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Friday, April 25, 2008

Shiny Objects Distract Me

We watched...well, some of us watched seasons 1-3 between the S3 finale and the S4 premier. At some point during that time I made the observation that it seemed at times we were focusing on the trees and not the forest....looking at the time aspects or the monster or whatever and not seeing the big picture of what LOST is. Sometimes when there are such magnificent trees as time travel and a 4-toed statue and Juliet's cans and what not I have trouble seeing the forest all there to see.

Shiny objects.

But I'm trying. I'm really trying to focus on the big picture. If you're going to do that, you have to look back. So...............

We all know about the Apollo Candy bar. Apollo = Greek God of light and the sun; truth and prophecy; archery; medicine and healing; music, poetry, and the arts; and more.

If you were reading our Room 23 blog or on the hiatus talkback on AICN a few weeks ago you may remember that I had a theory regarding the 4-toed statue being the Colossus of Rhodes....a statue in the honor of Helios...You can read that theory here.

Helios was imagined as a handsome god crowned with the shining aureole of the sun, who drove the chariot of the sun across the sky each day to earth-circling Oceanus and through the world-ocean returned to the East at night (wikipedia).

Sunlight which doesn't quite scatter right, Oceanus/Oceanic. hmmmmmmmm.......

So let's look at some big picture history of the gods.

The Greek Gods were known as The, not the band, rugby team, or TV show Immortals. Remember the comment Ben made to Richard Alpert about remembering birthdays? That would indicate "The Hostiles" (as they were known when Ben first met them) could be immortal.

In Greek mythology they said often that the gods were watching you or the gods be with you, etc. There were even examples, although for the life of me I cannot remember a specific example, where people would hear the gods speak. On the island we hear "people" speak in the form of the whispers.

Gods had children. Some became gods. Some did not.

If I remember correctly, at times mere mortals like Hercules were given tests to see if they were worthy to become gods. Some passed, most did not.

So now let's see if I can tie it all in.

During last night's episode when Ben said "he changed the rules" my eyes got wide and my brain nearly exploded. That led me to believe that it's a game (as it did Mr. Shrinker). And it would seem to be Widmore as the he Ben least that's a fair assumption, even though others could be made.

Ben then unleashes smokie. And in the fury that was unleashed there were loud sounds and flashes of light and the dark cloud that smokie is. To me, looking at this as a whole, Widmore changed the rules by killing a family member and Ben did something against the rules in releasing smokie.

All pretty logical.

Logical. It's logical to release smoke to kill your adversary's? Who has the power to do something like that? God?

No. The Gods.

In much mythology, even in an episode of the original Star Trek, the gods played games with people. They had contests between themselves involving people. And in those contests they had rules. If you did not follow the rules you could be banished...or worse.

Zeus was the God of Thunder. If you were in BC times and saw smokie and saw that a god released him with all the sound and fury and light show and devastation, what naturally occurring event that you could describe to people would you use? The God of Storms? I think not.

Jacob wasn't there and then was. And the cabin moves. And you are summoned to him, you do not go to visit him.

So in my opinion, Widmore, Jacob and The Hostiles are all gods. They never died, and they are still playing games with us.

But there are still those shiny objects, like Ben is not a god.

Ben is human. He wound up on the island by accident. And the gods/immortals we know as the hostiles took pity on him and thought him special because he lost his mother and then in a vision saw her on their island

But it's Widmore's island according to Widmore...and Ben "stole" it. Ben, a mere mortal, stole a place as special as this from a God. "I know who you are and what you are, boy." Who you are is a mere mortal, and what you are is a thief.

But why can Widmore not find the island? Was he banished?

And did Ben really steal it, or is he being tested to see if he is worthy of it?

And did Widmore break the rules by killing Ben's daughter if she wasn't really his daughter? And if Ben releasing smokie was his own version of breaking the rules, is Ben now not worthy?

Shiny objects. They keep distracting me from the big picture.


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