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Monday, March 31, 2008

How Do You Take Your Kate?

There has been a wonderful debate that has quietly raged on the pages of the AICN TB. Quite simply, who is more attractive Katherine Anne Austin? Submitted for your approval are screenshots from the Season 4 Episode, Eggtown. The first two are from Kate's court case, before she was taken into custody for the remainder of the trial. The last two screenshots are from her time at "The Barracks" as she talked to Sawyer.

There is no denying Evangeline Lilly's natural beauty. She truly needs very little work to look stunning. Her athletic build and all-American features ensure that you would wake up next to a very beautiful woman first thing in the morning. Such is the argument of Xiphos and many others in the AICN TB.

Then there are episodes that show exactly what Kate would look like if given some time and resources to put herself together. To Edshrinker (who was not the first to make the observation, but one of the most adamant), this Kate Austin is perfection. Kate on the plane, Kate in a wedding dress, Kate robbing a bank, and lastly, the Kate that is part of the Oceanic 6 and is on trial for her life.

She is a beautiful woman made absolutely breath-taking. At least she is to this dog. In fact, I'm panting now as paws strike the keys.

So make your vote when the poll surfaces and put to rest the debate that has no losers. Either Kate you get, you'll be a happy boy. Especially if there is a bear cage handy.


Anonymous said...

Kate cleans up well. When she walks out of the shadows near the airport at the end of "Through the Looking Glass," she is breath-takingly gorgeous. One vote here for off island Kate!

Vincent's Brother said...

Damn right BigE. Edshrinker (my bed and food supplier) and I, Vincent's long lost brother Bucky, agree strongly. Off island Kate. Hey - did you vote in the poll yet?

Paul Burrows said...

For me I didn't Like Kate's look in the courtroom, but I did like her Pre-island on the run/wedding dress Kate. SO I hope (Ed) that it wasn't a problem that I did a third chioce (Actually first). But all in all I still really like Island Kate best.

Anonymous said...

Yup - I've voted. I like the shorter vote window, paul. 7 days is too long!