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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Return of Walllllllllllllllts Dad


Its interesting watching this again and the foreshadowing that Darlton laid out in the beginning of Karl's death. Its also interesting that Alex would ask Ben if the freighter people were more dangerous then you? And Ben said yes without even batting an eye as if he agreed that he was dangerous also just not as bad as Widmore/ Frighties. I love how Karl is all done up.

I’m excited to see Libby again in this episode; I just hope that we see her in a real flashback. Looks like since Locke is the only one getting a flashback this season the chances are very slim of getting Libby's history.

It’s interesting that Michael can't tell the true story of the island because of what he did. Just like the OC 6 can't tell the true story for some unknown reason. I remember Ben telling Michael when he sailed off that he knew that he wouldn't tell anyone because if he did he would be in trouble with the authorities.

So I’m wondering if Michael had shot Tom would he have died. I love how Miles shows off his abilities when Michael gets on the boat. It’s interesting the order that Tom said the Losties names Sun, Sawyer, Jack, Claire, Her Baby. I wonder if Tom knew that there was something between Sun & Michael. It reminds me of Kate & Ben’s beach dinner and Ben asked Kate why she said "Where is Sawyer & Jack" in that order inferring that Kate liked Sawyer. I know that Michael's a traitor and a killer, but I like him.

Ben's bomb reminds me of when the Joker would some times set off a bomb and it would just say bang. I’m curious how Ben got the frequency or number or whatever on the boat in order to contact Michael. Ben sure likes lists, Ethan, Goodwin & now Michael made a list for him. I believe that he also had Sayid in the future make a list also. Darlton has said that Michael would find redemption during their Q & A at Comic-Con. I’m guessing that he teams up with Desmond & Sayid to take care of the freighter people.

Let’s have a moment of silence for Karl, We'll see on Thursday if we need one for Danielle.

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