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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chivalry Must Not Die!

There is no question that the feminist movement has made great strides on behalf of women in the fields of equal pay, equal job opportunity, military career options and other essential freedoms. But one of the greatest disservices it did to the 52% majority of the populace was to create an atmosphere in which "chivilary" - the practice of treating women as special, papmering them and doing things for them that, presumably, they can easily do themselves - is considered obsolete or condescending.
Take, for example, the practice of holding a woman's chair while she sits. In the above photograph we see actress Evangeline Lilly, who plays Kate Austen on the hit ABC television series "Lost," attempting to sit in a chair by herself without male assistance. As you can see, Ms. Lilly is a third of a ham away from planting her keister on the floor. (And I should point out that it is not only males who can help women - lesbians are perfectly capable of rendering assistance] A keister of Ms. Lilly's stature should not be at risk of collision with the floor every time it's owner attempts to sit down. Clearly someone needs to step up, gallantly hold her chair and graciously slide it under her as she assumes a sitting position.
And it's not just sitting - every day hundreds of attractive women are struck or slightly bruised by walking into doors that have not been opened for them. Dozens of foxy but horrified women are left stranded in cars with closed doors which have not been opened for them. Men [and lesbians] need to take the initiative, step up, face the risk that their efforts may not be appreciated by modern independent women and dare to be old fashioned and hold chairs and open doors. Chivalry must not die!
But none of that coat over the puddle stuff - that's just wack.

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ChrisVenom said...

NP you're right! I'll do my part! Now that I know...and knowing is half the battle!