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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Poll: Transplanted Season 4 Stories

Darlton said that because they had to do fewer episodes this season they had to cut certain stories that will be picked up in Season 5. Some of these Darlton has said that these storie would be pushed into next season, some Im just guessing will be.

What transplanted stories are you most looking forward to in Season 5?

Libby's story

Ben, Annie & other Dharma wackyness

Frighter Away Team Flashbacks

Danielle's Story


Cindy's Story: Pre-Island & Island

Other (See Comment)


Napoleon Park said...

Kimberly Joseph as Cindy Chandler, the stewardess (I think they prefer flight attendant now) is quite pretty. Her IMDb page lists her as a former gladiator, a Hercules guest and a regular on several TV series including one made in South Africa.
I voted in this poll and so far cast the only ballot for "Cindy's story". Thanks for including her.
I've stated that on a show filled with anti-heroes and flawed protagonists, Cindy - along with Rose and Bernard and "the children" Zach and Emma (and Walt, Aaron and Yi Jeon), may be the shows only true innocents. She sense a problem with Charlie, notified the other attendants for help and chased him into the lavatory, then made it back to the rear of the plane before it broke up (which happened while they were still trying to get the junkie out of the john). She was in the back of the group marching to the beach (a hazardous position) when she was taken by The Others. And she tried to fit in with her captives in order to reassure the children that were placed in her charge. She may be the shows noblest hero - though I'm sure if they do her a flashback episode they'll drag her down and tarnish her like they do with everyone on this show. Still, I'd like to see her get her due - of all the shows 'redshirts' she seems to be the most important or valuable.
I didn't vote for "other" but I'd still like to know what happened with Steve and Tracy, the other members of Locke's group, during and after the attack. And, of course, Bikini Girl.

redfishbluefish said...

i'm still hoping for that 'island' flashback. and maybe the rabbits (numbers 8 and 15) could have a flashback as well.