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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Misfit: MY Reviews!! Episodde 9 - The Sharp things COMING!!

MY Reviews!! Episode 9 - The Sharp things COMING!!
Here IS my REVIEW of The Sharp things COMING!!

DOC Roy LOOKS liked he tried to SAVE regina but DIES as he cant SWIM!!

WHy was BEN wearing a BIG coat in the DESERT!! CRAZY!!

It LOOKS like SAYID knew BEN before THE crash!!

It IS all VERY confusing AS I thought NADIA was ALIVE already!!

I dont UNDERSTAND why SAYID was shooting THE man with NO bullets!!

BEN is getting FORGETFULL!! He does NOT know the DATE!!

CLAIRE was stupid and LEFT the gas on AND her house EXPLODED!!

BEN has a BATcave!!

WHY did ALEX phone Ben with the CODE!!

It lOOKS like the ISLAND is stopping SAWYER from dieing AS he DODGED lots of BULLETS like NEON in the Matrixes!!

WHY did BEN not hide in HIS batcave BEFORE rather THAN hiding behind CHAIRS!!

I felt SORRY for ben WHEN Creamy Knocked Alex unconsious!!

The SMOKE monster is VERY angry!!

Bernard AKA Alvorn Hanso KNOWS morse code!!

Jack is Suffering FROM constipation!!

I enjoyed BEN and mr wideload TALKINGMR Wideload is AN alcolholik!!

BEN must have A lot of AIR miles as HE is always GOING to different countries!!

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