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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Smoke Monster

Im probably going to watch this great episode again and do a more fitting talkback about it, but some connections were made in my mind about the Smoke Monster or Smokey and I had to get them down now.

It seems to me that while Ben has comtrol over Smokey that its kind of like a caged animal or bees if you will that Ben locks up and when he needs to opens the cage in the right direction and it attacks. It seems that both Smokey & Jacob have something in common in that Ben somehowhas them in some sort of confinement or prison and uses them when he needs to. Im thinking back on all of the different encounters with the Smoke Monster and some of them seem to have purpose.

- The last time that we saw Smokey was when Juliet & Kate were leaving the Others compound. My guess is that Ben sent Smokey out to go after them so that Kate would have to work with and gain trust with Juliet.

- The time when Eko was killed Im guessing has something to do with Jacob's list of good and bad and for some reason Ben felt that Eko needed to choose a side or something?

-Before that when Eko & Charlie ran into Smokey, it judged Eko, which could have been to judge him since they were heading for the area of the ? (Question) Hatch to see if he was worthy to enter? Although that threory gets shot down by the fact that Idiot Paulo entered that hatch and no Smokey.

-In the season 1 finale when Locke almost got pulled unground Im wondering if Ben somehow knew that they were headed to the Black Rock to get dynomite to open the hatch and Ben didn't want then getting in the hatch?

-When Locke ran into Smokey for the first time Im guessing that Smokey was sent out by Ben to assertain or scan somehow just how special Locke really was? Maybe Eko was also supposed to be something special, but just didn't live up to it?

-Finally I have no idea why Smokey killed the pilot, Maybe Ben wanted to scared Jack and the castaways into staying on their side of the beach and away from the Others barracks?

What do you all think? Leave comment below.


redfishbluefish said...

you know, as soon as Ben came out of that cave and then smokey was on the way i thought to myself.... that juliet may still be ultimately working for ben. he controls everything. and, yes, if he sent it after juliet and kate to help kate trust her. juliet is still a dubious character.

oh, the master manipulator is as
t work.

redfishbluefish said...

that was supposed to say IS AT WORK.