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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bashoff (Karl), Elbrick, Thorell and Keating Set for Reading of Donnie Darko

By Andrew Gans and Ernio Hernandez
28 Apr 2008

Spring Awakening's Blake Bashoff will play the title role in a by-invitation-only reading of Donnie Darko, a new play based on the 2001 cult film of the same name that featured Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore and Patrick Swayze.

Marcus Stern, the associate director of Massachusetts' American Repertory Theatre, has adapted the film for the stage and will direct the May 5 reading at the Mint Theatre on West 43rd Street.

In addition to Bashoff, the cast will also feature Linda Mugleston as Rose Darko, Blake Hammond as Eddie Darko, Maura Malloy as Elizabeth Darko, Carolyn McCandlish as Samantha Darko, Aya Cash as Gretchen Ross, Melissa Dye as Dr. Lillian Thurman, Xanthe Elbrick as Karen Pomeroy, Isabel Keating as Kitty Farmer, Joel Van Liew as Principal Cole, Clarke Thorell as Jim Cunningham, Eric Schneider as Seth Devlin, Lauren Roth as Cherita Chen, Curt Hansen as Rabbit/Frank and Jaqui Polk as Joanie. Seth Slar-Heyn will read the stage directions.

Donnie Darko, according to press notes, "is a mind-bending work of comedy, drama and science fiction with a rollercoaster plot that leaps from metaphysics to sociological warfare to teenage angst to family values." The plot concerns Donnie Darko, "a charming but troubled teenager, [who] faces a life-threatening experience that leads him to question everything he knows – and so begins one of the strangest, hilarious and most haunting stories ever told. During his journey, Donnie challenges the hypocrisy of his school and community. He baffles his parents and teachers with his odd, yet brilliant insights, and he falls in love for the first time with the girl of his dreams. The stakes could not be higher. Will he save the world or face his own demise?"

Donnie Darko was presented at A.R.T. in October 2007. The cast of local actors included A.R.T. company members Remo Airaldi (as Principal Cole), Thomas Derrah (Jim Cunningham), Will LeBow (Eddie Darko) and Karen MacDonald (Kitty Farmer) as well as Dan McCabe (Donnie), Flora Diaz (Gretchen Ross), Paula Langton (Rose Darko), Carolyn McCandish (Samantha Darko) and Mara Sidmore (Dr. Thurman).

Richard Kelly penned the original "Donnie Darko" screenplay.

Bashoff, who played a recurring role on ABC's "Lost," has also been seen on the television series "Judging Amy," "Numb3rs," "Without a Trace" and "One Tree Hill." His film credits include "Bushwhacked," "Big Bully," HBO's "A Child Betrayed: The Calvin Mire Story" and "The New Swiss Family Robinson." Bashoff is currently making his Broadway debut in Spring Awakening.

Industry professionals can request an invitation by e-mailing

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ChrisVenom said...

Good luck with that! Im really curious as to how he can make this into a play. The movie was so cleverly complicated Im not sure how they plan to accomplish that on stage.

Oh and congratulations to Karl!