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Friday, April 25, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Anyone??

I realize we have the poor souls who cannot get Sci Fi or do not get the programming that delivers BSG in a timely manner. (Hellllooo RedfishBluefish). In considering the guilt trips being laid upon me by Napoleon and others for taking food out of the screenwriter's children's mouths, making them go hungry, underdeveloped, and probably developmentally disabled all because I share my computer's recording of their wonderful television show, I'm killing babies by sharing these torrents. Well hell - guess I'm damned now anyway, might as well go ass nuts!

Your Battlestar Galactica - Escape Velocity.S04E04.edshrinker.avi Torrent is nearly completed...wait for it...


redfishbluefish said...

i thank you most kindly, sir!

Edshrinker said...

You are welcome! Did you and Node enjoy your cartoon a few posts back?