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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Are you interested in some some DharmaWear?

I have repeatedly posted this Dharma image for a reason. My sweet sister in a jewler. We have been working together to create a roughly 1-inch in diameter medallion/charm of this EXACT figure. Depending on success and requests, you all could eventually request your own "Dharma" station to be placed in the middle. However the 1st batch so to speak will be this generic one. I am paying for the development. ABC does NOT have the image or Dharma concept trade marked YET...but the marketing staff says they will be very soon and have deals in the works. I mentioned Diet Dharma Dew and she gave a HUGW laugh ans said she'll get right on that and give me a email ifshe can make it fly.

I digress. The mold is nearly done and the metals we will use is silver. I have no price as of yet. We will probably attach a nice silver chain to go with it, I am choosing a leather rope as a necklace, but we also could sell it for less as just a charm. And I will be doing this ONLY to friends of AICN TB and Room 23 so as to avoid any Imperial entanglements.

So my question... who in this group would be interested as long as the price is reasonable? Give me your name and email in the comments section below so I can get back to you and fill you in with news and development pics as they come.

Could ABC want a nice cut if this does really well. Of course. That is why this is being done for friends only and I am not trying to make more than a little bit of cheddar for the work involved.

Please - share with me your thoughts!

Eddy Hansen -


rbrog77 said...

I love this idea. I'll even drive down to get mine.


Napoleon Park said...

I spent half an hour Googling and Wiki-ing for jewelry, tie-tacks, etc. And I can't find the technical term for those pins that are like thumbtacks on the back of cloisonne pins and some ID badges the pass through fabric and then fit into a spring loaded circular clasp. Not a regular pinback, like a slogan pin or badge. Like a tie-tack, y'know?
I was just wondering if your jewelry making partner had any of those to offer this as a Dharma-pin option.
Because I've been wearing the same peace symbol pendant since Desert Storm and don't plan to change. But I have an entire card with a collection of cloisonne pins.
Or a pendant, ribbon and pin combination to wear as a Dharma medal would be cool.
But don't pick up any supplies you don't already have on hand on my account - I'm on a real tight budget and I don't know if I could afford an inch of silver anyway.