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Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Shape of Things to Come thoughts

It occurred to me this morning that while I have said many things about this episode, I never really posted my thoughts on the complete episode. So I could clean and pack before leaving for Philly today, or I could watch a great episode of LOST again.

So here are my thoughts on the rest of TSOTTC.

Did we miss this? After Ben told Locke he should safe by staying close he then said the people that were coming would not risk hurting him. If it’s a true war wouldn’t you want to kill your opponent? But not in this war. In this war Ben cannot kill Widdy and Widdy’s people cannot risk hurting Ben. Seems strange for a war.

I don’t think Claire was in the house. Of course, I could be wrong about this, but Sawyer asked that first guy who got shot if he saw if Claire left her house that morning. After he turned over the picnic table he was shouting for her. It could be that she was outside when the house exploded. Then again, Hugo said she was there after Locke told him to get the baby away from the window, so who knows.

Ding dong. With all the fire power and the explosion and the panic and mayhem...and as Sawyer is grabbing Ben saying it’s not such a bad idea to throw Ben to the wolves, Miles walks up and rings the doorbell. That’s hilarious.

For those that don’t think Ben is still in control of the island in the future, Sayid asked him how he got off the island after he tackled him in Iraq. Considering Sayid is one of the O6 and probably knows who was on the island when they left, and considering what Widdy says at the end of this episode, I’d say Ben being in control of the island is a pretty safe bet.

Ben manipulated Sayid...conned him into being his assassin. And he did it by lying, because Widdy did not kill Nadia...Ben had her killed. He knew of Sayid’s heart and what would make him think with it, and he intentionally turned Sayid’s own heart into a cold place. And he’s lied to him and told him Widmore did it so Sayid could focus his anger in the direction that will most benefit Ben.

You gotta love this character.

The smokie scene was about as good/bad as possible. Ben watching the carnage with a “mess with me, huh” attitude, Hurley asking if he called it, Miles and astonishment at what he was seeing. But when Locke asked him “What did you do?”, it seemed like he knew this was not supposed to happen...that what Ben had done was wrong...against the rules.

I know it’s easy to say anything after you know for sure what it is, but I totally called appendicitis during the Morse code scene.

The last scene with Ben and Widdy may be one of the best scenes in TV history. Ben accuses Charles of killing his daughter, Widdy says not to look at him with those horrible eyes and that Ben in fact killed that poor girl, Ben says it’s not true and he’s going to kill Penny so Charles regrets changing the rules. “I know who you are, boy...what you are. I know everything you have you took from me.”

We know who Ben is too. He’s a liar. A con. A person who will do and say anything to get to his desired outcome. So Widdy may be right about Ben. But Widdy may also be just as bad. In war, or even in games (and I do think this is a game of some sorts between these 2), it’s not as simple as some folks would have you believe. There’s not always good and evil. Sometimes all sides are bad. And when Ben said he was going to kill Penny, Charles didn’t flinch. In fact, he referred to it as a hunt...a game.

Now, to expand/give more thought on my “the gods” theory. Widmore says that island is his, “always has been.” What appears to be the ancient ruins of a giant 4-toed statue is on the island, so “always” would seem to be a very long time. That would seem to indicate Widdy’s been around quite a long while. We think others on the island have been around for a bit too. So are they immortals, as the gods were called?

The statue theory posted a few weeks back was that it was the Colossus of Rhodes, a tribute to the God Helios. Helios was oft times confused with Apollo. A few hundred years after the statue fell, a rich man is said to have bought the ruins.

So whether you agree with this or not, you have to consider that Widmore may have been around then and bought the ruins hundreds of years after they fell. Why would he want them. Well, when someone pays a tribute to you in such a fashion as building such a huge statue of you...

Yes. I think Widmore may be an aged Apollo. And he’s being bested by a lying mortal conman.

I may be wrong, but it’s out there in print for you to use against me later.

Now I have to go pack, vacuum, mop, get Melody to the kennel. Cr@p!! What was I thinking?



ChrisVenom said...
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ChrisVenom said...

Whats up RB?! I agree with everything you said except for Ben murdering Nadia. The reason I say that is because when he was checking into the hotel he saw the news and he looked surprised to see Sayid on television. I think he genuinely had nothing to do with her being killed. Thats my 2 pennies anyways...

rbrog77 said...

Hi CV,

Good to see you, man. I don't think Ben pulled the trigger or whatever, but I feel from that smile he had as he walked away from Sayid that her being killed was in his plans all along. That's why I think he had it done.

Hope you are well, my friend.