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Monday, March 31, 2008

How Do You Take Your Kate?

There has been a wonderful debate that has quietly raged on the pages of the AICN TB. Quite simply, who is more attractive Katherine Anne Austin? Submitted for your approval are screenshots from the Season 4 Episode, Eggtown. The first two are from Kate's court case, before she was taken into custody for the remainder of the trial. The last two screenshots are from her time at "The Barracks" as she talked to Sawyer.

There is no denying Evangeline Lilly's natural beauty. She truly needs very little work to look stunning. Her athletic build and all-American features ensure that you would wake up next to a very beautiful woman first thing in the morning. Such is the argument of Xiphos and many others in the AICN TB.

Then there are episodes that show exactly what Kate would look like if given some time and resources to put herself together. To Edshrinker (who was not the first to make the observation, but one of the most adamant), this Kate Austin is perfection. Kate on the plane, Kate in a wedding dress, Kate robbing a bank, and lastly, the Kate that is part of the Oceanic 6 and is on trial for her life.

She is a beautiful woman made absolutely breath-taking. At least she is to this dog. In fact, I'm panting now as paws strike the keys.

So make your vote when the poll surfaces and put to rest the debate that has no losers. Either Kate you get, you'll be a happy boy. Especially if there is a bear cage handy.

Filming (Spoiler)

The scene was set inside St. Sebastian Neurology Clinic, bustling with doctors and nurses in scrubs and white smocks. Matthew Fox was there, of course. But so was John Terry. One scene took place at the hospital’s front desk, and another inside Dr. Jack Shephard’s office. More than a few minds were blown when Sam Anderson showed up… but he was apparently just visiting with his wife and kids. It’s good to know he’s back in town, though!

Source: Hawaii Blog

Official Lost Audio Podcast transcript/February 28, 2008

Kris White: Hello everyone, and welcome to the audio edition of The Official Lost Podcast, hosted by Well folks, you're tuning in just in time to hear about time travel. But, if you don't have the time to talk about time, now is the time to tune out. For more on that reference, check out "Star Trek: First Contact". And for everyone else, let's move on, because Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are with us to - you guessed it - talk about the relativity of time travel and last night's episode, "The Constant". They'll also be taking your fan questions at an accelerated rate, and still find time to prehash our upcoming episode "The Other Woman". That of course airs on Thursday March 6 at 9 pm on ABC and is available the next day at

[Intro Music]

‘‘CC’’: Well, hello Damon.

‘‘DL’’: Hi there Carlton, how are ya?

‘‘CC’’: I'm OK, yourself?

‘‘DL’’: I'm fantastic.

‘‘CC’’: Well it's good to be back, we've been working now for about, what -

‘‘DL’’: Two weeks?

‘‘CC’’: Two weeks, and we thought we would start by talking a little bit about what is going to be happening with Lost between now and the end of Season 4.

‘‘DL’’: Essentially, the big question that we're getting asked is, "We know that you had a plan to do 48 more episodes, you were gonna do 16 and 16 and 16, the strike lasted all of November, December and January, so as a result of not working for three months, what does that mean for Lost?"

‘‘CC’’: What we have kind of figured out is that we can do basically 5 more episodes of this season, so what we're gonna do is we're gonna basically take our plan for 8 episodes and we're going to compress it and try to execute that plan in 5 more new episodes between now and the end of the year.

‘‘DL’’: And I think a lot of people are saying "What kind of damage is that gonna do, what happens to the three missing episodes?" and we're actually looking at it somewhat more optimistically - that is to say, it's just going to be a super-charged 5 hours of show. We were already condensed down from the normal 22 episodes down to 16; now we're condensing down further to 13.

‘‘CC’’: But those 3 hours will not go away, they will be - we still haven't quite sorted it out, but we will add those 3 hours to the next 2 seasons of the show, so there will still be 40 hours in total of Lost left.

‘‘DL’’: Yeah, beyond the 8 already produced.

‘‘CC’’: Yeah. Now let's rehash episode 4:05, "The Constant".

‘‘DL’’: Yes!

‘‘CC’’: Is that impossible to rehash that episode? It makes my head hurt, actually.

‘‘DL’’: Here's the thing - I think we already rehashed it. And the versions of us in the past that rehashed "The Constant" might pop into our consciousnesses here (consciousnessi? I don't know, what is the plural of consciousness?) and then we can rehash it, because it feels like just breaking that episode was such a massive headache.

‘‘CC’’: It was, it was definitely like doing the hardest New York Times crossword puzzle for the week.

‘‘DL’’: I remember when we first tried to present to people what the idea was, and they looked at us like we were speaking a foreign language, it was like - Desmond from 1994, his consciousness is time traveling into 2004 on the freighter, so the Desmond that we know and love is very confused, because it's a guy from the past who's currently in military camp.

‘‘CC’’: Somehow it's actually easier for people to entertain the notion of someone time traveling backwards, but the idea that the show is sort of set on the island in 2004 but someone is traveling forward from 1994, that was pretty hard to -

‘‘DL’’: I mean, I always think like, if suddenly I were in my body 10 years from now, I'd be very confused by what was going on and who I was around and why I was writing on "Carnivore"-

‘‘CC’’: [laughing] Exactly.

‘‘DL’’: -all these various things, so it was a cool premise to explore.

‘‘CC’’: It's possible though, that could be year three of the new zombie spin-off of Lost though.

‘‘DL’’: Time traveling consciousness zombies?

‘‘CC’’: Time travel consciousness zombies, Season Three.

‘‘DL’’: I like it - yeah, we just start with Season Three.

‘‘CC’’: [laughing] Exactly.

‘‘DL’’: People will be like "What about the first two seasons?" and we'll be like "What about'em?"

‘‘CC’’: That could be the greatest thing ever.

‘‘DL’’: Just a quick sort of side note in terms of the way that we deal with time travel on the show - we are very paradox averse; that is to say, when our characters are time traveling, nothing that they do can change the present or the future that you have seen. Which is different than you know, the conventional Back to the Future time travel story telling.

‘‘CC’’: Or Heroes.

‘‘DL’’: Or Heroes, yeah.

‘‘CC’’: For us, what we don't want is for the audience to not be invested in the flash-forwards. When you see that, it would be pretty meaningless if they were a changeable reality-

‘‘DL’’: Well, as far as time travel goes.

‘‘CC’’: As far as time travel goes, yes.

‘‘DL’’: As far as time travel goes, definitely not changeable.

‘‘CC’’: Right. Or that you have a different Jack popping up in an alternative reality which is different than the one that we've established.

‘‘DL’’: Right. That stuff is all really cool, I mean, the Heroes - case in point for all those who watch both shows, we certainly do and are big fans of Heroes - but if Hiro moves back to the past and says "There's a catastrophe that's gonna happen unless you guys save the cheerleader," if they do save the cheerleader, then theoretically future Hiro never exists to come back and warn them. But you know, that's paradox.

‘‘CC’’: The hard thing about this episode was actually structuring the time travel elements - or consciousness traveling elements - and avoiding paradox. But that again is something that I think a lot of people have speculated about - "are there parallel futures, are there sort of multiple universes and worlds that exist in the future depending on how events in the past play out?" and that is not our intention.

‘‘DL’’: Yeah, and Ms. Hawking basically explained those rules in the first episode, "Flashes Before Your Eyes" where she basically said that the universe has a way of course correcting, so even if you did something in the past that you didn't do before, somehow the sort of fabric of time like swoops in around you and fixes everything so things don't go off the rails. I assume probably after "The Constant" we're going to get a lot of questions like "Well, did Penny know when she went to go see Desmond at the stadium in 2001 that he had told her to wait by the phone back in 1994?" and all of these questions, and to that we say refer to the Ms. Hawking scene in "Flashes Before Your Eyes". She gives a fairly good explanation of how everything works.

‘‘CC’’: Yeah, and you know the notion-

‘‘DL’’: And if not, Carlton's phone number is-

‘‘CC’’: No! [laughing]

‘‘DL’’: 818...

‘‘CC’’: Hey! Stop stop stop-

‘‘DL’’: Wait, what?

‘‘CC’’: Yes, exactly. More on destiny later in the series.

‘‘DL’’: Exactly. It is our destiny to talk more about destiny.

‘‘CC’’: Yes, because that's a factor.

‘‘DL’’: All right.

‘‘CC’’: All right, that's good, that was a pretty good - how about a little prehash on "The Other Woman"?

‘‘DL’’: That's a very clever title there Carlton, because "The Other Woman" -

‘‘CC’’: - the OTHER woman- wow -

‘‘DL’’: - right, is probably referring to Juliet, so yeah, you will find out within the first 5 minutes of this episode whether or not Juliet is one of the Oceanic Six. I think there are still a couple slots available, depending on who you talk to. Some people say there are no slots available because they're counting Ben and Aaron both as members of the Oceanic Six -

‘‘CC’’: And she wasn't on the plane.

‘‘DL’’: - yeah, but neither was Aaron, if you think about it, so...

‘‘CC’’: Well, he was -

‘‘DL’’: -he was in utero.

‘‘CC’’: He was in utero.

‘‘DL’’: He didn't buy a ticket.

‘‘CC’’: But he was on the plane!

‘‘DL’’: I'm just saying.

‘‘CC’’: I know.

‘‘DL’’: Anything's possible.

‘‘CC’’: After these first 8 though, if there's any remaining questions about who the Oceanic Six are, we will actually list them.

‘‘DL’’: Well I think by the end of episode 7 it will be very clear as to who the Six are. We don't mean to be cutesy about the Oceanic Six.

‘‘CC’’: Right, right.

‘‘DL’’: We hold them very very seriously.

‘‘CC’’: OK, yes.

‘‘DL’’: So yeah, it's going to be a Juliet episode, you know, we can't tell you whether it's a flashforward or a flashback-

‘‘CC’’: Damon is holding all of the action figures of the Oceanic Six right now as we're doing this podcast.

‘‘DL’’: It's the Oceanic Six action figure set.

‘‘CC’’: All right, so are we gonna, do you want to do any rehashing on "Eggtown" since we didn't have a podcast immediately after that?

‘‘DL’’: Well, I will tell you this, many of the questions that I have for you at least are referencing "Eggtown".

‘‘CC’’: Let's just get to the dang questions then.

‘‘DL’’: I don't know Carlton if you had the same problem that I did with these questions, but there were just too many good ones.

‘‘CC’’: I found that there were a lot of good ones too.

‘‘DL’’: And nobody wants to sit and listen to us for hours, and we certainly don't have the time to do the podcast, so I think that we should act like presidential candidates for once, and we should limit our remarks, you know, we should answer the question and we should stay on point, but we should limit our remarks to about, you know, 20 to 30 seconds, so we'll do a little bit of speed questioning.

‘‘CC’’: Speed questioning? OK.

‘‘DL’’: So we can kind of go back and forth. Sometimes, Carlton, believe it or not, a simple "yes" or "no" will suffice.

‘‘CC’’: Really?

‘‘DL’’: Or, you know, an "I don't know" or the truth, and we don't have to, you know, go off talking about the Polit Bureau for example. So, you know, I'm just-

‘‘CC’’: [laughing] I don't know what your problem with the Polit Bureau is. It's a fun game. I mean, I don't know what people did for fun in the Lindelof household, but let me tell you, there was a lot of laughs playing Polit Bureau in the Cuse household.

‘‘DL’’: I don't know what we did for fun in the Lindelof household. If you're using that - if you're using the word "fun" to describe that, I would say, you know, we [laughing], we sat around a lot and looked at the wall, that sort of a thing, it isn't-

‘‘CC’’: All right - speed questioning. Should I go first?

‘‘DL’’: You should.

‘‘CC’’: OK. This is from Norwich2001: "Hi guys. Love the podcast and the show and have to ask this: Where are The Others? It seems to me that they're all going to be forgotten because all of our main characters are now dead (Tom, Patchman, etc.) However, we know that Richard is off somewhere with the air hostess woman and so please don't just leave them and hope that we forget about them. PS Would love to see more of Penny and her father, especially hope that we get to see more Ben flashbacks, that was just immense."

‘‘DL’’: Wow, I like the word "immense", is like, is that analogous with "awesome'"? Anyway, to answer the question in a very concise fashion -

‘‘CC’’: [laughing] You're not being very speedy! There's a lot of prologue here, just answer the question!

‘‘DL’’: OK. You will learn exactly where The Others are. You will learn that in this pod of episodes. You will get very specific information as to why we have not heard from them, probably coming up in "The Other Woman" you'll get your first sense of where The Others are, and a much more specific sense in the 8th episode.

‘‘CC’’: Good.

‘‘DL’’: As for Richard Alpert, you will probably be seeing him again. Can't say the same for-

‘‘CC’’: What about the air hostess woman?

‘‘DL’’: -Cindy the flight attendant. You might see her, you might not. But that answers all the questions I think Carlton, in a very timely fashion. Ding!

‘‘CC’’: It doesn't actually, there was one more question: "Are we going to see more of Penny and her father this season?"

‘‘DL’’: Yes.

‘‘CC’’: Yes, OK. Good, all right.

‘‘DL’’: There you go. Easy, yes or no. This one's from ComingInHot.

‘‘CC’’: Yes.

‘‘DL’’: "Hey, love the podcast and the show. My question: Does it really matter who the two people were that survived the crash but did not survive long enough to make it off the island in the Oceanic Six's lie? I don't think it matters who the two are that didn't make it back, it's a lie anyway and the Oceanic Six had to have a believable story to fool the world. In a plane crash, people expect people to die and get badly injured, so 2 of the 8 people died when they were there. That's believable. It doesn't matter who they are, it's just a story they had to make up. They died anyway along with everybody else, it shouldn't matter who they are in their lie." So, is it the Oceanic Eight or the Oceanic Six, Carlton? Let's get a little clarity here.

‘‘CC’’: It's the Oceanic Six and you are correct, sir.

‘‘DL’’: ComingInHot is correct?

‘‘CC’’: Yeah, just the fact that it doesn't matter who the two are that died.

‘‘DL’’: Great, moving on.

‘‘CC’’: Now there's a good answer, it was succinct, I probably said no more than 20 words.

‘‘DL’’: I think it's safe to say you've spent more time explaining how good your answer was than in keeping your answer brief. So well done.

‘‘CC’’: OK. Damon -

‘‘DL’’: Yes sir.

‘‘CC’’: Geography lesson for Damon from -

‘‘DL’’: Oh no.

‘‘CC’’: -from Pythagoreas99.

‘‘DL’’: I've never taken geography lessons.

‘‘CC’’: "Far from being landlocked -

‘‘DL’’: -are you sure it's not a geometry question?

‘‘CC’’: "-Tunisia enjoys an extensive coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, including the Gulf of Gabes, the Gulf of Hamamet, and the Gulf of Tunis. Its capital port city of Tunis was originally founded by the Berbers in the second millenium BC and has since experienced a rich and varied history, changing hands more often than Kate Austen."

‘‘DL’’: Ha! Clever.

‘‘CC’’: "Medenine, the final resting place of a certain Dharma test subject, is located no more than 20 miles from the Mediterranean. Now I ask - nay, beg, you tell me: Since the ursus mar- the polar bear-"

‘‘DL’’: Yeah, OK.

‘‘CC’’: "-can easily walk or swim several hundreds of miles at a time, is the location of Medinine, Tunisia of any significance in the identification of those special locations on the surface of the Earth?"

‘‘DL’’: Do you even know what that question means, Carlton?

‘‘CC’’: [laughing] I was good up until "special locations on the surface of the Earth," I have no idea what that means.

‘‘DL’’: I think you looked at that sheet and said "here's a good opportunity to give Damon a geography lesson" and then-

‘‘CC’’: Honestly, the truth is I pre-read the question only on the part which was basically giving you the geography lesson on Tunisia and I didn't get to the rest of it.

‘‘DL’’: I'm going to give you a quick and interesting answer. There are certain special places on the Earth that relate to our show and this specific spot in Tunisia is one of them. Another, perhaps, is Ayres Rock in Australia. If you were to go back and look at a certain episode, "S.O.S." I believe it was -

‘‘CC’’: Is Australia landlocked?

‘‘DL’’: Uh, Australia is landlocked. It is. So I-

‘‘CC’’: [laughing] So write in! Tell Damon whether Australia is landlocked or not.

‘‘DL’’: I would bet my life on the fact that Australia is surrounded by land on all sides. All right Carlton, fast enough for you? My question for you, from TKDuke77: "Damon and Carlton: What has been your favorite Dharma product to date? I am partial to the Dharma Spam featured in the episode "Eggtown". Any product reveals you can hint at for future episodes?

‘‘CC’’: I would say my favorite Dharma product is the Dharma boxed wine.

‘‘DL’’: Great!

‘‘CC’’: You know, that's it.

‘‘DL’’: Good. Moving on.

‘‘CC’’: Moving on. Damon, from SamuraiBillyJoeBob - I'm sorry, BillyBobJoe - I mixed that up.

‘‘DL’’: OK, got it.

‘‘CC’’: At 6:55 at night he wrote, "Hi guys, here's the question I'm asking: How exactly does the writing process of an individual episode work? You guys talk about pitching an episode in the writers' room, but I would like to know exactly how you guys decide on the details of an episode like the dialog and so on. Thanks again, and keep on rocking those podcasts."

‘‘DL’’: Wow, 30 seconds for that one. OK the very short answer is -

‘‘CC’’: Do it like a FedEx commercial.

‘‘DL’’: I can't, because I'd have to be reading it and prepared. Now I have 20 seconds left. Essentially there are 8 writers on the show, we all sit in the writers' room, every single episode is broken by the collective -

‘‘CC’’: 10 seconds

‘‘DL’’: - we talk about every scene, every detail, what the characters are -

‘‘CC’’: 5 seconds

‘‘DL’’: - what they're saying to each other, then the writers for that episode go off, write a draft, we read the draft -

‘‘CC’’: [at the same time as Damon is talking] 3...2...1

‘‘DL’’: -suggest changes and occasionally rewrite.

‘‘CC’’: Beeeep! Excellent.

‘‘DL’’: We should probably do a podcast at some point though about the process, I think that would be very exciting.

‘‘CC’’: Yes. Cause it's a little bit more complicated than that.

‘‘DL’’: Right, and since we don't let any of the other writers do the podcasts, thus giving the false illusion that we write the entire show ourselves, it might be nice to just meet some other guests.

‘‘CC’’: We should have the writers in. All right, you're up.

‘‘DL’’: OK Carlton. This is from IslandFertilityClinic. "Why was this episode titled "Eggtown"? All of the other titles make sense, but not this one."

‘‘CC’’: [laughing]

‘‘DL’’: First off, I take issue with the fact that all the other titles make sense, but...

‘‘CC’’: Really, we could spend a lot of time talking about the titles that don't make sense, but the title "Eggtown" referred to the fact that Locke fixed a couple of eggs for Ben at the beginning of the episode, and then there's also the episode had a lot to do with Kate's pregnancy, and pregnancy involves eggs, and so that was the other kind of, sort of metaphoric significance of the title "Eggtown".

‘‘DL’’: Well, that clears it up.

‘‘CC’’: That's pretty clear, isn't it?

‘‘DL’’: I can't imagine a more concise answer than that.

‘‘CC’’: Fantastic, all right, here we go - "Bring back the zombies" from AdmiralRhinoceros.

‘‘DL’’: I knew this one was coming.

‘‘CC’’: "Damon and Carlton, I think I might have just found a way to resurrect (so to speak) the zombie season. In the wake of the WGA strike, I had a brain wave. You plan to compress 8 episodes worth of story into the last 5 episodes of Season 4, right?"

‘‘DL’’: Correct.

‘‘CC’’: "If so, couldn't the same thing be done in Lost's final season?"

‘‘DL’’: I suppose.

‘‘CC’’: "Using the same story compression equation, Season 6's 16 episode arc could feasibly be shrunk down to a mere 10 episodes. This would leave room for 6 zombie-centered episodes at the end of the season. But why stop there? If you start planning now, you could compress Season 5 down to 10 episodes as well, paving the way for 12 whole episodes of zombie antics."

‘‘DL’’: All I can say is ... you know, I ...

‘‘CC’’: [laughing]

‘‘DL’’: I think I'm getting a brain wave. Is that the phrase? I think that's great, we should talk about it.

‘‘CC’’: He got a brain wave.

‘‘DL’’: I think we should really, really explore that idea.

‘‘CC’’: What exactly is a brain wave?

‘‘DL’’: I think it's sort of like you know when you see a cartoon and like a little light bulb goes over Bugs Bunny's head and you hear a noise like that. [email notification bell sounds]

‘‘CC’’: You're getting a lot of emails during this podcast. What's going on in your life?

‘‘DL’’: Well, I'm popular I guess. I don't know who it is. I don't have any friends. But this isn't really the forum for that.

‘‘CC’’: It could be your mother.

‘‘DL’’: Question Carlton: The Oceanic 4. "In one of the side bits in Thursday's episode, we noticed that Charlotte and Faraday were playing a quick memory game with cards, the result of which seemed to prove upsetting for our friend Daniel. Is it possible that they are testing to see if the Island causes memory loss or brain/though problems?" -hey, speaking of brain waves - "If so, could this mean that the Losties are suffering from problems remembering things or even making up parts of their own past or present? Also, is it because Daniel may have suffered a head injury when he came down to the Island? Or does he have a preexisting condition? Please enlighten us, O wise one. -The Oceanic 4." So I think these are 4 people who have put their heads together for that question.

‘‘CC’’: I take issue with the "O wise one" part of that question, but other than that -

‘‘DL’’: So question A: Is it possible that they're testing to see if the Island causes memory loss?

‘‘CC’’: Well, they're definitely testing to see whether the Island might affect memory.

‘‘DL’’: Oh, interesting. So could this mean that the Losties are suffering from problems remembering things or even making up parts of their own past or present, which would explain why they don't talk about anything that happens to them on the Island? [laughing]

‘‘CC’’: [laughing] That is an interesting extrapolation, but not necessarily true.

‘‘DL’’: OK. And also, is it because Daniel may have suffered a head injury when he came to the Island?

‘‘CC’’: Possible.

‘‘DL’’: Or does he have a preexisting condition?

‘‘CC’’: More possible.

‘‘DL’’: Interesting. All right. I like this.

‘‘CC’’: This is good, this is really going well.

‘‘DL’’: We're totally not messing around. I've only got one more for you, so-

‘‘CC’’: All right, Ive got one more for you and then-

‘‘DL’’: Oh great.

‘‘CC’’: -oh you know what, I think this is from the same group of people, so maybe I should get another one.

‘‘DL’’: The Oceanic 4 again?

‘‘CC’’: The Oceanic 4. Well, there's four of them, so maybe they're entitled to two questions.

‘‘DL’’: All right.

‘‘CC’’: "Hey dudes. As you might know, there's been a lot of whispers lately down at the old rumor mill that Daniel Faraday, the sensitive freighter guy-" these people like Faraday a lot, apparently.

‘‘DL’’: Sensitive? [incredulously]

‘‘CC’’: "-and Ana Lucia's boyfriend/baby daddy, Danny, are one and the same. After all, it would explain the reaction to the finding of the wreckage and how he covered it up to his new lady and also why he was invited to come. In addition, Ana Lucia was mentioned, after hardly any word about her for a whole season and a half, in the same episode that Mr. Faraday was introduced. Can you confirm or deny this for us? Thanks guys, Katrina, John, Chuck and Courtney."

‘‘DL’’: I'm going to deny it. That is not correct.

‘‘CC’’: Yeah. That's good.

‘‘DL’’: There you go.

‘‘CC’’: Very succinct.

‘‘DL’’: Great theory. Interesting. Good shoutouts to big Mike, but that's it. One more question Carlton.

‘‘CC’’: Sure.

‘‘DL’’: From PileOfAtoms: "Hi guys. In the Orchid training video, we see Dr. Edgar Halowax holding a bunny with a number 15 on it. He begins to talk about the safety measures that are in place for the experiment that he is about to begin when something falls from the ceiling and we see a bunny with a number 15 on it on a very high shelf. Meanwhile, the doctor is still holding the original bunny number 15. My question is this: Is the object that fell from the ceiling Dr. Edgar Halowax's arm?"

‘‘CC’’: [laughing]

‘‘DL’’: "We have seen in other videos that the doctor's left arm eventually is replaced with a prosthetic arm. Is this how he loses his arm? I'm thinking that perhaps a few minutes into the future, something goes awry and the bunny and his arm become displaced from that moment in time and space, and end up back in the past, right before the experiment begins. Thanks, PileOfAtoms."

‘‘CC’’: Wow. You know, it's so clever that unfortunately, we're not that clever, we didn't actually think of doing that, but we should have done that, or we should do that. The mystery of, uh-

‘‘DL’’: -time traveling body parts?

‘‘CC’’: -time traveling body parts-

‘‘DL’’: It kind of knocks paradox right out the door though, sort of, it's like "Oh! Whose leg is that?"

‘‘CC’’: Well, the rabbit's kind of also, there's a little bit of a paradox problem with the rabbits, isn't there?

‘‘DL’’: Well, not if you conjecture that a rabbit always showed up in that time time warp, I mean-

‘‘CC’’: That's true. It doesn't mean it's the same rabbit.

‘‘DL’’: I will say this, you know, Halowax seems very concerned that those two rabbits are in the same space, so maybe he shares our issues with paradox.

‘‘CC’’: [laughing] Exactly. However, the notion of time travel in the Orchid Station is something that is a very good observation and something that will come back into play on the show soon.

‘‘DL’’: Oh yeah, like when? Two years?

‘‘CC’’: No, not that long.

‘‘DL’’: In one year?

‘‘CC’’: Not even that long.

‘‘DL’’: In the compressed 6 episodes of Season 5, otherwise known as Zombie Season Part 6A?

‘‘CC’’: I think that might be a fair assessment.

‘‘DL’’: How awesome would it be if we walked into ABC and basically said "we have a great idea for Season 5: we're gonna take all the seasons we were going to do, we're going to compress them into 10 episodes, and then we're gonna start with our zombie episodes." What do you think their reaction would be?

‘‘CC’’: I don't think it would be good. As good as it would be to do that, I don't think they would actually-

‘‘DL’’: Even if there was a fan uprising, and you know how all the Jericho fans -

CC: -sent peanuts. [laughing]

‘‘DL’’: -sent peanuts in? What would you send in to demand the zombie season? When we're done - yeah, this is something good for the fans to start working for. Cause you have 2 years now to plan. Once the show is over at the end of Season 6, if you don't completely hate us, and you want the zombie season, what should you send to ABC because you want the zombie season? Parts of your own rotting anatomy? I don't know.

‘‘CC’’: [laughing] I think this is a good place to stop.

‘‘DL’’: [laughing] OK. Well we probably will not be around next week, but certainly in two weeks.

‘‘CC’’: At least, at the longest. So, but we're cooking along here, we're very excited about our new episodes, and happy Monday Damon.

‘‘DL’’: Happy Monday, Carlton.

‘‘CC’’: See you guys later.

‘‘DL’’: Bye gang.

Kris White: That's it for this podcast. If you just want more, you can also check out our Video Podcast available at This week, Rob Kyker the prop master joins us to give us the lowdown on how to build a time machine. Lost "The Other Woman" airs March 6 at 9 pm on ABC and is available the next day at

Tonight's Watchback Episode

Confirmed Dead

Four strangers arrive on the island leaving the survivors to wonder if they are really here to rescue them, or if they have a different purpose.
Writer: Drew Goddard, Brian K Vaughan Director: Stephen Williams

Watchback Schedule

We are doing a mini-watchback of 4.1-4.8 leading into the next new episode. The schedule is below.

Wed, March 26 - Watch 4.1
Thurs, March 27 - Discuss 4.1

Monday, March 31 - Watch 4.2
Tuesday, April 1 - Discuss 4.2

TH, Ap 3 - W 4.3
Fri, Ap 4 - D 4.3

Tues, Ap 8 - W 4.4
Wed, Ap 9 - D 4.4

Th, Ap 10 - W 4.5
Fri, Ap 11 - D 4.5

Mon, Ap 14 - W 4.6
Tue, Ap 15 - D 4.6

Thur, Ap 17 - W 4.7
Fri, Ap 18 - D 4.7

Mon, Ap 21 - W 4.8
Tue, Ap 22 - D 4.8

The idea of the watchback is to watch the "assigned" episode on that given night keeping in mind what we know through the last episode. Sometimes we're able to pick up on new things we might have missed this way.

Please feel free to join us.


Won't you be mine?

I found this on the Emilie De Raven Fan Site. Appearantly ABC had a service last Valentines Day where you could send out Lost E-Valentines.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Some Bio On Our Favorite LOST Lab

Vincent - Yellow Labrador Retriever (played by Madison the dog) featured on the sci-fi adventure LOST/ABC/2004+ Vincent is one of many survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 that mysteriously crashed on a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific. When the plane crashed, Vincent was in the cargo hold. Like the other survivors, he managed to get free of the wreckage and find safety along the island's coastline.

TRIVIA NOTE: Madison the dog who plays Vincent on the show is a female. She is owned and trained by Kim Stahl, a 1992 graduate of North Hills High School in Pittsburgh who moved to Oahu, Hawaii in 1998 with her husband, Tim, an Army reservist and computer network engineer. When not training Madison, Kim works full time as an accountant.
Kim became involved in the TV series LOST by accident when a friend told her of an animal audition. Hoping to a get a few days of work in a local commercials, Kim took Madison to the gathering and ended up with getting her dog hired on a prime time hit series.Before her days in the limelight, Madison the dog had trained as a tracking dog and obedience competitor. In 2001, Madison ranked eighth among the best obedience dogs in the state of Hawaii.Madison the dog has since appeared in 16 of the show's 24 first season episodes and continues to have a recurring role on the series.
Some trivia about the dog. Madison's nickname is Humphrey Dogart. She is fitted with hair extensions for the series. Madison lives with actor Matthew Fox who plays Dr. Jack Shepherd on the show and whenever Jorge Garcia (who plays Hurley) sings, Madison howls. Oh yeah, Madison loves to play with tennis balls.To honor Madison, the folks at Rygwood Labradors (the home of Madison) sponsored a video contest. The top three winners received authentic Madison (Vincent) "PAW"tographs courtesy of Rygwood Labs in Hawaii.

Evangiline Lily

Found by redfishbluefish over at the Aint It Cool Lost Talkback on Entertainment Magazine On-Line.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

(Speculation) Michael Dawson in the coffin ? Impossible. Why ?

Found on DarkUFO Forum

The funeral director asked Jack if he was "Friend or Family."

If the funeral director prepared the body and it was that of Michael Dawson
(a male black)

Then why would he ask a male white (Jack Shepard) if he was "Family ?"

The director should have asked "How well did you know the deceased ?" or something along those lines.

It would be ludicrous of him to ask a white male (Jack) if he was family to a male black character (Michael Dawson; or Walt Lloyd for that matter.)

The only person that fits the coffin criteria is John Locke.

Jack ain't family to him.
They aren't friends.
And Kate was banished from Barracks-ville by John Locke. So her dialogue with Jack at the airport fits.
And we saw Ben Linus off the Island. (in Germany)

Posted by HudsonDuster

Elizabeth Mitchell photoshoot Hawaii Modern Luxury magazine

ThEmIsFiTiShErE : Why DOES this MAN not HELP naomi!!

During the BREAK i have DECIDED to watch EVERY episode of Season 4 again USING a combination OF my INFRA red Googles, MY night VIsion Goggles and my spoon FRAME by Frame!!

I found 1 IMAGE that HAS not been discussed ANYWERE on the Internet or on Paper!!

WHy does THIS man not help Naomi WITH the knife IN her back!! AND why DOES he have a WIRE coming from his CHIN!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Episode 4.09 - The Shape of Things to Come - Promotional Photos

"The Shape of Things to Come" - Locke's camp comes under attack, and Jack tries to discover the identity of a body that has washed ashore, on "Lost," THURSDAY, APRIL 24 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/MARIO PEREZ)

Episode 4.09 - The Shape of Things to Come - Promotional Photos

Episode 4.09 - The Shape of Things to Come - Promotional Photos



(Spoiler) LOST Returns to Santa Rosa - Filming Update

Found this at DarkUFO

The LOST crew and filming have returned to Windward Community College, which is the Santa Rosa Mental Hospital set where we last saw Hurley (Jorge Garcia) in a flash forward during the Season 4 premiere. Not only is the crew back on the set of Santa Rosa, but both Garcia and Matthew Fox were spotted on set with some doctors and orderlies. Also pictured was Jack's truck!!

Now, what episode is being filming is a whole different question. We have seen set pictures for the potential Sayid or Ben FF in Episode 4x09 and Kate is rumored to have episode 4x10.

However, today's filming suggests a potential Hurley or Jack Flashforward once again. Well as Ryan mentioned, the only real clue we got was the appearance of a doctor who could fit the casting call for Dr. Stillman for episode 4x10.

Is it possible that the crew is working on a Oceanic 6 Multi-Centric episode?? Is this the filming of the rumored Jack Centric finales!? Perhaps it is just another Hurley FF!?

”LOST” returned to the Windward Community College campus in Kaneohe today to film another scene at the “Santa Rosa Mental Institute.” A sign was set up in back, fronting a sometimes soccer field, and Jack’s old pickup truck was parked nearby. Filming took place inside Hale Kuhina, the continuing education/employment training building, with Jorge Garcia and Matthew Fox. A man dressed as a doctor (Dr. Stillman, perhaps, given recent casting calls) and a couple of burly orderlies were also sighted milling about.

Hale Kuhina is within a stone’s throw of the Hawaii State Hospital building and shady tree that served as the Santa Rosa lawn where Hurley received a mysterious visit from Charlie.

FIND815 Coming Back?

Found on DarkUFO

Thanks to the 20+ people who have emailed me to inform me that the The Find815 site has been updated. Could the ARG be coming back?

I've emailed my contact to see what they have to say, I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

(Speculation) Hurley Flashback in an Upcoming Episode

Found on DarkUFO Forum

I think there will be yet another Hurley flashback in an upcoming episode, possibly in Season 5. Why, do you ask? Isn't Hurley's past pretty much told? Shouldn't future Hurley-Centrics be Flash-forwards?

No. Hurley's story has not been totally told. What has not been told is the dock incident, where his weight (he believes) caused the dock to collapse and some of the people to die. This is at the root of his paranoia over having bad luck. But more importantly, this story will solve yet another LOST mystery by revealing why Libby was in the mental institution.

When Libby speaks to Desmond and gives him the boat, she mentions the recent death of her husband, David. It is the grief of David's passing that drives her for a limited time to the mental institution. David's death also haunts Hurley, who sees David in visions as Dave. Dave, an ardent sailor, was on the docks that day with Hurley and died when the dock collapsed. I think that Dave and Libby will both return to appear in this new Hurley flashback which will answer these many mysteries.

Posted by NotLost


TV Watch
'Lost': Dad Man Walking
It turns out that Michael, who is indeed Ben's spy on the freighter, can't be killed; plus, Ben gives more details on the Others-Widmore war and sends Rousseau and Karl off to their death.
Paul - this is the opening to an interesting article from Jeff Jensen on the EW website.
Mr. Jensen is critical and appreciative of the Ep all at the same time. Doc Jensen and Jeff Jensen both are huge lost supporters and contribute quite a bit to the coverage of LOST.
Thank you for the invite Paul. As you were my padawan through the BitTorrent introduction, I ask you to reverse the roles and see me through this whole blogging thing - this is my first one. Have patience, please. I will try my best not to get in the way. C U at the post-The Beginning of the End rewatch TB!

(Spoiler?) Filming Update

Found this on DarkUFO.

I'm a Lost fan currently living on Maui, and yesterday, Wednesday, my girlfriend and I were visiting her uncle on Oahu. We were driving around, looking for past Lost filming locations, and happened upon where they were currently filming.

So I'm sure you already know this, and it isn't particularly helpful, but on Wednesday, from at least 10am till noon, there was filming at Dillingham Lodge. Or should I say, all the traffic was going in and out of the Dillingham estate through the entrance/exit with the "Lodge" sign overhead. We drove by it a couple of times, and once stopped to ask the big security dude what was going on. He said that they were filming Lost there, but that of course we couldn't go on the property.

And while certainly not any new news, we heard from a YMCA Camp Erdman staffer that last week they had filmed there. He told us an interesting story of how the production crew built a new barracks/house just so they could blow it up. He said the first explosion wasn't big enough, so they did it over again, finally getting the explosion they wanted. One part of the camp certainly had the ashes all over the ground to prove it!


Maps that point out where all of the major happenings of the first three season took place.

Some of the stuff from the previous post with a map of where all of the hatchs are and a world map of Lost happenings. Im guessing that this information is taken from "The Lost Experience" Game from two summers ago?

Map that Henry Gale (Ben) drew for Ana Lucia to find his ballon.

Timeline, Flight Manifest & Hanso Foundation Mission Statement

This looks like it was created between season 2 & 3 since it shows Sun & Jin on Desmonds boat on the manifest.


Kate's booking record.

Marshall's document

Claire's Ticket

Michael's Letters to Walt

The Swan Hatch Map

A friend Eddy Hanson over at the Aint It Cool Talkbalk provided me with all these great Lost documents & maps.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ausiello - Jack to Get Centric Episode this Season

Question: How about you answer questions about other shows besides Lost and Grey's Anatomy?— Holly

Ausiello: You're going to make me choose between those two? OK, I pick Lost. In their weekly podcast, Team Darlton announced that the code name for this year's season-ending twist is "The Frozen Donkey Wheel." Interpret as you like. Oh, and here's the kicker: It's not even the last scene of the episode!

Question: Jack is my constant. Will my constant get a centric episode this season? — Laura

Ausiello: Yes.

Source: TV Guide

Garcia - We will "definitley" see Smokey this season

Garcia - We will "definitley" see Smokey this season

Jorge Garcia answered a few fan questions over at The Fuselage yesterday.

Nothing really new and no major spoilers, but he did confirm that we will "definitely" see Smokey this season and that they are currently filming episodes 4x09 and 4x10.

Thanks to Lyly for the details:

Hi dude!
I'm from Chile, and I'd like ask you about the episodes you've made after of 4x08, or since March 10th. What episodes you ended? How many episodes left you?

We're currently working on 409 and 410.
We will shoot through episode 413.

Source: The Fuselage

Hi Jorge,
Just a few quick questions:

1. Will we see the Smoke Monster before the end of season 4 ?
2. How long does it take to shoot an episode of Lost? a week?

Thanks for taking the time to answer.
Take Care,
Melissa -----Richmond Va

1. Definitely.
2. It takes about two. A week and a half on first unit and then a few more days on second to wrap it up.

Source: The Fuselage

Episode 4.11 - More Casting Info

Episode 4.11 - More Casting Info

Thanks to my undercover man Bannerman who has uncovered some more Casting Calls for episode 4.11.

Episode 4.10 will be directed by Stephen Williams
Episode 4.11 will be directed by Paul Edwards

Caucasian, late 30s, with red hair and blue or green eyes, Frazzled, annoyed, trying to keep her daughter under control and tired of dealing with her when she seems to only make one bad decision after the other. CO-STAR.

Any ethnicity, 30s -40s. High school chemistry teacher, intelligent and understanding, he offers a bright student the chance of a lifetime but becomes resentful when the offer is refused. CO-STAR.

Any ethnicity, late 30s. A foster mother who is worn out and overwhelmed. She is charmed by an unexpected visitor she anxiously hopes might help her situation, but she turns punitive when it doesn't go well. CO-STAR.

Any ethnicity, 30s to 40s. A nurse working the late shift who unexpectedly has to help deliver a baby. Professional and compassionate, she tries to help the mother adjust to her new reality...CO-STAR.

Source: Bannerman@DarkUFO

(Spoiler)Episode 4.09: The Shape of Things to Come (Sayid and/or Ben-centric)

Episode 4.09: The Shape of Things to Come (Sayid and/or Ben-centric)
Airdate: April 24, 2008

03/17 - Sayid is indeed in Episode 4.09. Sayid is one of the Pallbearers at his former love, Nadia's, funeral. According to other sources Ben was also seen "close by" and ties in with recent spoilers and photos posted here from Ryan in with Michael Emerson was spotted. Ishmael Bakir - Middle Eastern, 40s, should have a slight natural accent, a high-ranking businessman who carries himself with a sense of quiet menace. We get the impression that this distinguished man has the capacity for great violence. Desk Clerk - African, female, any age, French-speaking. Cold to some guests, but gracious to the wealthy. Doorman - 50s, British, white, distinguished. Uniformed doorman works for a luxury building. Bedouins - Two Arabic men, any age. Stunts required - Must be able to ride a horse. Source: Lost Spoilers
03/04 - Episode nine is gonna feature some richy-rich types who live in a doorman building-the show is now casting for a French-speaking African desk clerk and a "distinguished" doorman. Methinks we're going back to Tunisia... Source: Kristin on E!Online
02/29 - Julie Carlson, the extras casting director for "Lost," is looking for people of all ages who have a Middle Eastern or Arabic appearance to take part in the new episode that begins filming March 10. Source: Honolulu Advertiser
02/28 - Episode 409 features Bakir, a distinguished, 40ish, Middle Eastern man. While charming, there is an underlying menace. Also, a French speaking African woman. Source: secretagentman at TWoP

(Spoiler) Episode 4.10: Title Unknown

Episode 4.10: Title Unknown
Airdate: May 1, 2008

03/22 - Dr. Stillman - Male, 50s, any ethnicity. A kind, but no-nonsense psychiatrist who reaches a wall with a patient and has to reach out for help. Source: DocArzt's Lost Blog
03/18 - I'm hearing Evangeline Lilly has another Kate-centric episode coming up, which I think may work out to be episode 10. Source: Kristin on E!Online
03/17 - Dr. Erika Stevens - Female, African-American, late-30s or older. An intelligent, caring doctor who is not adverse to putting in long work hours to help her patients. Source: Lost Spoilers
03/12 - Walt's Island visitations are alluded to in episode 10, but that's it for explaining the mysteries of Walt for the rest of this much-shorter-than-it-should-be season four. Source: Kristin on E!Online

(Spoilers) Episode 4.11: Title Unknown

Episode 4.11: Title Unknown
Airdate: May 8, 2008

03/17 - Five-year-old Boy - Caucasian, green eyes, sweet, shy, tentative and smart. Has to take a test and becomes nervous about passing. Teenage Boy - Plays as 16 or 17, Caucasian, green eyes. Angry, a little nerdy, defiant and rebellious. There's a lot more to this kid than meets the eye. Tries to fight back against older, stronger boys but is pushed into a locker. Teenage Girl - Plays as 16, Caucasian, red hair (or willing to dye hair red). Emotional, prone to dramatic gestures, passionately in love and fights with her Mom about it. Source: Lost Spoilers

Several New Season 4 Spoilers from TV Guide

Several New Season 4 Spoilers from TV Guide

Here are the latest spoilers for Season 4 of LOST.

Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse provided TV Guide with several new details and what we should expect for the remainder of Season 4.

A bunch of great news, so here is the rundown of the spoilers in the article:

1) We will learn "exactly" what happened to Michael between leaving the island and him getting to NYC.

2) Michael is a "pivotal" part of the end of the season and he will have an "impact" on many of the characters, including Sayid.

3) We will see how the Oceanic 6 "escaped the island" and what happens to those that don't leave.

4) The Team Locke v Team Jack debate about who is right will "amplify"

5) We will learn who is in the coffin

6) More about the freighter people

7) We will also find out who "seemingly killed" Karl and Rousseau

(Spoilers) Episodes 4.12 & 13

Episode 4.12: Title Unknown (Season finale, part 1)
Airdate: May 15, 2008

03/17 - Cuse and Lindelof reveal: The finale will be a two parter. So it will be a traditional two hour story, split over two weeks. Source: DocArzt's Lost Blog

Episode 4.13: Title Unknown (Season finale, part 2)
Airdate: May 22, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blast Door Map in the Swan Hatch

Blake Bashoff (Karl) Interview With Kristin

A genuine fan favorite got shot in the heart last night on Lost. Why? Because heartbreak is this show's middle name. Read on for the dish from the dead...

(SPOILERS INSIDE, TUBERS! Don't click in if you haven't seen the end of last night's Lost!)

Blake Bashoff was kind enough to speak with me this morning about the death of Lost's Karl. He shared a little dish about a deleted shot from the final scene, his gut feeling about the fate of Rousseau, and who might be pulling the strings—or at least the trigger.

Are you really dead?
I think I'm pretty much shot dead.

How did this come about?
The timing just sort of worked out. I booked this Broadway show, Spring Awakening, that was going to take me away for at least six months. We called Carlton and Damon and gave them the heads-up. They know the show that I'm doing, they're big fans of it, and they said that's an amazing opportunity, so they went back to the writers' room and brainstormed. And I think that this was actually an idea that they threw out there early on—that Karl would eventually bite the dust, and this was the right time.

Now, for the fans who want to see more of you, tell us: What's this Broadway thing you're doing?
Thanks for asking. It's Spring Awakening at the Eugene O'Neill in New York, Broadway and 49th. It's won eight Tonys, and it's the story of young love in 1890s Germany. I play Moritz, but the music is all modern rock 'n' roll. I always just did TV for years and then this came along, and it's wonderful.

The good news is you got the Han Solo line before you died: "I've got a bad feeling about this." I think that's a little gift from the producers. What did they tell you when they told you about the scene?
I wish I knew more than what we all saw last night, but it's sort of all shrouded in secrecy. Watching the episode last night, I did notice that [something that we shot wasn't shown]. On the day we filmed it, the people who were shooting at us, there was actually a great shot of the snipers emerging through the jungle in these incredible, elaborate, jungle camouflage uniforms. And I don't know if you got a sense of that last night or not—I think you just saw movement in the trees.

In terms of what they told me, they didn't tell me much except it's going to be exciting, and we'll hope to have you back in some capacity, and the good news is when you do come back, you serve a cool purpose like Mr. Friendly last night.

Obviously, there's going to be a scene that follows the scene we ended on last night. Do you think that Danielle is killed dead, and will we see any more of Karl's body, or are we just going to leave him there in the dirt?
That's a good question. If you do see Karl's body, I don't think it will actually be me. But they've done it in the past where they have these great body doubles who can certainly play corpses masterfully. Rousseau? I don't know. She's pretty blown up, but...I have a sense you haven't seen the last of Rousseau.

I have a backstory question. I don't know if you have any idea about the answers to this, but I think we learned at one point that Karl was an orphan, and in a sense Alex is, too. Ben obviously adopted Alex and made her his daughter and raised her, but Karl's this foundling who can go to hell as far as Ben is concerned. Do you know anything about why Alex was favored and Karl wasn't?
I wish I did, because I still don't know much about Karl's backstory, especially with pregnant women on the Island. I sort have no idea where he was conceived and where he came from, but I assume he grew up on the Island since he didn't know what The Brady Bunch is.

In the end, I think basically Karl and Alex and Ben comes down to Ben being an overprotective father and knowing what happens to pregnant women on the Island, and knowing that Karl and Alex were clearly in love and wanted to make a life for themselves and maybe even get off the Island. And he was just playing the father card and didn't want to run the risk of Alex getting pregnant at all.

I guess that leads into the next question: Did Ben kill you? Was that Ben?
Really good question. It's hard to tell, right? It's hard to tell based on the writing—they certainly hinted that it could be a possibility, because you know, Karl was astute and asked, "Why isn't everybody going? Why are you just sending us?" And the bullets sort of clearly missed Alex. However, it's my gut that Ben was genuinely trying to protect Alex and genuinely thought that Rousseau could, would, protect her, if need be. It's hard to tell with Ben, but I think that this is real.

And what was it like leaving the show and Tania Raymonde?
I love the show. It's a great group—not to mention they're all incredibly good-looking—and, I mean, you get to shoot in paradise. And Tania? Tania's wonderful. I guess I'm more of the introverted type, and she's the life of the party. I love working with her.

Well, we can't wait until you can come back to Lost, because Karl and Alex are awesome, and I think there's a lot left to learn about them.
Thank you very much.

If you need a Blake fix between now and the return of Karl, check out Spring Awakening in New York City.

In the meanwhile, we've got questions, and you've got opinions and conspiracy theories: Did Ben assassinate his daughter's boyfriend? Is Rousseau really dead? Any chance Rousseau and Ben were collaborating to protect Karl's expense? (Bastards!) Post your thoughts in the comments.

—Reporting by Jennifer Godwin

Lost Spoilers - Filming updates, Rumors, and more!

Did you think the news flow was going to slow down just because of the hiatus? Well think again! It's just starting, and we have a few interesting rumors to share with you down below:

4.09 - The Shape of Things To Come

Ryan in Hawaii ( let me know that filming wrapped today on Police Beach. This means we will see the beachies, as well as camp Locke.

There are some rumors from a reputable source that GI Jack (aka Through the Looking Glass Jack) was in action. Is The Shape of Things To Come a multi-character flash forward? (Ryan's info does not corroborate this rumor.)

Locations used for The Shape of Things to Come: Papailoa (Police Beach AKA Camp Jack), Camp Erdman (Otherton, Camp Locke), Heeia Kea (The forested valley where Karl was shot), Honolulu Community College (Iraq), and Diamond Head for the Otherton interiors and anything secret they may have filmed. Altogether they filmed two solid days on the Iraq set, and another day for pick ups. Definitely enough footage to cover the flash segment, throwing the GI Jack rumor under the shadow of doubt. (Thanks Ryan, again!)

4.10 - Untitled

Dominic Monaghan suggested that 4.10 is a Kate Centric episode.

4.10 Is being shot tomorrow(ish) and there is a TON of interior shooting going on at Diamond Head Studio (thanks, Ryan, again.) I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that 4.10 is going to show us the interior of "The Orchid." But that's nothing more than a guess at this point.

BEYOND: There is a nasty nasty rumor floating around that there will NOT be a Sawyer centric episode this season. That just doesn't seem right.

Lost To Wrap Up In April

Lost To Wrap Up In April

Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, co-executive producers of ABC's Lost, told SCI FI Wire that the current season's final batch of new episodes will unspool a story arc based on a plan devised in anticipation of the writers' strike.

"The last two weeks before the strike, we actually sat down and said, 'Here is what we want to tell for the rest of the season,'" Kitsis said in an interview. "We all sat down, and the entire staff came up with a battle plan in place."

When Lost returns in late April, it will wrap up the fourth season with five episodes, three fewer than planned before the strike took place. "We got to tell a little more story this season than we anticipated," Kitsis said. "It's really worked out well. We came back from the strike, and everyone is just really excited, and I have to say, creatively, every day has been a pleasure. Everything we're doing right now is exciting, and every script that is going out, you're jealous if you didn't write it."

As for the missing episodes? "I feel that the three missing episodes will be made up over the course of the next two seasons," Horowitz said. "Seasons four, five and six are meant to encompass 48 episodes."

Kitsis added: "I have a feeling it will mean more, like, two-hour shows as opposed to more episodes, but those are decisions above our pay grade."

Season four has so far been marked with a continuation of the "flash-forward" storytelling technique introduced in the finale of season three. "This just seemed like the most interesting way to tell the rest of the story of the show," Kitsis said. "When we realized that we were only going to do three more seasons, it enabled us to starting thinking a little more out of the box in how we want to tell the remaining story that was left. The flash-forwards are, I think, just a great way to keep the show energized and tell the story in an interesting way. It was a brilliant idea by [executive producer] Damon [Lindelof]."

Lost returns with new episodes on April 24 in its new Thursday timeslot at 10 p.m. ET/PT. --Kathie Huddleston