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Thursday, March 27, 2008


TV Watch
'Lost': Dad Man Walking
It turns out that Michael, who is indeed Ben's spy on the freighter, can't be killed; plus, Ben gives more details on the Others-Widmore war and sends Rousseau and Karl off to their death.
Paul - this is the opening to an interesting article from Jeff Jensen on the EW website.
Mr. Jensen is critical and appreciative of the Ep all at the same time. Doc Jensen and Jeff Jensen both are huge lost supporters and contribute quite a bit to the coverage of LOST.
Thank you for the invite Paul. As you were my padawan through the BitTorrent introduction, I ask you to reverse the roles and see me through this whole blogging thing - this is my first one. Have patience, please. I will try my best not to get in the way. C U at the post-The Beginning of the End rewatch TB!

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