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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The One The Only...Maximus Prime Confronts Darlton

5...Dear Darlton, are you two Adam and Eve???

4...Are we ever going to see any tit on or off the Island(Hurley man boob doesn't count)???

3...Can we have a scene in which we have a battle between Smokie and the Volcano, where Smokie saves nemerous Losties lives by forming a shield around them all protecting them from burny lava????

2...Was the season 3 finale the last were going to to see of Sayids neck breaking with his thighs???

1...Will Ben ever feed Vincent a live numbered Bunny??

Questions answered in COMMENTS section

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Napoleon Park said...

5. No, we're both male and neither of us is dead.

4. Now that we're on at 10:00 pm we'll be trying for as much Juliet side boob and Claire bum and Kate bikini scenes and Charlotte showers as we can talk our cast members into. And plenty of Sawyer waterfall beefcake for the ladies and Jack stuff for the gay fans.

3. We don't really have any plans for any volcanic eruptions, so we'll have to leave the Smoke monster vs. hot lava scenarios to the fan fiction writers.

2. Sayid will continue as a hired assassin but we hadn't really planned on going the Xenia Onatop route with that. it's a possibility.

1. Vincent's fully domesticated. I'm not sure he'd know what to do with live game unless he was really hungry.