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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

MultiColored SheFish Has been Heard...and Answered by Darlton!!!

1) Why is Christian wearing running shoes and how does he keep them oh-so white?

One has to stay on the move when one is dead and appearing to a guilt-ridden son. And he buffs frequently by slathering his shoes with Dharma peanut butter and having Vincent lick them shiny clean (all of those with Claire on the mind need to shoo)

2) Why is the temple "not for them"? Are their any actual island aborigines amongst the others?

Yes. God loves you as he loves Jacob. Without the belief in this simple passage, one is not welcome near the temple

3) Okay, so there are food drops so the losties don't starve and a swan station so the losties can do laundry and shower, but now that the hatch has been blown up, outside of the losties at new otherton, no one has had a good bathe or clean change of clothes in weeks. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the odour of the beach losties? How does Juliet keep her hair all soft and flowy in the salty air? Please feel free to elaborate.

Cuse looks at Lindelhoff and his shaved head, then turns to you:"I should take this one". Fresh air, salty breeze, and perspiration are all so mixed to gether it is never noticed except in close quarters (and I believe Kate has mentioned to Jack and Sawyer they need showers) Overall:7-10 on the smwll scale. Juliet has hidden away some of that Aussie brand "5-minute miracle" she uses every night to keep her hair so wonderful.

4) How does the island allow Ben to have a tumor on his spine, yet heal him quickly enough afterwards that he is able to hop out of his wheelchair, frolick about the island and get himself beaten to a bloody pulp on a regular basis?

The island is displeased with The Linus, but not enough to kill him. Ben is making selfish choices and as a result the island and the others are looking to Locke as the new leader. Yet, they are uncertain - so while they will allow his punishment, they are not quite ready to let Ben go.

5) Seeing that Smokey seems to appear about every three weeks, albeit a short cycle, would it be fair to say that Smokey suffers from some seriously wicked PMS?

Excellent Question! ANd if there were 2 smokies - a husband and wife smokie. One has been out all night drinking with the polar bears, the other had a nice pilot prepared for dinner with candlelights and soft music (done while having that "visitor"no less). Papa smokie doesn't come in til 2am island time - and mama smokie goes out on a rampage lookin to drag SOMEONE around for a good thrashing. I like it.

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redfishbluefish said...

just 'cause i realised i hadn't said it... niiiiicccceee! 5 minute miracle, i should have guessed!