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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Met Kevin Johnson...again...and here are my thoughts

I’m still shocked that when the alarm went off on the freighter that Des didn’t wake up looking for the computer so he could press the buttons.

I’m puzzled about something. The O6 have all apparently agreed to lie to protect “the island”, their friends...whatever. That was their deal, right? But Michael’s deal was to rescue Ben. As far as we know he did not have to make a deal to lie about the whereabouts of the losties or what happened to 815. But he cannot tell his mama where they were for 2 months. Is it because he’s a murderer now and doesn’t want anyone to know what he did? To me that sounds like a weak excuse.

That kid in the window was not the spittin’ image of Walt, but he’s a good stand-in.

Is it just my imagination or do I remember a lot of references through the years about acting like adults in this show? You know, like Tom asked Michael if he was ready to start acting like an adult in the alley.

So Tom says Widmore staged the wreckage of the fake 815. But the captain in his speech to Sayid and Desmond said Widmore was the one to send the salvage vessel to get the black box from the staged/fake 815. Add to that Tom saying it’s “goodnight for everyone” if Widmore finds the island and Charlotte and Faraday making the gas inert because they had no doubt Ben would use it to kill everyone on the island. So Ben’s group thinks Widmore’s the baddy, and Widmore’s group thinks it’s Ben that’s the baddy.

What if they are both wrong? Then again, what if they are both right?

Okay, so looking at it from Michael’s perspective, can you imagine what would happen if they found some of the 815ers alive the world thinks are dead? Look at his face after Frank says that. “I’d be a dead man” seems to be the thought. And after that he goes under deck and stares at the footlocker. So maybe that’s not such a weak reason after all.

Don’t you love it when I argue with myself and lose?

So going back to the whose the baddy thing. The island won’t let Michael die because he has work to do. Michael keeps seeing Libby, a woman he killed, and at one point she tells him not to set off the bomb. The island manifests itself in the guise of other people, so we could make the jump and say the island is manifesting itself to Michael as Libby. If that’s true, then the island told Michael not to do something someone in Ben’s party told him to do, and that would mean the island and Ben are at odds. But he does it anyway and it doesn’t work....apparently by design of Ben who will not kill innocent people....but he killed his father.

The more confused I get the more sound I feel in my opinion that Widmore AND Ben are both the baddys. And in a war where neither side is good, who’s side do you choose?

I think Sayid chose a new side when he turned in Michael. And I think Alex chose her own side when telling whoever it was with the guns she was Ben’s daughter. And I think the new side(s) will end the coming war.

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