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Friday, April 25, 2008

FOUND!!!! Pictures Released from Top-Secret Wedding of Room 23ers

Our Scoopage begins as we spot Fishy inside Hussey's . We assume it was for the dress, but she may also have been securing Node's fidelity. Or just getting drunk. Fishy likes herself some of that good ole' high alcohol content Canadian brew!

Next, the Happy Couple is seen arriving to the church in the only form of transportation available in Canada during the heart of Winter. April.

FINALLY! The happy moment caught on film. Vincent, serving as best man, yet in actuality being a female dog by the name of Madison, did not know who to kiss, so he/she just laid the tongue on both of them. Team Vincent Indeed!

Well, the deed is done, Ladies and Gentleman. Comments forthcoming from the blushing groom and insanely horny bride...or is that the other way around? We'll let them get started on the Honeymoon before we pry for more news and interviews. When you are ready Mr and Mrs Nodefish, we'd appreciate some words for all your fans!

Mirror Story in Vincent's Kennel
The Original Pooper-Scooper!!!


redfishbluefish said...

now that's just crazy.... i'm a brunette, silly. more of a veronica than a betty, unless you count bettie page...

Edshrinker said...

I put those up and all you argue is hair color?

You are a trip Fishy! Gotta luv ya!