace of Cakes,' and they sent me a big box of ... Charm City Cakes stuff, like an apron and T-shirts, hats -- they even make drumsticks.

9. ... Maybe they'll make a Hurley cake?
Well, I called them to thank them for the box of stuff, and they put me on speakerphone and I said hi to everybody, and they invited me to come visit. And they said if I came by, they'd drop what they were doing and make an awesome 'Lost' cake. So that would be fun, for sure.

Source: AOL TV

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